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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pistol Permits

I am not an accountant nor do I pretend to be but I have a lot of questions concerning how my tax dollars are being spent by the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.

According to records, I obtained through Alabama Open Records Act to include the independent accountant's compilation report, the MCSO General Office Ledger, and the State Audit of the Sheriff's Department General Fund there is a huge difference in the three documents that may be explained.

1/18/2011-12/31/2013               1/18/2011-12/31/1013        12/01/2011 - 05/31/2014
Tucker, Scott & Wates, LLC           MCSO General Ledger          State Examiner                           Differences               
Certified Public Accountants          Sheriff                                     Auditor                                       WhistleBlower
 PISTOL PERMIT - Revenues                   PISTOL PERMIT - Revenues         PISTOL PERMIT – Revenues

$634,753.58                                      $309,456.00                                      0                                         $325,297.58

After speaking with the State Auditor, I realized that there was a transfer in $727,428.66 from the Pistol Permit account into the general ledger.  Folks this does not appear to include the pistol permit deposits.  In addition, the auditor did not even include the receipts/deposits identified in the sheriff’s ledger in his report as did the compilation report and the MCSO General Ledger did. 

How can these three documents vary so dramatically?

How can the Examiners audit reflect total disbursements of 986,684.99 with a negative (518,205.15)?  It appears that after looking at the ledger in its entirety that a lot of frivolous spending occurred.

The independent public accountant’s complication report looks like the sheriff’s department was paying close attention to the budget and a lot of money went back into the sheriff’s office to support the mission. 

I can post these documents each time I write a blog but you need only to go back to previous blogs to see that I am not making this stuff up.

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