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Monday, November 16, 2015

Another Deputy Resigned - Sheriff Franklin Pacifies Chad Smith After Passing Over Him For Promotion to LT

Unfortunately another deputy resigned.  Can't take the BS that they have no control over.  An exceptional deputy with lots of potential.  Unfortunately more deputies will follow.

Chad Smith thought he was in the running for promotion to LT. Little did he know that the sheriff already had her sights on two posse buddies for the positions Zevit and Goodwin.  The fact that he is APOST certified and neither Zevit or Goodwin are means nothing to Sheriff Franklin.  The sheriff ignored fair and open competition for her "friends". Being overlooked for promotion should have been an awakening for Smith.  He must be a bobble head. 

The Sheriff thought and thought to come up with a bone to wag over Smith's head to compensate him.  The sheriff huffed and she puffed and hired Smith's wife's AT&T office for cell phone services to appease Smith. To know avail. Smith was not appeased. Smith stomped his feet,and cried foul.  The sheriff said I know, I know, I will assign you to first shift doing what you do best. I am assigning you to??????????????????????????????????????????????
livestock handler.

Your job description as livestock whisperer will enhance your potential for upward mobility.  Don't mess this job up Smith? You have real potential. 

                                   Remember no feathers in your pocket

Remember, Smith. The County is depending on you to protect us from all the livestock.  After all, you did cry 'foul'.

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