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Friday, November 16, 2018

CORRECTED - Private Investigator Dawn Hendricks Went Down to Georgia

Folk did somebody hired PI Hendricks to travel to Georgia to interview Daniel Lockhart in regards to Sheriff Ana Franklin?  Hendricks showed up at a Fire Department where Daniel works on the side and in addition to his military service?  According to Daniel Hendricks began questioning him about his statement.  According to Daniel, she challenged his sworn statement.

In addition, she asked Daniel about the Keylogger software.  Daniel said that Hendrick said something to the effect that he should just admit that Ana had nothing to do with the Keylogger software.  Daniel said that he referred her to the tape recording made in the sheriff's office.

So! It appears that someone hired Hendricks to talk to a witness.  Since she does a lot of pro bono work perhaps she took it upon herself to make the trip.  Our question is, does Hendrick have a reciprocal agreement with Georgia to work in Georgia?  Maybe.  Some states do and some states don't. 

A written request for information has been submitted to both Alabama and Georgia for additional information.  Daniel will share that information upon receipt.

Why would someone be investigating Daniel?   Surely they don't expect him to lie at this point in the game.  If you recall, it came out in Bradley's hearing that Ana threatened Daniel to ensure he complied with their orders.

We as a family are very worried about Daniel and his career.  We know how Ana works.


Rolling in toilet paper: Marshall County Sheriff's Office in Alabama buys 24K extra rolls of TP

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Rumors around town

Folks, we have not been able to confirm the rumor but we were told that Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Whittle have turned their two-week notices in.  The rumor is that they are leaving law enforcement for bigger and better jobs.  The rumor is hard to believe.  We do know that Bones must be very disappointed that Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell lost his bid for sheriff.  Bones was with Sheriff Mitchell when the election was called and Mitchell lost his bid for reelection. 

The rumor claims that these men are going into the trucking business.  Time will tell.


Blogger Comments:  Folks, we do not want to take away positive reinforcement for the inmates in the Morgan County jail.  We have our doubts that Sheriff Ana Franklin had much to do with it.  We believe the dedicated hard working men and women working in the jail had a lot to do with the progress.  Franklin goes on to say that when she took office there were only a few programs in place to work with the inmates.  Sheriff Franklin is not telling the truth.  Warden Leon Bradley had many programs going on in the jail to assist in the rehabilitation of the inmates.  

Furthermore, if the medical doctor Sheriff Franklin is claiming helps them determine which inmates have mental illness and which inmates' issues are drug addiction, we sure would not feel very confident about those results.  During the hearing that addressed these issues, it was revealed that the psychiatrist working for the jail spent only a few minutes with the inmates.

We are very familiar with psychiatrist and mental health facilities and the years it sometimes takes to find the right medications that work for the patient.  Sheriff Franklin spent years refusing to allow mentally ill patients their doctor prescribed prescriptions.  It is an embarrassment for Franklin to even mention the mentally ill after the Federal Judge in the case ruled and his finding came out.  As disgusting as it is Billable Barney and Sheriff Ana Franklin put out that they "won".  Nobody won especially the inmates.   One more thing that rubs us raw is Franklin talking about ruling out the inmates with mental illness from those addicted to drugs.  Franklin needs to do a little research and then she may be smart enough to realize that often times mental illness goes hand in hand with substance abuse.

We know our loved one started showing signs of mental illness at the age of nine.  There isn't a specialist we haven't seen.  We were seen at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  We had documents and proof of our loved one's mental illness.  As he got older he became addicted to drugs which were secondary to the primary problem.  Yet, when he ended up in the Morgan County jail Franklin refused to give him the medication that was prescribed by his physician.  That never happened with Sheriff Bartlett and Warden Bradley.  So! What's the difference?  Sheriff Franklin.

