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Monday, May 22, 2017

Picture it all

Greg Steenson's business card clearly reflects "Owner"

Greg Steenson after prison and before prison
 Greg Steenson - Mug Shot 2016 - after prison and before next prison stay
 Sheriff Ana Franklin before prison
 Franklin, Ziaja, Stover
 Steven Ziaja
 Ana's buddy disgraced Governor Bentley
 Get rich quick Barney Lovelace
 Ana's Savior Luther Strange
 Ana at her best - Spending Sheriffs office money on her hobby
 Those were the days - The citizens believed in their sheriff
 Happier days
 The high sheriff looking all official
Hum! I wonder who formed the Keylogger plan?
 Oh! Happy days
 I did not steal inmate food funds.  I borrowed them.
 One of the horses owned by the Morgan County Sheriff's Office complete with gear.
 Ana boozing it up.  Line um up.
 Ana on Cooper and Company

 Justin Powell 
Justin Powell

 Dog Revenge against bones

Blake the Flake

Ready to take on the FBI on the sheriffs office front steps

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Nothing but the best and the worst depending on who you are

Ana purchased a new Tahoe for the new warden and two new SUVS after she purchased Zivett’s vehicle. 

The road deputies are still driving the same old vehicles that are out of date and not fully equipped for their mission.  What does Ana have to say about the road deputies.  Literally, screw them.  The do not support me, why should I give a damn about what they drive.  I would fire them all if I could.

Franklin is ticked at Chad Sain and his punishment for doing his job is to be moved to courthouse security.  I guess that means Turk Jones was also being punished when he was moved to courthouse security.

Franklin is vindictive and mean spirited when it comes to the deputies.  The deputies are the first line of defense but they are last in live for fully equipped vehicles, lapel cameras, dash cameras, protective vest, and last but not least training.

Should something serious happen here in Morgan County I am sure Franklin will blame it on the whistleblowers.  There is a good reason for that.  Franklin never learned as a child how to take responsibility for her shortfalls.  As old as she is she will never learn to take responsibility.  When she, Ziaja, Greg Steenson, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell go off to prison they will blame the whistleblowers.   

Or better yet.  Mr. Harold Jeffreys.  Mr. Jeffreys in their eyes made them steal his money.  

Sheriff Franklin and Joey Coburn Share Federal Lawsuit

Blogger Comments:  We are not at all surprised that Deputy Joey Coburn is back in the news again.  Joey Coburn is notorious for rough housing the people he takes into custody.  From Stephanie Coburn, To Ms. Legg, to a young 16-year-old visiting his grandmother in Falkville, Alabama.  Franklin is aware of Coburn’s anger issues.  My question is why hasn't the sheriff sent Coburn for anger management classes?  Why hasn't she tested him for human growth hormones?  Sources close to Coburn say that Joey has some pretty serious issues.  In March 2016, one of the bloggers noted that Coburn had a young man pulled over to the side of the road in Falkville, Coburn slammed the young man up against the kids SUV.  This action was well observed by people within the Falkville community. Ms. Lockhart observed the stop.

The interesting part of the stop came with a Falkville police officer pulled off to the side of the road.  The officer also observed Coburn slam the kid up against the SUV he was driving.  When the Falkville office walked up to the scene Coburn threw the kids ID's at him and walked off without any explanation to the young man or the Falkville police officer. 

As for Sheriff Franklin, this is just another Federal Lawsuit she is facing.  To date hasn't she had approximately 38 lawsuits filed against her?  Franklin has had her fair share of lawsuits.  At some point the courts just start wondering what kind of organization is she running.  Franklin has been mostly immune to lawsuits filed by Morgan County citizens to date but don’t you think it’s time somebody took a close look at her operation. 

Sheriff has been riddled with claims of excessive tazing complaints.  She has let the inmates go hungry, she has alienated the highly skilled and qualified deputies instead favoring Coburn, Blake Robinson, Bones Wilson.  To the best of our knowledge to date Bones has targeted mostly family pets.  Such as the chihuahua he shot in a family home with a high-powered weapon.  We hear that Bones has killed approximately 30 family pets.  Blake is said to be very aggressive with a phone book.  Go figure.  Anybody that claims he will take on the FBI on the front steps of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office is definitely a bad ass wanna be.  

