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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Annual 2015 Toy Drive - Give With A Clean Heart

The Annual 2015 Toy Drive is a wonderful event established to ensure that children have a wonderful, enchanting Christmas.  I will not take anything away from the innocent children who deserve an enchanting Christmas.

We wish we could take all of the money that has been wasted by the Sheriff and give it to the needy children, the poor, and the hungry.

As Chief Johnson stated in the Decatur Daily post on Sunday November 1, 2015 "One of the things you see with theft, especially shop lifting, is people who can't make it financially".  How sad!

I hope our sheriff is doing this drive with a clean heart.  I hope she is not doing the same thing she did with the pink sheriff's car.  If the sheriff had not promised the deputies that the next time one of them wrecked one of her vehicles they would be driving a pink cruiser I may have a warmer fuzzier feeling inside.  (I would be worried that our Lord and Savior may take my untruthful act of kindness as a wish for breast cancer).

I am skeptical since I have seen the financial ledgers, the Examiners audits, and the independent auditors reports first hand.  It is a shame and disgrace to purchase 500.00 belt buckles, saddles, bridles, horse trailers, outfits, gift cards, vehicles, gas cards, travel, over 17,000 for dash cams from Japan or China that were worthless, and fun all around for the Golden Ones.

                      PLEASE DONATE TOY ONLY!  BUT DON'T BE A 


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