In 2016, only an estimated 6.9% of adults with mental illness and substance abuse disorder received the mental health and substance abuse care they needed.
Mental illness is common among people who struggle with substance abuse and addiction.1 In 2016, 8.2 million adults had a co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorder in the past year. Of those 8.2 million, only 48.1% received treatment for either their mental health disorder or their addiction. This means that roughly half of the adults with co-occurring disorders did not receive either type of treatment. Only an estimated 6.9% of adults with mental illness and substance abuse disorder received the mental health and substance abuse care they needed that year.1
Studies have found that among individuals with non-alcohol substance use disorders, 28% had co-occurring anxiety disorders, 26% had mood disorders, 18% had antisocial personality disorder, and 7% suffered from schizophrenia. Unfortunately, while the prevalence of co-occurring disorders among those seeking substance abuse treatment is high, the number of programs equipped to treat co-occurring conditions may not match the need for this kind of treatment. While many substance abuse treatment programs are able to additionally address some relatively mild forms of mood, anxiety, and personality disorders, there is evidence to suggest that these same programs may be reluctant or ill-equipped to manage individuals with severe mental illness. Correspondingly, the mental health system, while adept at treating cases of severe and chronic mental illness, may not be equipped to address the treatment of concurrent substance use disorders. This is extremely unfortunate, as an individual with co-occurring disorders is generally seen as "continuously at risk for relapse."2 Comprehensive treatment and adequate aftercare may help to reduce some of this risk. One study found that, among patients with moderate-to-high severity dual diagnosis disorders, treatment outcomes were improved when their drug abuse treatment was supplemented with targeted mental health care.2
If you need treatment for both a mental health disorder and a substance abuse disorder—or you suspect that you might—it is very important that you find a facility that is equipped with the staff necessary to handle your treatment. Dual diagnosis programs can provide care for both addiction and mental health issues.2 If you suffer from a mental health disorder, make sure to communicate that to the treatment center before you enter.2

Is Drug Addiction a Mental Illness?

The answer to whether drug addiction qualifies as a mental illness is yes. Here’s why: addiction results in distinct brain changes and can disrupt a person's "hierarchy of needs and desires," leading them to prioritize drug use above all else. A person's ability to control their compulsion to use substances becomes significantly diminished as these brain changes occur, which can promote continued drug or alcohol use despite knowledge of the harm it is causing. The compulsive behaviors associated with substance use disorders (addictions) bear similarities to other mental illnesses.3
Healthcare professionals in the United States refer to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) when making diagnoses of mental disorders. The DSM states that "an important characteristic of substance use disorders is an underlying change in brain circuits that may persist beyond detoxification." Like other illnesses, addiction may require long-term treatment approaches. This goes against the ideas that addiction is a simple issue of willpower or is a condition with the potential to be remediated by "just saying no;" instead, it is now seen as a "chronic and relapsing brain disease" that requires specialized treatment.3 In fact, genetics is shown to play a major role in a person's risk of developing a substance use disorder—it is estimated that 40 to 60% of a person’s vulnerability to substance abuse is genetic.4
Substance abuse often occurs with other mental illnesses. Many people who regularly abuse drugs or alcohol are diagnosed with other mental health issues at some point. Studies show that people who are diagnosed with mood or anxiety disorders are nearly twice as likely to have a substance use disorder compared to the general public.3
The same goes for antisocial personality or conduct disorder. People diagnosed with these types of disorders are more likely to abuse substances. In addition, gender plays a factor in the prevalence of co-occurring disorders. For example, males are more likely to be diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, while women are more likely to suffer from mood or anxiety disorders.3
In some cases, it is difficult to know what came first—the substance abuse or the mental health disorder. It can also be difficult or impossible to determine causality; even if the symptoms of one condition appeared first, it may not have caused the other. What is known is that it is relatively common for people to self-medicate mental health symptoms with substances. Also, substance abuse may worsen or bring about symptoms of mental illness. For example, marijuana has been shown to increase the risk of psychosis for some users.3
In addition, substance use disorders and mental illness have overlapping risk factors such as:3,4
  • Certain types of neurological deficits, such as lower-than-normal activity in certain brain circuits.
  • Genetics.
  • Epigenetics.
  • Stress.
  • Adverse childhood experiences.
  • Trauma.