Morgan deputy, sheriff named in excessive force lawsuit

D170304 Ana Franklin

A Hartselle man has filed a federal lawsuit against Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin and one of her deputies, alleging the deputy stopped the then 63-year-old without probable cause, punched and choked him, and then stunned him multiple times with a Taser, including once after he was already handcuffed.
The lawsuit brought by Armando de Quesada — who was arrested April 16, 2015, by Deputy Joey Coburn and charged with resisting arrest and obstructing justice — alleges Coburn made an illegal traffic stop without reasonable suspicion, conducted an illegal search and then used excessive force against the now 65-year-old grandfather.
De Quesada, a Cuban refugee who fled the regime of Fidel Castro in 1962 when he was a child, was acquitted of both charges — one by a jury on appeal to Morgan County Circuit Court and one by a judge in the lower District Court.
The lawsuit alleges Franklin also is to blame because she has not done enough to investigate or stop misconduct by her deputies.
“Defendant Franklin’s inaction, despite evidence of misconduct of defendant Coburn and other deputies, is part of a larger pattern and practice of defendant Franklin of tacitly approving and ratifying illegal acts of her deputies,” de Quesada’s attorney, Carl Cole, wrote in court filings.
In a statement released through Barney Lovelace, attorney for the Sheriff’s Office, Franklin called Coburn “a very good law enforcement officer” and said he had a lawful reason to stop de Quesada, whom she said was not compliant at the time of his arrest.
She said she did not know why she was named as a defendant in the lawsuit, because she had nothing to do with de Quesada’s arrest.
“I strongly deny and dispute the claim by Mr. de Quesada’s lawyer, Carl Cole, that I have permitted and encouraged a pattern and practice of misconduct by deputies of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office,” she said. “I am proud of the service of our deputies who face life or death decisions every day in their job trying to protect the citizens of Morgan County.”
Cole said Coburn claimed he stopped de Quesada because his tag light was out but never charged him with such a violation. He also said Coburn drew his gun and pointed it at de Quesada without cause.
“It was undisputed at trial that Armando had been completely cooperative and did nothing contrary to what he was told by the deputy prior to the deputy drawing down on him,” Cole said. “The deputy body-slammed him and charged him with resisting arrest because he claims Armando took his hands off the vehicle while being patted down or handcuffed.”
In court filings, Cole claimed Coburn punched de Quesada and attempted to render him unconscious using a “choke hold.” Unable to subdue the smaller man, Coburn stood back and shot him with a stun gun, the suit alleges.
The suit alleges that after handcuffing de Quesada, Coburn stunned him again with the Taser and left him on the ground for an “extended amount of time.”
Cole said Franklin is named in the suit because she was responsible for training and supervising Coburn, though he admitted she "may very well be dismissed from the lawsuit at some point."
He also said he was surprised there was no dash- or body-camera footage of the incident. Morgan County deputies are not equipped with such devices.
"I'm optimistic that this case will be about more than just Armando's damages and will cause some positive changes that protect both law enforcement officers and the people they engage," Cole said.
In the complaint, Cole noted four other lawsuits — two filed against Franklin and deputies and two filed against only Morgan County deputies — that allege excessive force and other constitutional violations.
Three of those complaints have been dismissed and another stayed, pending the results of an ongoing criminal investigation. A notice of appeal has been filed in one of the dismissed cases.
De Quesada is a regular contributor to The Daily’s letters to the editor section who has at times criticized law enforcement, calling for dash cameras on more than one occasion and at one point saying the county has a "localized form of a police state."
Coburn did not return a request for comment relayed to him through the sheriff. De Quesada is seeking unspecified damages to be determined at trial as well as a permanent injunction barring the defendants from engaging in alleged unlawful conduct in the future.

Previous Blog:  Dear Deputy Coburn, 3/30/2016
Blogger Comments:
Can you answer this question from one of our readers.  Please make it a very good explanation.  I was in Falkville yesterday afternoon just before 4:00 p.m. Oh! I was also on highway 31.  After you answer the questions below of a concerned parent maybe you can tell me why you left in such a hurry?  Surely, you didn't think that your behavior would not go unnoticed.

Did you see the accident that happened just as you left harassing the teenager? Did you stop at the accident? Too time consuming?   Easier to pick on a fifteen year old teenager isn't it?  You may have been gone by the time the accident happened.

Please read the below comments from a concerned parent:

My son was pulled over in Falkville yesterday by Morgan County Sheriff's Deputy Joey Coburn. My son had just dropped off his Grandmother after he and a famiily friend had taken her to the Birmingham Zoo. Officer Coburn orfered my 15 year old son out off the car, put him up against the car, made him empty his pockets and searched him. He then questioned him as to his actions of the day. All this in front of his Grandmother's house. After Falkville Officer Childers arrived on the scene and my son's Grandmother came out of her house, Officer Coburn released my son. He was never told why he was pulled over. My son is 15 and we live in NC but I was raised in Falkville. My son was shook up by the actions of the deputy. He was ordered out off the car without being told why. I know there are a lot of drugs in Morgan County so when you see a teenager driving, you see a good bust. My son is a couple off weeks away from getting his Eagle Scout Award. Ben Franklin said "Those who would sacrifice essential liberty for temporary safety deserve neither liberty not safety." Deputy Coburn - Go fish somewhere else, stay out of Falkville. Would still love to know why you pulled my son. You should have explained it to him or at least made up something. Bad Stop, Bad Police Work. Protect and Harass .....

