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Friday, November 6, 2015

Franklin and Obama---Two of a Kind?

No, we haven’t been sampling from the evidence room.  You have to admit there are similarities between the two.  Both are virtually untouchable.  Obama can only be removed by impeachment for ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’.  Only two presidents have even been impeached and neither was convicted by the Senate.  Franklin has qualified immunity (State Only).  Only two ways to get rid of her:  fired by the Governor or voted out of office and good luck on that one what with the media unwilling to report the facts.  Franklin has boasted more than once to members of her staff that she will not go to jail.  She may be right, she may be wrong, maybe it’s a lunatic we are looking for.  A second similarity is they are self-centered, ego-maniacal empty suits who only care about themselves. Both use “I” and “My” and “me” more than any other personal pronoun.  It’s all about them.  You rarely hear them say “our” and “we”.

They cannot stand criticism, even objective criticism.  Both lash out at the critics, such as the IRS on the Tea Party or hogging five columns in the Decatur Daily (Ana’s own) whining about blogs like us.
Both are media darlings, especially Ana who has the Daily and local TV in her pocket.  They distribute press releases and the media publish them verbatim, without a single fact check or independent investigation.  The DC press is no different.  Why do they fall in line like that?  This blog suspects they are just lazy and malleable.  A more cynical blog might suggest a “J. Edgar Hoover” type derogatory filing system.  “We know what you did on that fishing trip/camp out/conference.”  

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