Morgan jail programs provide opportunities for inmates

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The Healing Begins

Blogger Comments:  Folks, with the commission's help Morgan County has begun to heal.  We have had 7 years and 10 months of incompetency with Sheriff Ana Franklin running the sheriffs office.  We have a new sheriff who will be sworn in January 2019 which is exciting and will help heal the black eye Sheriff Franklin has given Morgan County.  

Morgan Commission improving courthouse security


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A look back at the Bradley hearing April, 2018

Looking back we recall Deputy Dockery mentioning that the sheriff and/or one of her thugs asked for surveillance equipment and Dockery refused to provide those items.  Would that stop someone who is desperate?

We can only wonder what if any steps may have been taken to shut the whistleblowers down.  The fact that the equipment was requested in its self is troubling.   Was the sheriff's office actually conducting an investigation on the whistleblowers?  We also know that Ana told one person who she thought she could trust about her plans to raid the whistleblower's office prior to taking that action. Would it have made a difference?

We know that Ana's attorney sat in on meeting about the raid.  We know that ole Billable jumped up and down during bankruptcy proceedings pertaining to Performance Auto Sales demanding to know the name of the whistleblowers.

Call us anytime our tools are computers.

We have a lot of folks who think the gif's take away from the message.  Maybe for some but for us who have lived through the antics, it's kind of a release that gives us an opportunity to walk away from the seriousness of what has happened.

One thing we know for sure it that the Keylogger Software exists.  If you would place Keylogger software on computers or have it done what else would you do? 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Well the devil went down to Georgia to try to make a sweet deal...sorry Ana no deal...good try though. Seems like desperate measures are being taken by this Sheriff to still try to get folks to lie for her.Nobody is willing to lie for you...a little too late.Desperado...why don't you come to you senses....

Monday, November 12, 2018


If our sources are correct, inmate Butler walked off work release last week, and to the best of our knowledge has not been recaptured. We also hear that there is another female inmate that was released by accident who hasn't been recaptured and has racked up 4 additional felonies. We are verifying both incidents. 

1. Where is the news conference Ana to inform Morgan County citizens.
2. Why is this happening so often?
Morgan County has a right to know when an inmate escapes for safety reasons.

Relax! Patience is a virtue... What else can we do?

Folks we hear more and more stories on a daily basis.  Stories that we can't blog about.  We can only hope Steven Ziaja tells all.  

Shame on Ana

Looking Back at Embarrassment

Looking Back at Embarrassment

Friday, November 9, 2018

Cullman County Votes Yes

Blogger Comments:  Folks, the folks in Cullman County voted yes.  The question is why doesn't the legislature take this issue up and make it a law across the state?  Sheriffs should not be authorized to take inmate food funds.

Deciding fate of jail food funds

Gentry hopeful voters choose to part ways with law allowing sheriff to pocket meal money

Blogger seeks to dismiss Morgan sheriff's libel claim

Folks, it looks like we made Page 1 of the Daily.   Again.  Above the fold.  We will include some excerpts but encourage you to read the whole article by Eric Fleischauer.  Read all about it at the link.

A battle over free speech is playing out in a federal courthouse as a Falkville blogger seeks to block defamation claims filed against her by Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin.
“The blog contains information of legitimate public concern that are matters of public interest,” Brandy Lee of Birmingham, one of Glenda Lockhart’s lawyers, said Thursday.
Lee, who this week filed a motion to dismiss the counterclaim, said the blog played a part in remedying a public problem by bringing attention to misconduct by the defendants.
“For example, the blog made statements about the improper use of jail food money,” Lee said. “This information was proven true. The sheriff invested funds contrary to a federal court order in a now-bankrupt company run by a felon.”
Due to First Amendment concerns, statements made about public officials or matters of public concern — even if false — are not grounds for a defamation claim unless the official can demonstrate they were published with “actual malice.”  “Corruption by public officials and their delegates within the sheriff’s office is a real public concern which I believe will protect my client’s free speech,” Lee said.
One of the first things we did when we started the blog was to make sure we were firm constitutional ground.  We are.  The article continues with more detail, laying out the claims and counter-claims without a lot of legalese.  Enjoy the read.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Help me - I say somebody help me

Blogger Comments:  Folks, according to the Washington Examiner Luther Strange knew something before it happened.  Strange and Jeff Sessions apparently have been friends for quite some time.  Luther Strange and Sheriff Ana Franklin have been friends for a long time.  Ana tried Lord, knows she tried.  When all else failed she slipped a note to Vice President Pence.  What will Ana try next?