Previous Blog:  Joey Coburn Hard at work, 3/30/2016
Deputy Coburn, maybe you can explain to Morgan County, Alabama and the Falkville Police Department why you pulled a young man over yesterday afternoon in Falkville, made him empty his pockets, and slam him up against the vehicle?

Is this standard operating procedures for Morgan County Deputies or just you?

Are you one of the Thugamuffins I speak of on this blog?  The answer is yes.

More to come....

Friday, May 19, 2017

Comment from one of our readers

Blogger comment to comment on Here we go again.  I greatly appreciate the concern and all of the great comments associated with the Here we go again blog.  I can't speak for Leon but I can speak for me.  I am damn sick and tired of Sheriff Ana Franklin's charades.  Franklin doesn't scare me or intimidate me.  I stood up for what's right a long time ago.  Living close to Ana's ex-lover boy gave me a good opportunity to watch a lot of the corrupt behavior those two were involved in way before the blog was ever thought of.   The straw that broke the camel's back came when Ziaja started flaunting thousands and thousands of dollars in his wallet while working at the Title Marts.  Watching Ana and her daughter Alyssa and other members of her family circle around the Title Marts like fresh water leaches sucking the blood out of an animal that got in the wrong body of water.  Steenson, Franklin, and Ziaja saw money, lots of money and they were determined to suck as much money as they could from the Jeffreys family.  They knew that if they got caught they could circle the wagons and blame everything on Mr. Jeffreys.  Unfortunately, Franklin got distracted and decided she needed to get rid of the whistleblowers.  She thought the task would be easy because who is going to believe a crazy old woman from little old Falkville, Alabama.  Franklin, Ziaja, Bones, Blake, Justin Powell, and good ole Billable Barney sat in Ana's office and devised a plan to stop me and Leon once and for all.  Unfortunately, Ana's plan was a little too late and too much was known about their corruption.  Corruption of the Title Mart business, corruption within the sheriff's office, and a whole lot of missing money.  Warden Bradley should wear his firing by Ana Franklin as a badge of honor.  There is no reason for Franklin to arrest Warden Bradley.  She may come up with something but I doubt it.  Warden Bradley never gave me anything other than public domain information.  Franklin can't stand it because it revealed how she and Judge Howell and Howell's husband were misusing inmate labor to their advantage.  Franklin was using a lot of inmate labor in a manner that was unacceptable.  To include having inmates serve alcohol at special events put on by her buddies.

As for me being worried because Ana can arrest you for nothing.  Been there, done that.  I will bond out and continue to blog until the final curtain call for Sheriff Ana Franklin and her law enforcement criminal thugs.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Here we go again":
You may want to be careful about repeatedly stating that Ana Franklin has not and will not arrest you or Warden Bradley. First of all, you have shown that she is a dirty cop, in that she has broken the law, violated a judge's order, and lied about doing so! She needs to arrest you all just to save face by making it appear that she did it in good faith or with probable cause, even though we now know that the probable cause was illegally obtained. Secondly, BECAUSE SHE IS A DIRTY COP, she is likely to make the arrests just to "show" you or "just because". It does not matter to her that neither you nor the Warden actually committed any crimes. She hopes that arresting you all will protect her from civil liability. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Here we go again

Ana could you please clarify who within the State Attorney General's Office is doing all of these favors for you?  You were repeating the same stories yesterday.  Who is running your "investigation" of Bradley and Lockhart?  Your followers complain that the whistleblowers keep harping on the same thing day after day.  Sounds like your followers should be telling you to put up or shut up.  You have promised this poor dumb schmucks that you have everything under control and the only people going to jail is Bradley and Lockhart.  Do you really believe that?  We think you do and so does Bones, Blake, Powell, and the rest of your followers.  We are sick of your lies.  You and Barney have told so many lies over the past six years neither of you know the truth from fiction.

You keep harping and barking about all the support you have within the state.  Who?  Most of the corrupt Alabama Law Enforcement Officers you surrounded your self with have distanced themselves from you.  Hoping to keep their job.  Sure you still have big Luther and we know how hard you are hoping he comes out ahead in the bid for U.S. Senate.  The Washington insiders are pushing for Luther but they don't get to vote in the State of Alabama.  Our hope is that he loses his bid for U.S. Senate and that we can send an honest politician to represent the State of Alabama.

You have used up most of the good will law enforcement had for you.  A lot of the support went out the window when your Title Mart Ponzi Scheme begin to fall apart.  Then you told lie after lie which was reported by the Daily.  We can hardly wait until your spins start again to explain the $300,000.00 missing during your first three years of adventure, fun, and games.

