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Monday, November 30, 2015

Crown Victoria's Purchased from Joe Watts Auto Sales

The Sheriff paid for the 2011 Rebuilt Crown Vic for 15,500.00 from Joe Watts Auto Sales in Vinita, Oklahoma on 01/28/2013 and one rebuilt Crown Victoria for 16,150.00 on 02/26/2013.  The vehicles were purchased from the Inmate Housing Account General Ledger funds.

Were these vehicles bought under the competitive bid process?  The vehicles are the two vehicles that the sheriff allowed her friends from the posse to drive back from Oklahoma.  What insurance was used during the time the non MCSO posse members were in control of the vehicles?  The sheriff drove the white Tahoe to the Rodeo Queen Event. Was Posse funds used for this event?  Why is MCSO vehicles used to travel to a posse event?  Since the Posse Funds are not included in one of the auditable accounts shouldn't all travel and cost associated with posse events be paid out of the posse account?

Is sheriff Franklin being a good steward of state, county, municipal, and federal funds?  How is our taxpayer dollars being used to support these events, travel, gas, lodging, and food for these events?

The inmate housing account is also the account the sheriff paid 38,620.00 for contractor labor.