Strange coincidence: Luther Strange tweeted 'Jeff Sessions for Senate in 2020!' right before resignation by Caitlin Yilek

We are eagerly awaiting - A new beginning

Blogger Comments:  Folks we are excited that once Ron Puckett is sworn in as our new sheriff a lot of healing will take place in our county.  There are some very good people, hard-working people that work for the Morgan County Sheriffs Office who have suffered over the past 7 years and 10 months.

Morgan County Sheriff-elect ready to create fresh start for dept.

Sheriff Ron Puckett - Making a difference

WEB EXTRA: Morgan County Sheriff-elect discusses initiatives

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Some Limestone County Folks Unhappy

Folks, some folks in Limestone County are upset because they believe Blakely is not a good steward of the sheriff's office money.  See below.  Well! You now have four more years of Blakely.  On the other hand, he has not taken inmate food funds since he requested and received the legal opinion that he could not take inmate food funds from the inmate food funds. 

This is the exact same desk as Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely has in his office except for the color or stain?  A $6,000.00 desk for a county sheriff? Is that being frugal with tax dollars?


The peoples choice

Thank You Arthur Orr and the citizens of Morgan County

Blogger Comments:  Congratulations to Bill Hopkins Jr. for winning his re-election campaign.  Congratulations also go out to Arthur Orr who spearheaded Amendment One (1) which allowed the voters to speak loud and clear so that sheriffs can no longer take home inmate food funds.  Hopefully, there will be a movement across the state that will stop sheriffs from taking inmate food funds for their own personal use.

Morgan County voters elect superintendent to third term, commissioner to sixth term and approve jail food amendment

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    Lawrence County

    Blogger Comments:  Now that Lawrence County has a new sheriff the inmate food funds will remain in the account they belong in to feed the inmates.  Congratulations Mr. Max Sanders, Sr.  The citizens of Alabama are sick and tired of sheriffs taking inmate food funds and it shows in the polls.

    New sheriff in town for Lawrence County

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    Tuesday, November 6, 2018

    We VOTED - Did You?

    We apparently missed a Decatur Daily Poll that overwhelmingly supports disallowing the MC Sheriff from taking inmate food funds.

    Ana, you should be thanking the whistleblowers for bringing to the attention of the voters the amount of money you took from the inmate food funds in one day alone.

    You would not have won this race. We hear jokingly that you wrote your own name in for sheriff.  Can't say we blame you if you did.  It might have been the only one you got.  It's all right, momma.  We have a new sheriff in town.  We look forward to a fresh change for Morgan County.  We have had egg on our faces long enough.  So thanks a bunch...  You made it all happen...

    We can barely wait to see the turn out on Local Amendment One (1).

    By the way Ana, who you hiding on the 3d floor?

    More Questions than Answers

    Sheriff Ana Franklin, a true law enforcement officer, had no clue what Keylogger Software was on November 5, 2016.  Ana swore under oath in Leon Bradley's hearing that neither she, JP, Robert Wilson or Blake Robinson provided Danel Lockhart keylogger software.

    How hard it must be to be a liar.  What's sad is all the hurt Warden Leon Bradley and his family have gone through because he was a standup guy and told the truth.  What a shame that some folks will intentionally to go out and try to destroy those who told the truth.  So desperate was Ana Franklin to stop Leon Bradley and the whistleblowers, because she feared that it would interfere with her bid for reelection, that she went to extreme lengths to lie and try to destroy those who knew some of her dirty little secrets.

    The Priceville Partners, LLC information that the whistleblowers collected must have made some people desperate.  Cases in point Steven Ziaja and Greg Steenson.  We feel confident that Sheriff Franklin wasn't handling it very well either.  Lord! We can't recall the number of lies she told about where she got the money before the checks were posted that proved she took the money from inmate food funds.