You throw a highly qualified road deputy which you have few of into Courthouse security because he pissed off one of your daughter's colorful friends.  However, that too is not uncommon.  You have run your entire service as sheriff on a personal bases and not a professional level.   You pick and choose which drug dealers go to jail and those that don't.  Once in jail the drug dealers, manufacturers, and traffickers were placed on work release while folks with misdemeanors, and child support offenders sit in jail.  Why would you do that Ana?  What value are the drug dealers to you when they are walking the streets and roads of our county, not to mention surrounding counties?  Why do you trust the drug dealers, traffickers, and manufacturers more than you do the common misdemeanor offenders?

Now lets talk about Herman.  You met with Herman knowing why he no longer works for the Priceville PD.  As a female officer it is repulsive that if even half of the rumors are going around you would find it acceptable to bring him on board.  On the other hand it sounds just like you.

Some of you readers may say that this blog is personal.  Damn right it is personal and it should be personal for every citizen of Morgan County, Alabama.  Franklin has mistreated employees, firing or forcing them to resign, allowing common criminals such as her common law son-in-law Jonathan Stebbins to resign from the sheriffs office as a corrections officer after being charged with three crimes during the six short weeks he worked as a corrections officer.  At the same time Franklin was forcing people of color out of their positions and firing them for far less offensives than Jonathan Stebbins was charged with.  We could go on and on with people Franklin has mistreated but you get the picture.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Understanding Ana

We hear that the reason Ana came in yesterday was to receive a donation.  Hopefully, the donation will go towards the MCSO and not the Feed Ana and Family Fund.  There have been many donations that have been given to the sheriffs office over the past six years that there is no accountability for.  Someone should seriously look at the posse funds that have been the source of a lot of cash going into peoples' pockets.  To include Larry Berzett.  Pam can stand by her man all day long but we have verified through witnesses that Larry was seen pocketing posse funds.  Taking the posse funds is the worst of the worst because those funds are made to  aide and assist the special needs within  our community.  That does not include supporting Ana, Larry, nor anyone else.  Those funds were also to be used to supplement the sheriffs office resources.  Franklin used the road deputies, reserves, and others to build the posse to a grandeur with elaborate gowns, horse gear, horse trailers, bridles, saddles, gowns, embroidery,  horses, and more with no thought in mind of the special needs.  Franklin  spent $25,000.00 a year to hire a company to put on her dog and pony shows.  She used funds from other sheriffs office accounts as well.  She traveled in style and paid for the majority of the travel for her entourage.  Lavish trips for the special few.  While the road deputies, clerks, and staff were left behind to suffer the consequences.  Not to mention no food for the inmates.

I can hear all the Ana supporters out there now.  Can't you just leave it alone.  We hear this over and over and over again.  Well apparently it has sunken in yet.  You folks are all sitting back waiting for the big shoe to drop on Glenda and Leon.  Ana is telling everybody who will listen that this is big really big.  They are going to jail.  Well! Ana despite your best efforts and they have been elaborate, brazen, and daring, and possibly incriminating for you we must give you an A+ for effort and an a D for being dumber than a rock to pull some of the things you have pulled since breaking into an office stealing documents, videoing the office, taking files, and having Keylogger software installed on computers before you got a warrant.  Ana that was one DUMB move on your part.  I can understand your desperation.  Hopefully, you Bones, Ziaja, Blake Robinson, Justin Powell, and the rest of the crew will have a long time to think about what you have done.  You set out to destroy people and instead your stupid antics destroyed you and those who followed your corruption.

I know a lot of folks in Morgan County keep asking why this is taking so long, and if Ana really did this why hasn't something already been done.  Many organizations do not run their offices with Key Stone cops such as Bones, Blake, Berzett, the Goodwin's, and others who have surrounded themselves with nothing but pure evil.  Patience is a virtue.  Don't let the length of time it takes to pull through non-biased investigations trouble you.  The corruption within the Morgan County Sheriffs Office did not occur over night and they will not be corrected over night.

It is with high hopes that all of the dedicated men and woman who continue to hold the sheriffs office together with their hard work and dedication will continue to do so.

Now! On another note.  We heard from one of the loud mouths out in anonymous land that  the ex-Priceville police officer is still an employee at the Priceville PD.  That isn't true.  Our sources tell us he has applied for a position directly with Sheriff Ana Franklin and with Chris Free, the Falkville Chief of Police.  Just what Falkville needs.  There is a reason why Davis is no longer employed with the Priceville PD.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Cameo Appearance and crime and punishment

Ana made another cameo appearance to the Morgan County Sheriff's Office yesterday.  Seems quite odd.  There appears to be no rhyme or reason for Franklin's appearances.  Yes.  She is the sheriff but she has been absent for so long that it is unusual for her to make an appearance where she is sworn to protect and serve.

