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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Feathers Ruffled - Corrections Officers and More

Well! I understand that Sheriff Franklin is busy trying to find out who we are. We also understand she is working with the State Attorney General's office to find a way any way to shut us down.  

Things are what the are.  There are things that are happening in our community that the public needs to know.

We will continue to post.  Those of you who have not sent us information yet please send your private messages to Star Watch or to

On another note it is a shame that Levi George has left the MCSO.  More are eager to go.  What happens when the MCSO loses the majority of their APOST certified deputies?

Chief Corley recently said that the MCSO only has five cars on the road at a time.  Very disturbing.   We could have more APOST certified deputies on the road.  If the Sheriff cuts her travel time, uses teleconferencing, and decreases the posse travel, shuts down the fraud, waste, and abuse of how she uses sheriff's office vehicles, personnel, and sheriff's office resources, and comes to work more often the savings will pay for more APOST certified deputies, cleaning supplies for the jail, dash cams, Kevlar vests for the road deputies, and much more.

Which brings me to some questions.  Why has the sheriff assigned Powell to all of the travel outside of Morgan County.  Multiple trips outside the state of Alabama. What is Powell picking up out of state.  Why is he driving the sheriff's vehicle when he goes out of town.  Powell and Kelso are both corrections officers.  Isn't the jail short handed on Corrections Officers?  If their duties are "other duties as assigned" there is a lot of other duties as assigned going on. Why not use your reserve deputies and non-APOST certified deputies for these tasks and free up Kelso and Powell?

Pay attention folks!   We have been told that the sheriff made it clear that Zevit and Goodwin are both qualified for the two week APOST refresher course.  We will be sending out Alabama Open Records Requests to verify that these two have been approved for the two week refresher course.

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