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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Beautiful Time of The Year to Get Away

What a wonderful mini vacation.  Not skiing weather but beautiful.  I will be back at work tomorrow morning in full force.

In the meantime.

We received a private message from someone who works for the sheriff's office with a special request regarding something on our blog.  We will honor the request with the acknowledgement that the information that was posted is public domain and is easily accessible to all.

It is important for the people that read our blog to understand that our blog is not about hatred.  It is not about you.  We are not blogging with vehement hatred of the sheriff.  We are posting about concerns we believe adversely affect our county, the employees of the sheriff's office,  the new hires, law enforcement officers, and the Morgan County citizens as a whole.  What we are interested in is ensuring that prior to the next primary election in approximately 3 1/2 years, that the people know some of the concerns that have been addressed to the State Attorney General.  For example, the sheriff has lost approximately 63% of the continuity that existed within the sheriff's office.

We encourage each and every person who reads this blog to address any and all concerns that you may have with our blogs, the sheriff, and all employees of the sheriff's office in a professional and respectable manner.  We will respond to your comments in the same manner.

We make mistakes just like everybody else.  Once we realize we have made a mistake in our blog we will correct them.

Case in point this section of the blog was just corrected again.  We listen closely to our sources but sometimes a misinterpretation may occur.

In a previous blog we mentioned vehicles that the sheriff  purchased out of state which were Crown Victoria's that were driven back to Alabama by two of the sheriff's friends who did not work for the sheriff's office.  Our sources says that this information is correct.

Some of the concerns we have are the deputies need for adequate equipment to support their jobs, and the liability involved with non-sheriff's office employees driving sheriff's owned vehicles. 

Three vehicles were purchased through state surplus to replace wrecked deputy vehicles.  Instead of issuing the vehicles to the road deputy, the Tahoe was assigned to the civil division, and the two Dodges were assigned to support the SRO.  The road deputies were left out in the cold again.  End of corrections.///////

We have tried to make the posts humorous because we believe our concerns deserve a second look.  We tried serious communications with the State Attorney General's office but that didn't work.  We have taken events that are serious and need to be addressed and tried to place a lighter but serious side to the issues. We apologize if this tactic offends anyone.

We are not mocking.  We are very serious and concerned about the issues at hand.  To include but are not limited to lack of promotion from within, the lack of raises, the inconsistent hiring practices, favoritism, nepotism, how federal, county, and state resources are being utilized, and citizens taxpayer dollars are being spent.  It is easier to swallow these issues with a bit of humor than anger and hatred.  A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, to quote Mary Poppins.

In another error we reported that the DA submitted a request to the judge recommending all charges be dropped against the mentally challenged lady who spent seven months is the MCSO jail prior to being sent to a behavioral medicine facility.  Two manufacturing charges were dropped to date.

I am surprised that persons can be arrested when chemicals are found in their trash cans once placed for pickup.  Does that mean that anyone of us could be subject to arrest once our trash is placed for road side pickup?  The family did tell me that no chemicals were found in their home.  Once trash is placed at the road anyone could feasibly place anything, to include a dead body in your trash. Does that mean that you killed the person found in your the trash can?