Something more concerning than Franklin never coming to work is a story I heard from multiple people about one of the good deputies being removed from road duty and being placed in courthouse security.  The story is bizarre.  According to my sources a few days ago the deputy found a person sitting in the middle of Gum Pond Road with his lights out late at night.  When the deputy went to check out the scene we are told that the man was dressed in tactical gear and had a host of weaponry such as an AK 47, sawed off shot gun, pistols, and a blue light similar to the ones on the patrol cars.

The man apparently had nothing to say about why he was on Gum Pond Road late at night parked in the middle of the road dressed in tactical gear, with his weapons and ammunition, nor did he explain why he had the blue light that rotates from side to side in the same manner that patrol car lights operate.  The man did tell the deputy he could have the patrol light.  Though the scene may appear suspicious the deputy unlike Ana's flakes aka Bones Wilson and Blake Robinson did not have cause to arrest the person.  The man handed over his blue light; it seems as a good will gesture.

Some of our sources say the man is well known in the Eva Community and not the most respectable man in the county.  One local told us he lives in what some believe to be a drug house.  Hum!  The deputy had no reason to arrest the man.  So the deputy took the light the man offered and left.  End of Story right?  Nowhere close.  The man then called Alyssa Franklin who is working at another Title Loan Shop and told her his story while she was at work.  Alyssa gets on the phone with mommy dearest and the next thing you know Billy  Bad Ass has his light back so he can play pretend cop and the deputy is spending his time in court security.  Wonder how Billy Bad Ass knows Alyssa? Probably bought a car from her at the Title Mart.

So why would anyone be on Gum Pond Road late at night sitting in the middle of the road in tactical attire, all the weapons, and a police light in the back of his car?  Was he there to stop innocent citizens? Or was he up to even more nefarious activities.  Apparently Franklin's professional behavior favored the colorful character that called her daughter vice the truth that the deputy reported back to Franklin.  How many of us could go through Franklin's daughter to get to the sheriff.

The road patrol is way understaffed because of irresponsible conduct and behavior by the sheriff.

These are troubled times for the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Remember Big Luther isn't the answer to Alabama's problems

Anybody but Luther

Big Luther had plenty of time to clean up Montgomery.  Instead he wrapped his arms around corruption and embraced it.  Damn, Big Luther even let Sheriff Ana Franklin down.  Ana cried to friend that it isn't suppose to end this way.  I had Luther and Rob on my side, wrapped around my finger. Rob?  Oh! Ex-Governor Robert Bentley.  Luther and Rob can't even help themselves.

Warped Minds

Blogger Comments:

I have read all the hoopla about Rick and family court and what some of you consider his shortfalls.  I would rather be Rick Sherman any day that the good ole sheriff of Morgan County.  I bet Sheriff Ana Franklin wishes she only had Rick Sherman's issues to contend with.  Rick has done nothing wrong and it saddens me that you used Rick and his family to justify in your minds the criminal actions that Sheriff Franklin has committed over the past six years.

Sheriff Franklin deserves everything that is coming her way over the criminal conduct, fraud, waste, and abuse, abuse of power, cheating hard working deputies out of their pay, asking the deputies to call her "Mama".  Really Ana?  Is that true?  You folks can say anything you want to try to deflect the heat that is burning Ana's butt, it isn't going to change anything.  Ana is going to jail.

If Rick loses rights in Family Court for doing the right thing, Sheriff Franklin should spend the rest of her life behind bars for doing the wrong things.  To quote Donald Trump "it's bad, it's really really bad" and still you folks continue to worship Queen Ana for her corrupt conduct as the Sheriff of Morgan County, Alabama.   Big deal Rick worked on a Blog.  Sheriff Ana Franklin has been sticking her hand in the sheriff's office cookie jars for years and that does not mean just the inmate food funds cookie jar.

Some of you think it's funny that the inmates have not received nutritionally healthy meals until recently, and that they deserve to starve because they are just inmates.  Surely, there is a special place in Hell for people who think like that.

Just a few short months ago.  Pam Berzett was heard yelling that there was no money in the accounts to feed the inmates.  She yelled for someone to get Ana on the phone and explain where they were going to get the money for food.  You can just about guess where Franklin was when she received that call.  Can anybody spell Mobile.

It is a shame and a disgrace that Pam Berzett, Larry Berzett, Dee Goodwin, and others would sit back and call Ana to find out how to feed the inmates with no money when they should have called the Southern Center Law Group and report the lack of inmate food money to feed the inmates.  Why didn't they call the County Commission and report the shortfall to them?

If none of special people that Ana brought in has done nothing wrong that why not report the problems to someone who can help?