    Sheriff Ana Franklin was so desperate to stop the whistleblowers that she threatened Daniel Lockhart to ensure that he did her bidding.  No military, no fire department work, no nothing.  Daniel would not have been able to work anywhere.  Threats and intimidation are alive and well.

    Furthermore, it is hard to believe that after Ana and goons delivered the keylogger, they never mentioned it to Judge Thompson.  Nor did they mention that he was the whistleblower's grandson.  We have our doubts that she informed the AG's office about keylogger software either.  Franklin's lies stretch from one spectrum to the other. 

    One thing is for sure.  When she and her goons found out that we were aware of the keylogger software, they were jumping around like Mexican jumping beans.  It's the most fun thing we have ever seen. 

    Looking Back

    Folks, during Leon Bradley's hearing in April 2018 Sheriff Franklin was asked by Attorney Tuten if the Drug Task Force maintains files on confidential informants.  Franklin admitted that they do.  When questioned sheriff Ana Franklin said she believed there was a file on Daniel Lockhart (DL) and she thought it was at the sheriff's office but she wasn't sure.  Apparently, they pick and choose which informants to record.  In other words agent's discretion.  According to Franklin sometimes they even video but not most of the time.

    So! Where are the recordings and records of DL'S interviewS?  We are not talking about the verbatim documents that Ana's friend prepared.  For that matter where are DL's records.  It may be one of those cases that the dog ate my evidence.

    Folks, the sheriff is a piece of work. When asked about Leon Bradley and when the investigation began on him, Franklin went back again with her story of the whistleblower.  Franklin claimed she had received criminal information on the whistleblower for two years.  What criminal information Ana?

    Folks, Ana Franklin lied to a judge when she claimed she had been receiving criminal information on the whistleblower for two years.  Franklin was dead set to destroy the whistleblower through lies and slander.  We can honestly say that if Franklin had had anything to use to arrest the whistleblowers she would have done so.  Instead, she lied to a judge and continued to slander the whistleblower.  If Sheriff Franklin had anything criminal to use against the whistleblower she would have had no need to lie and deceive Judge Thompson to obtain her goal.  Had she had "real" criminal activity then it would not be slander.

    More later on DL informant records.

    Where are the tapes...send in the tapes?  The song Send in the clowns fits these unfit cops who acted like a bunch of clowns.

    Monday, November 5, 2018

    Why does Morgan County Need The Proposed Local Amendment Number One (1)?

    One Word ANA

    Folks, Arthur Orr set a path for those of us in Morgan County to vote to raise the sheriff's salary and keep their hands off of inmate food funds.  See Proposed Local Amendment Number 1 (1).  We feel comfortable that our new sheriff has the moral, ethical, and legal responsibility not to touch the inmate food funds.  This Amendment will remain in place for years to come if we in Morgan County vote YES to accept this local Amendment.

    Don't Forget to Vote

    Dirty Cops

    Folks, we believe it has been clearly proven that Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell are dirty.  Real dirty.  They want to cry, deny, and play games acting as if everything that happened in court on April 29, 2018, was nothing but lies.  They want us to believe that the honest law enforcement officers that stood up to their criminal acts and reported them are liars.  Who would you believe?

    It is evident that the sheriff and her goons had a criminal intent; that they planned on destroying the whistleblower and Leon Bradley for standing up for what was right.  What is laughable is that they have no clue the amount of information that went across the river.  Not to mention the sweating they should be doing from when the FBI and Steenson stood by a creek one bright sunny day and watched evidence being pulled from the creek.

    We can't leave Steven Ziaja out either.  Ziaja made an agreement with the state to rat the dirty boogers out.  We can only imagine what all he has to say about the dirty little secrets.  Our question for Steven is:   are you under investigation by any other agencies? 

    The folks around Morgan County no longer believe that anything will ever happen to Ana and her goons.  We still believe. 

    Why does the whistleblower keep posting this story?  Because the truth finally came out.

    Court ruling slams sheriff, deputies

    A judge said Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin, shown in 2017, and one of her deputies "deliberately misled" a court in obtaining search warrants related to a former county jail warden and blogger. [JOHN GODBEY/DECATUR DAILY] John Godbey/Decatur Daily


    Sunday, November 4, 2018

    Salt of the Earth?

