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Monday, October 12, 2015

Update on More To Come Researching Impounds, Seized, and Sales of Unclaimed Property at the Morgan County Sheriff's Office

I was recently told that the Morgan County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) purchased a bucket Truck from Title Mart in Decatur, Alabama.  I was also told that the sheriff purchased the bucket truck for 4,500 and that the truck was not operational when purchased.  I went in search of the bucket truck and was able to obtain a picture of what appears to be the top part of a bucket truck at the MCSO maintenance shop on highway 67.  I also found that an abandoned Bucket Truck was listed in the legal section of the Hartselle Enquire and was to be sold on June 5, 2015.  I do not know if the bucket truck listed below is the same truck that Sheriff Franklin is said to have purchased from Title Mart.

My question to Sheriff Franklin is if you are using MCSO money to purchase vehicles from the Title Mart, why?  Is the bucket truck the same one that was listed as abandoned? I noticed that there appears to be a lot of abandoned vehicles from Morgan County listed in

County: Morgan
Heading: AV/84 CHEVY

PUBLIC NOTICE ABANDONED VEHICLE The following vehicles will be sold on June 5, 2015, 9:00 a.m. at 1114 Brooks St SE, Decatur, AL 35603. 84 Chevy C10 Bucket Truck2GCCC14H1E1117088 Hartselle EnquirerMay 6 and 13, 2015 AV/84 CHEVY

Just as I am preparing to ask questions about what happens to impound, seized, and sales of unclaimed property at the Morgan County Sheriff's Office I happen to pull up the Morgan County Commission Minutes and what do I see?  Sheriff Ana Franklin has listed two vehicles on with funds to be returned to state forfeiture account.  I believe this is the second time in in the past 4 1/2 years I have seen that the sheriff has posted vehicles on  If I am wrong I encourage the Sheriff to post all of the vehicles she has listed on to the Morgan County Sheriff Facebook for all to see.  I am still researching what happens to the property that ends up in the sheriff's possession but I could not let this finding slide.

I will give you a tidbit of some of my research.  My research took me to some of the towing services used by the sheriff.  I was startled to find vehicles at one of the towing sites that had the back tags identifying the vehicles as being from the sheriff's longtime boyfriends pay-as-you-go car lots.  I was even more surprised that while the lady I was with talked to one of the owners of the tow service, two inmates in orange t-shirts came rushing out of the building, got into a vehicle that I also believe belonged to the pay-as-you-go car lot and drove off.   End of story right?  Wrong.

When we returned to Decatur we saw a county vehicle carrying the same two inmates back to the county jail.  One of the inmates was in the front passenger seat of the vehicle.  I cannot express my confusion.  Why are inmates working at the Towing Services? If the sheriff's boyfriend owns or is part owner of the pay-as-you-go car lots, should they be using inmate labor to work on these vehicles?  If the tow services are used by the sheriff's department, should they be using inmate labor to work on impound vehicles or seized vehicles?  Does anybody know where the inmates are really working?  This just brought up another can of worms to check out.  Inquiring Minds Want to Know.

Last but not least isn't the sheriff's boyfriend an agent for the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency?  

Wait! One more tidbit of information I also believe that one of the sheriff's daughters works for the Hartselle pay-as-you-go car lots.  Hum!!!!!!

I am trying to make light something that I find very confusing but also disturbing.  I do not understand local politics nor the far-reaching authority a sheriff has but something about this doesn't look right or smell right.  I encourage the sheriff to explain to all of us layman citizens how these multiple interactions occurred.  

1.  Impounds, seized, and sales of unclaimed property. 
2.  How Towing Services are determined.
3.  How inmate work release is managed and controlled.  
4.  How in the world all of these coincidences ended up at one of the Towing companies used by the sheriff's department.

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