I hear Pam has been telling people on FB to leave her man alone and quoting Bible versus. According to Pam her man has done nothing wrong.  I will just leave that one alone and shake my head.

Long defends animal control hire By Evan Belanger Staff Writer May 14, 2017 Updated May 14, 2017

Blogger Comments:  Why is it so hard within Morgan County for the elected officials to promote from within?  Even if nothing nefarious is going on the appearance is there for all to see in the Darren Tucker hiring.  The County Commission has sat back and watched Sheriff Ana Franklin hire less than qualified employees over long-term highly qualified employees.  Franklin hired relatives, relatives of  relative who are first line supervisors over their granddaughter, common law son-in-laws, a daughter, and the list goes on.  So! Why do public officials bypass highly qualified employees over those who have absolutely no experience in the job they have been hired to perform? 

Morgan County Commission Chairman Ray Long said the county may need to update its job description for animal control director in the future, but he does not feel it impacted the search that resulted in the hiring of his longtime associate Darren Tucker.
Tucker, who serves as Somerville’s part-time mayor and has a background in auto-parts sales, took over the county’s Animal Control Department on May 1, following the resignation of former Director Mark Palmer.
Minimum qualifications for the position, according to the job description, include “two to five years of experience in animal control or a related field.”
Tucker listed no animal control experience on his application.
In hiring Tucker, Long passed over seven current county employees who sought the job, including two from within the Animal Control Department — one with 15 years of animal-control experience, the other with two years.
Long said the internal candidates were all either ineligible or lacked the desired managerial experience for the job.
“When we’re interviewing, we have to measure out their experience in the full job, not just the animal aspect of it,” he said.
But Long acknowledged the job description may need to be amended in the future to say animal-control experience is “preferred.”
"We probably need to look at it ... because we will never get a veterinarian to put in for it," he said.
Noting Palmer also lacked animal control experience when he was hired, Long said the job simply doesn’t pay enough to attract candidates with significant animal control experience.
“Anybody who is really experienced in this field is already making a better living than we can give them here,” he said.
Long has said he has known Tucker at least 25 years.
The two served together in Somerville when Long was mayor and Tucker was on the town council. Tucker replaced Long when he left the mayor’s office in 2010 to take his seat on the County Commission.
Long’s wife, Regina, serves as town clerk of Somerville. Long has said there is no conflict of interest because the clerk is hired by the full council, not the mayor alone.
Long denied his relationship with Tucker played a role in the selection, saying Tucker was simply the most qualified of the 12 applicants.
“If I was hiring him just because he was my friend, I would have started him out at the top of the chart, and I would have paid him all I could have paid him,” he said.
Instead, Long started Tucker at a salary of $49,800 annually, the fifth step on a 19-step pay scale that ranges from $46,925 to $61,277.
The city of Decatur’s last Animal Control director, Carol Wicks, who had extensive experience, was earning $79,000 annually when she was terminated in 2014. The department later reorganized as part of the Decatur Police Department.
While prior salary information was blacked out from Tucker's application obtained through a public records request, Tucker said Friday he did not get a raise by taking the county job.
Long said it was primarily Tucker’s leadership experience as manager of O’Reilly Auto Parts in Hartselle since 2003, his service as the part-time mayor of Somerville since 2010, and his interpersonal skills that made him stand out.
He pointed out that Tucker managed 18 workers at O’Reilly, compared to three at animal control, and that he uses the same budgeting system as the county to draft Somerville’s more than $540,000 annual budget.
The job description lists supervisory training or experience as “desired.” It further allows for any “equivalent combination” of experience, training and education that provides the necessary skills to perform the job.
While he said Tucker’s management experience set him apart, Long also said he had some measure of animal experience because he worked transporting livestock for McCulloch Farms in 1989-90, he has two dogs and multiple cats at home, and because Somerville Town Hall often gets animal control complaints.
“That’s who people are going to call, the mayor,” he said. “Most people don’t even know there is a Morgan County Animal Control.”
Those qualifications were not listed on Tucker’s application.
District 2 Commissioner Randy Vest, who was part of the interview committee that consisted of Vest, Long and County Administrator Belinda Ealey, said Tucker was his first choice after interviewing the 12 applicants.
The committee vote for Tucker was unanimous, he said.
Under the city’s personnel policy, hiring officials only had to interview the top five candidates selected by the Personnel Department.
Alana Beard, an attorney for Sewell, Sewell McMillan law firm in Jasper, said the county could avoid the appearance of favoritism in the future by establishing a civil service board.
Such a board would score job applicants on the basis of qualifications and testing, submitting only the top candidates for consideration by the commission.
Typically, the county is required to hire the highest-scoring candidate, she said.
“There are only a handful of counties in the state of Alabama that don’t have one, and the ones that don’t have one, the reason is because it takes all control away from the county commissioners,” she said. “Once you put that in place, the ability to reward your friends and buddies and contributors and people who benefit you in some way has disappeared.”
A civil service commission can only be formed by a local act sponsored by the Morgan County legislative delegation. Beard’s firm represents the Walker County Civil Service Commission.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ana, asked a friend - CORRECTED

It has been brought to my attention that I mistakenly called Blake Robinson by the name of Blake Wilson.  That is easy to do since Blake and Bones appear to be conjoined at the hip.

