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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Per Demand Here are The Exerpts From The Independent Accountant's Compilation on Pistol Permits and the MCSO General Ledger on Pistol Permits

It appears that a lot of folks out there wants more on the differences in the Tucker, Scott & Wates, LLC's Independent Accountant's Compilation Report and the Sheriff's General Ledger.

See Example 1 of the Independent Accountants Compilation Report.  Underlined in the first set of columns is PISTOL PERMITS $634,753.58

See Example 2 of the Sheriff's General Ledger.  Underlined you will see that the sheriff's ledger reflects that only $309,456.00 was deposited in the Sheriff's General Fund account for PISTOL PERMITS.

The difference for just the pistol permits alone is a staggering $325,297.58.



 If you have any doubts that these two reports are not for the same time period check out the date annotation at the top of each page.  In addition, I called the state auditor to request information on how the Compilation Report, The Sheriff's General Ledger, and the State Examiner's mathematical figures could vary so dramatically.  I did not receive a return phone call from the examiners office.

Note:  There may be a perfect explanation for the difference in these figures that are explainable.

Note:  The examiner's report covered six months longer than the independent accountant's compilation report and the sheriff's general ledger.

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