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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Nine APOST Certified Deputies Submitted Application for Out of County Jobs - and More

There is a limited number of APOSTC deputies working the Morgan County beat because the sheriff continues to hire non-APOST certified deputies.  This practice has the potential for serious liabilities for the MCSO.  Untrained personnel severely weakens the sheriff's office and sets the sheriff's office up for litigation in Federal Court.  Sheriff Ana Franklin has gone to the media and claimed that the reserve deputies have the same training as the regular deputies. That statement is becoming more truthful every day since Sheriff Franklin continues to hire non APOST certified deputies and uses reserve deputies as if they were regular deputies.  If nine of the MCSO APOST Certified deputies leave the sheriff's office seeking greener pastures, better pay, better morale, structure, and a sheriff's office or a police department with a leader that actually comes to work the MCSO will be severely handicapped.

Do you know how much of a raise the sheriff could have given the road deputies had the money not been wasted of saddles, bridles, belts, 17,000+ on dash cams made in China, out of state trips to Rodeos, horse trailers, and new trucks for her favored one, etc?

I could go back over every blog to date and bring up hundreds of "do you know" but there is no value added.  Money has been wasted for years.  Money claimed to have gone to critical cleaning supplies to ensure the sanitary requirements of the jail are in question based on the differences in the sheriff's ledger, the independent auditor hired by the sheriff, and the State Examiner's audit.  Very disappointing.

Since taking office January 18, 2011, the MCSO has had more Federal lawsuits than the much larger counties and municipalities in the state of Alabama.  Folks, there is a reason for that.  Sheriff's deputies and staff need continued education and training, moral support, face to face interaction with the sheriff, adequate pay to ensure continuity and longevity within the MCSO.  Maybe the sheriff considers her small amount of time within the state of Alabama on the back of a horse, at a rodeo, horse back riding, and rodeo beauty pageant events as one on one interaction with her employees.

Last but not least the citizens of Morgan County deserve the right to visit the MCSO and visit with the sheriff.  The citizens deserve the right to call the sheriff at the MCSO to ask questions, make inquiries, talk about their loved one in jail etc.  People call the jail on a daily basis and ask to speak to the sheriff.  I hope you are sitting down for this one.  If the sheriff doesn't know you she will not talk to you on the phone.  We the citizens who voted the sheriff in office should be afforded an opportunity to speak to the sheriff weather she knows us or not.

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