Where did I go wrong?  Everybody hates me.  I can't even go out in public without being asked about this bulls***.

We can help you a little on that question Ana.  Everybody had high hopes for you when you went into office.  A new beginning.  What a surprise you have been.  Oh! You definitely have the gift of gab and everyone just fell in love with you.  We had a right to. You made a lot of promises on change, restructure, and building a strong viable sheriff's office for our growing county.  In other words, we believed in you.

Less than two years after taking office your true personality and colors were already showing within the sheriff’s office.  You pushed good people out to bring your daughter in as an employee.  The Decatur Daily's Ms. Marsh busted you on that issue and many others.  Ms. Marsh saw your true colors from the beginning.  It took a little longer for some of the others within the county to take their rose-colored glasses off.

As for hating you.  Hate is a strong word.  I don't believe anybody hates you.  They don't respect you and they have no reason to.  You took an office within the county and disgraced the position of sheriff, you brought in Larry and Pam Berzett, the Goodwin's, Zivett, Ron Livingston, and of course you had Bones, Blake, Justin Powell, Steven Ziaja, and Hilda to surround yourself with.  They were buffers for lack of a better word.  Your protectors.  You had then State Attorney General Luther Strange, and then Governor Bentley.  Nothing could stop you.  You made that abundantly clear in open staff call that you could not be touched.  So! Ana nobody hates you.  They lost respect for you and that is far worse than hate.

As for not being able to go out into public because the public wants to know what really happened.  You can continue telling anyone who will listen that you have done nothing wrong.  That isn’t why you can’t go out in public.  Those words are just your scrip that you must stick to while acting out the part of innocence.  The real reason you can’t go out in public is because of your humiliation.  Your humiliation comes from being caught and not from embarrassment and guilt because of what you have done to yourself, your employees, the county reputation, the citizens, the men and women who have been set up and wrongly convicted of crimes far less worse than the things you and your corrupt employees and ex-boyfriend and lover have done. 

You met with the informant along with Barney Lovelace, your half a&&ed attorney, Bones Wilson, Blake Wilson, and Justin Powell and conspired to commit a crime. You broke into an office and installed keylogger software on office computers, took files, and videoed the office a week before you obtained a legal warrant.  You paid your informant to do your dirty work because your intent was to take out the whistleblowers.  After your conspiracy to commit a crime you then obtained a legal warrant to collect information you already had.

You seized computers and made duplicate copies of the hard drives and then kept the computers in an unsecured location for nine days before you had them transported to the Guntersville Forensics Group.  Tell us what you did with the duplicates.  We know already but why don't you just share a little information with the public that happens to be the truth.

Now I ask.  Does this performance sound like something professional law enforcement officers engage in?

Last but not least is the definition of conspiring.

  1. make secret plans jointly to commit an unlawful or harmful act.

    "they conspired against him"
    synonyms:plotschemeplanintriguemachinatecolludeconnivecollaborate, work hand in glove;
    informalbe in cahoots
    "they admitted conspiring to steal cars"

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sheriff Franklin is a Believer

Folks, I don't know what has changed over the past couple of weeks but Sheriff Ana Franklin is finally a believer.  According to our sources Franklin has come to the realization that she's going to jail.

No More Luther

By Kyle Whitmire | 
A new 100-second campaign ad Sen. Luther Strange shared on Twitter Tuesday night tells some tall, strange tales. It’s the first campaign ad for the special election to fill the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, and considering a Senate super PAC just dropped more than $2.6 million behind Strange in this race, you’d better get ready to see a lot more like it.

The ad begins with Strange steering his pickup truck into a car wash. It appears covered in the sort of filth you might get out the back end of a sick cow. There's a lot of BS in this ad, and if you're not careful, you might get some on you. 

