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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

More of The Same

The sheriff honored her staff by going into the office for Staff Call.  Amazing.   The sheriff is Johnny on the Spot when the media is around but

What does she expect from her employees?  I believe it is 

                                                    The Red Carpet

or maybe her presence was a Sally Fields moment 

No pun intended Sheriff Franklin but if you desire respect from your employees  you must first show respect.  You don't respect your employees and it shows. Just before the primary election you had multiple boxes removed from your office into personnel vehicles.  Why would you put your employees in that kind of position? What was in those boxes you didn't want anyone to see?  What have you asked your employees to do in regards to the budget and ledgers? We are sure something is wrong otherwise why would the financial reports numbers have a major discrepancies between your ledger, the independent auditor's compilation report, and the State Examiners audits? Ah! So many questions so few answers.
Excepts from What I Learned When a Hacker Stole My Identity and Took Over My Facebook Account  and our comments in red.

Respect is a two-way street. If you don't respect your employees, I can guarantee they aren't going to respect you. Calling them out in front of customers, failing to recognize their achievements, and not listening to their feedback are all signs you don't respect them.
I guess the question is, if you really don't respect them, why did you hire themWhy are they still working for you? Regardless of how you feel about them in any given moment, treating them with a basic level of respect is absolutely critical.
You offload blame onto others.
Arnold Glasow said, "A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit." Offloading blame onto your employees not only ensures they won't respect you, it also sets the standard for acceptable office behavior.
A great leader graciously accepts her fair share of the responsibility when things go wrong. This doesn't mean allowing yourself to become a scapegoat; it does mean claiming your mistakes as your own.
You don't care about their personal lives.
It would be unrealistic to think you need to know everything about your employees' personal lives. But there's a big difference between knowing everything and caring about the things you do know.
Pay attention when your employees tell you about their child being sick, or having to put their dog down, or their spouse being laid off. Express your concern, and remember to check in later to see how things are going. A little care and concern goes a long way to earning the trust and respect of your staff.  Which means going to work.  You can't know your employees' needs if you only work once in a blue moon.
8. You aren't self-aware. 
If a sheriff is self aware they generally know what needs their road deputies have, they know that placing reserve deputies and chaplains, corrections officers, non-certified deputies, and Dee Ann Goodwin (a vendor representative) in county vehicles is very unprofessional and disrespectful, and a disgrace to the APOST certified deputies.  They know that tagging a certified APOST deputy to first shift and making him responsible for handling the livestock makes the deputy a laughing stock to the rest of the employees.  They know that you ask your employees to ensure that they follow the practice of performing their jobs legally, morally, and ethically correct.
Note:  Great leaders are able to accurately gauge their own skills and abilities. Instead of assuming you know everything about everything, be realistic about your own strengths and weaknesses. Hire people who can fill the gaps, and then trust them to do their jobs.  
One thing is for sure.  Your employees had to learn their positions by the knowledge from long term employees.  You have been a no show sheriff for years.  Unless you get a sniff of the media near by, or call them to your meth busts, or stick your nose in business that is of no concern of yours, arrests in the city of Decatur, Hartselle, Madison County etc.  We can't forget the recent debacle in on Greenbrier road.  Did you take Roger Stevens to see his daddy before taking him to jail knowing that he killed his wife?  Does that mean you will continue to hire folks with felony DUI arrests, your cousins, your daughter, your common law son-in-law, non-APOST certified employees over qualified staff, give gas cards, sheriff's office attire, vehicles to non-sheriff's office employees, purchase posse gear out of the non-Posse bank accounts etc.  Why do you swap your vehicle with one of the deputies prior to leaving town?  If your business is legitimate Morgan County Sheriff's Office business why would you do that?  The only thing we can think of is that there is a lot of fraud, waste and abuse of tax payers dollars going into your pet projects.  Prove us wrong!  Request an outside audit from Birmingham or Montgomery that you can't control to perform the Forensic Audit.    
According to one study, self-awareness in company leaders not only leads to increased respect, but to better strategic and financial results. The study states: "Interestingly, a high self-awareness score was the strongest predictor of overall success. This is not altogether surprising as executives who are aware of their weaknesses are often better able to hire subordinates who perform well in categories in which the leader lacks acumen. These leaders are also more able to entertain the idea that someone on their team may have an idea that is even better than their own."  Again.  This is NOT you.
