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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Morgan County Sheriff Pull's an Alexander Haig "I'm In Charge" Over Reports For Minor Wrecks on County Roads

Sheriff Ana Franklin exerts her authority by taking over wreck reports for county road crashes that do not involve major injuries or fatalities per the Decatur Daily.  The sheriff made a command decision it appears to exclude the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency in her decision to take control of minor wreck reports for the county.  It also appears that she may have forgotten to share her takeover with anyone else in authority.  It appears that the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Secretary Spencer Collier had not idea of the takeover.  No transition plan, no training, no official word by the head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency for a go ahead.  

If this isn't an Alexander Haig moment I don't know what is. 


Mr. Spencer Collier

For you young ones out there who may not know who Haig is see exerts below of the incident involving President Ronald Reagan and Haig's response.

Mr. Reagan had just collapsed in the emergency room. 

The question hanging over the Situation Room was whether all this was a Soviet plot that could lead to war. That very day, a Soviet invasion of Poland seemed a real possibility. And Soviet missile subs were moving in, closer to our coast than usual. Mr. Reagan was headed to surgery and would soon be unconscious.

“While we were there in the hallway,” recalls presidential counselor Ed Meese, “the president was being wheeled from the emergency room to the operating room and he saw the three of us standing there and he said, ‘Who’s minding the store?’”

Over the next few hours, three men would assert control of the Situation Room and U.S. nuclear forces. When it was clear the president was unconscious, Haig famously declared himself in charge.

As Reported By the Decatur Daily

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