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Friday, November 13, 2015

Morgan County Sheriff's Office Personnel Resources - Are Persons of Color Terminated While Caucasian Employees are allowed to Resign

Folks, I took some time to go through the Morgan County Commission Minutes from January 1, 2012 - October 13, 2015 to get an estimate of the number of employees who have resigned, been terminated, or retired from the MCSO.  The employees from the MCSO who resigned, were terminated, retired in 2011 are excluded since they are no longer posted on the Commission Minutes.

The number of  people who have left the building is a staggering 113 out of 180 employees and that excludes departures in 2011.  The percentage is a whopping 63%  loss of personnel resources.

One of those employees who was recently terminated is John Town (a man of color).  John was terminated because he fell asleep during  his shift which was a second infraction.  I do not condone this behavior of any on duty employee.  However, disciplinary actions should be consistent across the board.  Officer Sherman (a white deputy) has four infractions and he is still working.  It appears that there is a double standard in the sheriff's office regarding corrective disciplinary actions.

The sheriff rescinded the Sheriff's Manual as of the day she took office.  I checked with the State and their office has not approved a new manual.  How can a sheriff collect all county commission and state approved sheriff manuals prior to submitting and obtaining approval of a new manual. She's making it up as she goes along.

How can the sheriff use a double standard in deciding who is terminated and who resigns? I refer you back to the sheriff's common law son-in-law who happens to be white, lives in the sheriff's house with the sheriff's daughter, and their two children. Jonathan Stebbins was arrested several times while working as a MCSO corrections officer over a six week timeframe.  On January 31, 2013 he received his final arrest for burglary 3rd while working for MCSO.  Stebbins was allowed to resign without proper notice.  Stebbins was in drug court while he worked for the MCSO after entering a pretrial diversion for a 1st burglary.  1st Degree Burglary is the most serious burglary charge. By rights, anyone in pretrial diversion who commits multiple felonies should be in prison.  Not this guy!  Because he's white?   To recap John is a man of color he was fired over two infractions.  Stebbins was arrested for burglary and contempt of court three times in the six weeks he worked for the sheriff, and was spending time in jail for previous contempts of court.  Stebbins is allowed to resign.  John is terminated. Does this seem fair and equitable?  Does John have a valid EEOC complaint?  We will find out.

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