    Folks, we keep hearing from folks who are concerned that nothing will ever happen to Ana and her gang.  Folks are worried that even if it does, it won't be before the General Election next Tuesday.  Folks we all want to see Sheriff Ana Franklin and her gang to go to jail.  The same way Steenson did and Steven Ziaj did.

    We are not in control of the outcome of any of these cases any more than the whistleblower is with the case Ana has brought against her.  We will say this: sheriff Franklin has tried hard.  She wants the whistleblowers bad or, those she believes to be whistleblowers so bad that she claims that a whistleblower manipulated a sitting judge to believe that Salt of the Earth Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell could not have possibly done anything wrong.

    Folks.  That is a desperate attempt to make these claims with no proof what so ever.  When has Ana ever needed proof?  Ana had no proof to bust in the whistleblowers' office or have her informant do it for her because she was too big of a coward to obtain a warrant legally.  And stooped to the lowest of the lowest levels to keep the whistleblowers from blowing on her.

    Sheriff Ana Franklin found no proof of wrongdoing at the whistleblower's office.  We got too close to the Title Mart operation.  We had to be stopped.  Why! Old Billable Barney demanded to know in bankruptcy court who the whistleblower is.  This all came before Ana and her gang plotted to raid the whistleblower's office late one night.  A night that Sheriff Franklin must have thought would be the end of the whistleblowers and if it wasn't the end, the sheriff vowed to make the whistleblower pay.  Ana's once long-term lover was the one she wanted to run over with a bush hog and watch his head pop like a watermelon.  That doesn't sound like true love to us.  If Ana was reelected she had plans for him as well.  Not to mention her disdain for Bili and some of the others in her command staff.

    One thing Ana wanted more than anything was the whistleblower and Warden Leon Bradley.  She got both but then it was hard for her to turn loose of them because Judge Thompson set the record straight for the people of Morgan County.  Ana the sweetheart of the county was exposed for what she really is.  A liar, a deceiver, a user, and a loser.  The problem is Ana hasn't lost nearly as much as those she went after.  Warden Bradley lost his job.  His loving family, church and friends stood by him and still do.  Warden Bradley was embarrassed but Ana didn't win.  She lost the battle and the war against Leon.  His embarrassment was only for a time.  Sheriff Ana Franklin and her gang lost a lifetime of respect.  We hope they lose a lot more than that and it ain't their life.  We want them to go to jail.  Ana claimed that the whistleblower tried to kill her.  Dang, we don't want her dead, we just want her in jail.  Is that too much to ask?  Lord what an outrageous claim.

    So eager were they to know what we were up to they followed people not just people but their own employees up to the FBI office to see who was ratting them out.  Ana and Gang, you have been ratted by most of the people who know what you have done.

    Salt of the Earth you are not.  Desperate you are.  Desperate people do stupid stuff.  That's a fact.

    Morgan County Citizens Get Out And Vote

    Blogger Comments:  Folks please take the time to click on the URL below and read the entire article.  We encourage all citizens registered to vote to turn out and vote.  We in Morgan County are on the right track.  Arthur Orr is a find decent man who has done what he said he would do.  Ray Long is pushing forward, and Ron Puckett is a man of faith who will never stoop to the level of taking inmate food funds.  It takes a low life person who will cage a man, woman, dog, cat, or any other creature of nature and then fail to feed them adequately.

    It is wrong folks.  Sheriffs are powerful people in the State of Alabama.  They seem to have more power than any other political figure.  We believe that power goes to the less scrupulous sheriffs that they are all powerful and above the laws, they are sworn to uphold.  

    Sheriffs such as what we have seen with the 49 who refuse to tell the public how much money they have taken from inmate food funds do not deserve to serve out their terms, let alone be re-elected to continue keeping their dirty little secrets.  By the way, some of your dirty little secrets are no longer secrets.

    What is amazing about these folks is that they are incredulous when they get caught.  They just can't believe they have done is wrong.

    Amendment would stop Morgan sheriff from using jail food money, increase salary

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