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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Morgan County, Alabama the Beautiful, Bust the Meth Myth, See the Total of All Meth Clandestine Laboratory Incidents Including Labs, Dump Sites, Chemical/Glass/Equipment

Below you will find the national statistics for each state of all reported Meth clandestine laboratory incidents.  The report includes labs, dump sites, chemical/glass/equipment. 

It is disturbing that Morgan County, Alabama appears to be portrayed as the Meth Capital of Alabama.  Week after week, month after month, year after year we have heard or read about Sheriff Franklin finding hundreds and or thousands of Meth Labs in our county.  One article reports 40 abandoned meth labs found at one time.  See our next blog on Morgan County, Alabama - Meth Labs Reported

The citizens know all of the Meth labs reports are true because they see it or hear about it on the news. Which brings up the next issue with many of the Meth busts.  How is it that the media just happens to be on location where the Meth busts are occurring?  In one particular disturbing incident, one of the members of the sheriff’s office opened a bottle which showed fumes seeping from the bottle which was captured by the television reporter.  I though the chemicals used to make Meth were dangerous.   In other disturbing incidents, people are being humiliated by being doused with water in front of the cameras in an effort to decontaminate them.  

Morgan County, Alabama is one of the most beautiful counties in the State of Alabama, with lots of recreation, shopping, parks, and the potential for bringing in a large volume of new businesses, to include families through the military Base Realignment and Closures, Redstone Arsenal, and many new proposed businesses interested in moving into our county.  The last thing a new business or family interested in moving into our area wants to see is that we have an epidemic of Meth abuse in our small net community.  The bottom line is that the volume of Meth related incidents reported by the sheriff’s department is just not true.

Morgan County just like every other county in the State of Alabama has our share of illegal activity to include Meth but we need to stamp out the Meth Myth and focus on some of the real issues that have become epidemic in our county which is prescription drug abuse, petty crime, burglary, domestic violence, etc.  Having more roving patrols on the road who are our first line of defense to deter crimes in our neighborhoods, around businesses, and readily available for the public would be one positive step in the right direction.

I am not saying that we do not have a problem with Meth.  Don’t get me wrong.  We just do not have the volume that the sheriff’s office is portraying as is reflected in the articles in the next blog.

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