Effective communication is a skill, and one that must be practiced over time. If you're not modeling timely and effective communication with your employees, over time, the lines of communication will break down--as will their respect for you.
You aren't a good communicator.
You expect your employees to communicate with you in an efficient manner, but do you pay them the same courtesy? Do you respond promptly to their emails? Do you actually listen when they come to you with ideas?
You're impossible to please. I recall at one posse event a young lady came up to you and ask a simple question.  You in return yelled at the lady saying, did I ask you to do that?  If I don't ask you to do something then DON'T DO IT.  You viciously took the wind out of her sails.  I could go on and on about the posse to include the day one of your staff picked up a handful of money off the desk in the posse building, stuck several hundred dollars in his front pocket, turned around and walked out.  He did not care that he was seen by other employees.  Does that mean this is not the first time he did something like this?  I would bet it does.
Expecting your employees to be conscientious and to do their best is reasonable; demanding perfection is not. When you're constantly tearing apart their work or nitpicking at tiny details, you tell them they can never be good enough. And you know what happens when people feel like they're always falling short? At the least, they lose respect for you; at worst, they stop trying or even quit.  How many employees have quit, resigned, been fired since you took office?  We could only go back to January 2012 - present.  If I recall correctly it was 113 out of 180 employees.  A resounding 63% loss of employees.
Getting your employees to respect you is all about earning that respect. Being a leader who's worthy of respect means taking responsibility for your mistakes, giving your employees the freedom to shine and providing strong but collaborative leadership.
What are some other reasons employers lose the respect of their employees? Share below!  Can you answer this question fairly being a no show sheriff?  We didn't think so.
Taking the credit that is due your employees.  Or not taking responsibility when things go wrong.
Hallelujah on this part of the article.  The road deputies' good works are never recognized by giving them credit in the press.  Sure, you say things like my deputies did this, my deputies did that.  Give the hardest working deputies a name when mentioning them in the press.  Don't tell us that you don't mention their names because it could pose a security threat.  Mentioning their name is not a threat.  However, they are at risk because you continue to hire non-APOST certified deputies ignoring the APOST certified applicants, in-house APOST certified deputies such as Dutton, Mason, Johnson, Kyle Wilson, Kelly, Radke, Gentry, and many more. You allow non-APOST certified corrections officers to drive vehicles fully equipped for the APOST certified deputies. Same goes for the chaplains, reserves, posse members, and though not equipped with all of the bells and whistles for an APOST certified deputy you gave a vendor employee a MCSO truck to drive and had the windows tented so that people could not see the blond haired woman behind the wheel.  There are way too many incidents to report in one blog.
We have to ask at this point about you taking credit for the 100% accuracy of you audits in 2015.  Sheriff, we don't believe there was an audit in 2015.  Are you referring to the 2011 audit thru May 18, 2014 audit?  If we are not mistaken there were only three accounts audited.  You have the auditor set in the courthouse because you claimed you did not have room for him in the sheriff's office.  The only three audits were the jail food funds, the sheriff's general funds, and the inmate housing account.  None of the other accounts were truly audited were they?  Isn't this the same three accounts you provided us during the preliminary election? Isn't these the same three accounts that have way over a million dollar difference between your independent auditor, your financial ledgers, and the state examiners audits?  How is it that the state examiner audited an additional  6 month time frame above and beyond your financial ledgers and that of your independent auditor but came up with less money than you identified in your financial ledgers and that of the independent auditor's compilation report?   Who will take the blame if there is a forensic audit of the 21 bank accounts and the discretionary funds?  Would that be Kathy Brewer?  We sure hope not. Who will be the scapegoat?  Because after the next election when the new sheriff has been sworn in, we the citizens are going to demand that the new sheriff perform a forensic audit on all the accounts.  Remember that ignorance is no excuse for breaking the laws.  Even of you resign or you are terminated, the long reaching arm of the law will still be able to arrest you.  If you have information please contact us through Star Watch in a private message.

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