Sheriff Ana Franklin on Family, Faith and No Fear, WHNT News

Blogger Comments:  Sheriff fast, fun, and friendly, with no fear Ana is sweating bullets these days and waiting for the next shoe to drop.  Franklin wanted to be in law enforcement all her life.  Now! Look at the embarrassment and disgrace she has caused her family. Franklin wanted to break the female barrier gap in Morgan County.  She certainly did that.  Her fearless attitude helped her win the 2010 election.  Wonder if she feels as fearless now as she did back then?  Franklin claimed to be a role model for little girls.  She was going to clean up the department but instead she cleaned it out both financially and the employees.  Franklin’s goal was to restore the public’s faith in the sheriff’s office.  How’s that working out for you Ana?  I can tell you how we the public see your efforts.  Franklin said in the article below her to do list keeps on growing.  How true that is.  Stay out of jail.  Stay out of Jail.  Stay out of jail.  Franklin has worked very hard to stay out of jail that is for the time being.  Franklin has worked very hard to take a lot of good people down by destroying them in the mind of public opinion.  She can’t stand not being in charge and pulling the strings.  At some point this will be over and the MCSO will have renewed hope.  Franklin has fooled a lot of people for a long time and it will come to an end.
Sheriff Ana Franklin on Family, Faith and No Fear, WHNT News

Ana Franklin made history when she became the first-ever female sheriff in Morgan County. Ten other female sheriffs came before her in state history, but Franklin is the only one still in office.
For as long as she can remember, Franklin wanted to be in law enforcement.
"When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be Columbo," said Franklin. "I didn't want to be a police woman, cause she was kind of fou-fou. I wanted to be Columbo."
Similar to Columbo, Franklin was consistently underestimated. When she announced her candidacy for sheriff in 2009, she says people told her it wasn't "ladylike" and laughed in her face.
"Some of those things really hit home to me about some of the ideas that we still have and that we carry in the south, particularly," said Franklin, "and the fact that this is a barrier that hasn't been broken."
Franklin was born and raised in Decatur graduating from Austin High School. After she married, she moved to Athens, where she and her husband ran a wedding planning and catering service for 11 years. Franklin later divorced and returned to her hometown.
With the support of her family, she finally began to follow her dreams.
"I had a family background that gave me the opportunity again to be able to do things," said Franklin. "They didn't tell me you can't do this and you can't do that."
Franklin got her start as a reserve deputy in the Limestone County Sheriff's Office. From there, she became a K-9 handler.
Then she moved to the Morgan County Sheriff's Department, where she began working in undercover narcotics, as well as criminal investigations and search and rescue.
It was her work in narcotics, though, that found her on the other side of the law. While undercover during a prostitution sting, an outside agency accidentally arrested her.
"I mean, I was truly undercover," said Franklin. "Yeah, I never got to work the thousand-dollar a night prostitution deals. They put me down at the 20 dollar a night prostitution deals, those were the kind I worked."
Franklin's fearless attitude helped her win the election in 2010, but she says it is her faith that has helped keep her focused.
"A lot of faith, and it's a lot of time on your knees, truly," said Franklin.
While she knows she is a role model for all little girls across the county, Franklin just tries to set a good example for her two daughters and her two grandchildren.
"I hoped that my girls would see that if you try to do what's right and if you just keep trying and you don't give up that sometimes it pays off."
As for Franklin's short time in office, she has already shaken up the department. From the second she was sworn in as the county's newest sheriff, she rolled up her sleeves and got to work determined to clean up the department.
Her first year was far from easy, but that hasn't discouraged Franklin from leaving her mark on the office. She is, after all, the new "mama" in town.
"I kid my guys and say hey, you got a mama for a sheriff so y'all better act right," said Franklin.
Franklin was charged with the task of restoring the public's confidence in the department when she took the reins.
"I knew that when I walked in it wasn't just the community and the county that we had to show that what we were doing was going to work, it was the employees too," said Franklin.
Once in charge, Franklin immediately demoted and then later fired the commander of the department's drug task force. She also had to arrest some of her own employees. Then came the budget cuts followed by the April 27th storms. Throw in the county's ever-growing fight against drugs and Franklin's limited staff was nearly backed into a corner.
You will never hear Franklin make excuses.
"Right now, we have huge challenges that we've never had before, so we have to be able to try and research a plan, put the best plan that we can in place and if that plan does not work, we got to go immediately to B, C, or D," said Franklin.
She's looking for solutions to the department's budget problems in any place possible, including hanging the jail's laundry on a clothes line instead of putting it in dryers.
"We have saved almost $60,000 in electricity," said Franklin. "Well that $60,000 keeps me a deputy on the road, so if I have to hang clothes out on the line to keep a deputy on the road that's what we're doing."
Her deputies are overextended, but continue to donate more of their time so they can be proactive in the county. The To-Do List continues to grow, but Franklin knows change isn't going to happen overnight, but she says it will happen before her term is up.
"Part of my job here is when I leave, whenever that is, when I leave to leave this place better than when I found it," said Franklin. "I think that should be the goal of every person in office."

Other changes Franklin has made within the department include adding school resource officers to Brewer and Danville High Schools, as well as building relationships with the local volunteer fire departments. She also plans to institute a work release program at the jail and bring back the department's helicopter program.