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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sheriff Ana Franklin And The Beat Goes On!

Sheriff Franklin, Lies, Deceit, Rock and Roll.  You do not have a clinic inside your jail with 24/7 mental personnel that's there.  If you did, your next statement totally contradicts your first statement.  If you had a mental clinic in your jail, the mental health personnel in "your clinic" would be authorized to force the inmate to take their medications. They are as you said “trained mental health professionals”.  You go on to say that, if they refuse medication the next step is to go through the court system to get an assessment done.  The absolute untruths and falsehoods in your statements in this article are sickening.  There is a female loved one in your jail right now who is severely mentally incapacitated.  The lady and her husband were arrested in April 2015 on drug related charges.  A dear friend took letters that were written by the lady that could help prove the lady’s mental defect to a first time judge which could assist in assuring a quick prompt decision in getting the lady proper treatment in a proper facility.  The hope was that the lady’s attorney would ensure that the writings received proper attention.  Instead, the documents somehow went from the judge to members of the Morgan County Drug Task Force. Those writings had ABSOUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ILLEGAL DRUGS.  The members of the drug task force promptly turned the writings over to the lady’s husband.  Why did this happen?  How did this happen?  Was it to force the husband into make a deal?  The documents which should have been attorney client privileged information should have never been released to the drug task force or to the husband.  The husband had never seen these writings.  The family member who provided those documents trusted the system to ensure they stayed in the proper hands and that the lady would receive the much needed mental health treatment she needed.  Last but not least when arrested the lady was placed in a standard pod with other inmates and remained there for several months.  "NOT IN THE SO CALLED MENTAL CLINIC".  The lady has recently been moved up front to a holding cell away from the general population.  Why wasn’t she moved into your “mental health clinic” to receive the much needed mental health treatment?  The documents provided to the judge were letters written to the FBI, CIA, Morgan County Sheriff’s office, and the Pentagon etc.  Sheriff, did you ask your personnel to ensure that you personally see any and all of this lady’s writings before they leave the jail?  This lady is mentally incapacitated; she is no threat to anyone but herself.  Do you want to read the letters because the lady asked a family member to given her the telephone numbers and the address to the FBI in Washington, D.C.?  Why would you be worried about what a mentally incapacitated person writes to the FBI?

The husband is now out of jail.  I hope he has some protection from less than honorable people of power.

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