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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Breaking News - Robert Keith Felton - Morgan County Sheriff's Department Inmate/Work Release/Trustee

The MCSO released a statement this morning confirming that Robert Keith Felton an inmate/work release/trustee escaped from his work release job in Athens, Alabama.  The report came after a tip from a MCSO source reported the escape to the local media.

Decatur Daily reports that a MCSO inmate on work release escaped this morning from his work release job in Decatur, Alabama.  Corley, are you sure that the inmate was working in Decatur?

WAFF Channel 48 News reports that Felton escaped from his work release job in Athens, Alabama; that the MCSO transported Felton to his job in Athens, Alabama.  MCSO did someone from your office really deliver Felton to his job in Athens?  We realize that your policy says that you transport ALL work release inmates to and from their jobs.  Hum!  Doesn't Timothy Alan Hall walk back and forth to one of his jobs in Decatur?  Is it true that Timothy Alan Hall spends very little time behind bars?  Isn't it also true that the MCSO sheriff placed an in house hold on Hall because of his relationship to your daughter's husband.  Maybe like being first cousins.

Which of these stories are true?

Is Robert Keith Felton the same inmate that was working at an Athens Plumbing Company and drove the plumbing companies truck back and forth to work from the Morgan County Jail?  Is this the same inmate that was told he could not park the plumbing truck on county property?

Wasn't a Federal Inmate/work release/trustee housed in the Morgan County Sheriff's jail picked up by the Feds in another county a few months back?  Is this the same inmate who escaped from his work release job in Athens this morning.

Where is the sheriff?  She is never available for the media when the news isn't good or reflects badly on her management of the jail and the MCSO as a whole.

Two Morgan County inmates were seen working at Sammy's Towing a few weeks back.  After the two citizens stopped at Sammy's to ask about a repair problem.  The two inmates came rushing out of Sammy's and got into a White pickup truck that is said to be a vehicle off of one of Ziaja's pay as you go car lots.  The same two inmates were seen returning to the sheriff's office in a county vehicle.  One of the inmates was in the front passenger seat of the vehicle when they were delivered to the jail?  What in the world is going on with the use of MCSO inmates?  Why doesn't the sheriff's logs reflect the true work locations of the inmates that are working at Sammy's, and cleaning vehicles at the pay as you go car lots?

Why are inmates working outside of Morgan County?

How is the MCSO sheriff meeting her commitment to transport all work release inmates to and from their jobs?

How is it that work release inmates have been seen driving vehicles?

Why are some of the inmate/trustees coming back to the jail drunk after working special events for the sheriff and the events at a local business.

These practices are are irresponsible, unethical, and should be illegal.

The sources of the MCSO who told us of inmates/trustees returning to the jail drunk after events appear more and more credible after hearing from sources at the recent standoff of Sheriff Franklin and Blakely sipping whisky with the alleged murderer of his ex-wife. This is the same standoff that Sheriff Franklin said she was taking the alleged murderer to see his daddy before taking him to jail.

We look like laughing stocks in the world of law enforcement.  There is no structure within the MCSO to allow work release inmate control, applying the policies, transporting to and from the jobs, and managing the paperwork that reflects the exact location of the work release inmates.

 This after at least two other incidents of escapees from the MCSO jail.

These are the escapee incidents that we know about?  How many more are out there that we the public know nothing about.