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Monday, November 30, 2015

Deputy Salaries and Correction Officer Salaries

We shared a lot of information today on how monies from three of the MCSO accounts has been used.  The funds have not been used to support the road deputy salaries and correction officer salaries.

The sheriff spent 66,276.25 on contract labor in 2013.  Yet the road deputies who have worked for the MCSO sheriff's office for many years have not gotten adequate raises, kevlar vests, dash cams, etc., to support their mission.  They have not been afforded fair and open competition for upward mobility positions. Sheriff Franklin's favorites such as Bones Wilson, Corley, Berzett, the sheriff herself, and Livingston. All have top of the line trucks to drive to and from work. The sheriff and Berzett's vehicles are fully equipped to haul their toys to and from posse events.

The corrections officer likewise have not gotten adequate raises in years.  One correction officer who has worked for the sheriff's office for 18 years makes 13.00 per hour.  Another corrections officer who has been with the sheriff's office for 10+ years makes 11.00 per hour.  The contract labor paid out of the jail inmate funds was paid 10.00 per hour.  The total contract labor paid out of the jail inmate funds totalled 38,620.00.

The contractor labor paid out of the sheriff's general funds was Jeffrey Burbanks and Jason Shireman.  Both men was paid 11.72 per hour.  The total paid to these two contractors was 27,656.25.  

Why?  Again, how was background checks that meet state approval conducted?  Why was the sheriff's family getting paid contractor labor?  Did the contractor labor receive adequate training to work as corrections officers or deputies?  Did the contract labor receive 1099 employment forms, or did the sheriff's office submit the 1099s to the IRS?

These questions and concerns go along with the sheriff buying lapel cameras from China for 11,000+. Why?