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Monday, October 26, 2015

Animal Kingdom Lawman and Sheriff Ana Franklin

Sheriff Franklin's latest media blitz comes from an article posted in the Decatur Daily on October 24, 2015 in regards to the type of wild animal calls the roving patrol has to respond to.  The sheriff seems to be piggybacking with Sheriff Blakely, the Limestone County Sheriff on articles that affect both counties.  The last time Sheriff Franklin did this she said the Morgan County Sheriff's office has a mental ward.  The only person who came out looking remotely like they knew what they were talking about was Sheriff Blakely.  Well! The same thing happened again in this most recent article.

What our deputies do for the county with little or no fanfare is challenging with all of the two legged and four legged scoundrels running around out there.  Sheriff Franklin would be better served to stop the media blitz and drop the Dolly Parton wig routine and get down to serious business and explain what is happening to the taxpayer dollars in this county so that she can hire enough APOST certified deputies to protect and serve. With over 16,000 outstanding warrants you would think media blitz would be the last thing on the Sheriff's mind.

We live in the county. It stands to reason that the deputies will have to wrangle cows, sow, mules, deer, and the like.  I noticed that Sheriff Blakely tries to relocate the animals with their rightful owners and then puts them up for adoption.

I do recall the MCSO auctioning off a cow, a sow, and a mule.

Sheriff Franklin, it is time to get down to real business in this county.  Release all of your financial records to the public.  Request a forensic audit so that the public knows how our money is really being spent. Prove to the citizens of this county that you are a good steward of their money; that you protect the corrections officers, have adequate APOST certified deputies and have not misused county funds, personnel, or other resources.

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