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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Two New Morgan County Deputies Headed to APOST

I understand that the Morgan County Sheriff's Office just hired two new deputies.  Deputy Mark Zivat and Deputy Brian Goodwin.  Both deputies are going to be required to attend the APOST certification training.  Folks this is HUGE. The rumor is that Zivat will be placed in the vacant Lieutenant's (LT) position once he completes APOST certification training.

What happened to earning your stripes?  What happened to considering your in-house resources?  Back in the day it was unethical for a setting supervisor to look  over internal staff for promotion prior to promoting your new hires.  

Sheriff Franklin hired Captain (CPT) Ronald Livingston a campaign supporter when he was age 72 with no arrest authority.   Livingston could not pass the APOST certification and after two attempts he was allowed to take the two week "gentlemen's equivalent" refresher course which according to the APOST manual is reserved for only those officers with less than two years out of service.  The cost of the two training courses is identified in the sheriff's financial ledger.

Sheriff Franklin you have a lot of good deputies who have been overlooked for promotion because you appear to have no sense of responsibility for ensuring that seniority, loyalty, and job performance means something you, the Morgan County Sheriff.  These deputies have stuck with you through thick and thin, giving up their free time to donate their time to your pet projects, volunteered in all sorts of events, participated in the posse events, and campaigned for you. 

What has been ignored are purchases such as dash cam/body cam's, protective vests, jail supplies to ensure that the jail meets standard sanitation requirements, service of civil papers, and if I am not mistaken over 16,000 warrants that have not been honored.  What has not been ignored is the posse, your travel and travel expenses at the cost to the citizens of Morgan County, horse trailers, new trucks to hall your cargo, the use of impound and seized vehicles and equipment for personal use.

Going back to Goodwin I understand that his wife was also hired as a contractor to work in the jail store and that she wears sheriff's department attire at the bidding of the sheriff, has a MCSO truck to drive, and a gas card.  Sheriff Franklin is our tax dollars paying for an outside contractor to have the perks normally afforded to MCSO employees and staff? 

Attached you will see excerpts from the Morgan County Commission Minutes of the Meeting that reflects the hiring of Zivat and Brian Goodwin.  There has not been a notice in the Commission Minutes of the hiring of Dee Goodwin as she is an outside contractor.


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