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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Rumor has it

Folks, rumor has it that some of the candidates for sheriff have gone to the jail to talk to employees about their platform for sheriff.

Our sources tell us that Owens did a pretty good job on his platform until he broke one of the Sheriff's Golden Rules.  We hear he mentioned the big B word.  Budget.  You can imagine that the mention of the finance and financial records made Ana's hair stand on end.

Our sources say Ana turned into a fire throwing dragon.

Speaking of sheriff our sources tell us that Cavnar has already declared victory.  Victory over Puckett snubbing his nose at Childers, Owens, and Clairday.

We believe it is way too premature to count any of the candidates out.

Folks, when you go to the polls, remember this:  Darrell Childres nor any of the other candidates have made frivolous promises they can't keep.  We can only imagine what kind of shape the sheriff's office is in.  Our sources tell us it's a mess.  A big mess.  First and foremost the majority of the candidate's agenda is evaluation and assessment of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities within the SO.  Not unrealistic campaign promises.  Remember Bones Wilson, Ron Livingston, and Blake Robinson was also campaign promises. 

Please make your vote count.  We do not need four more years of the same.

Folks, we need some of that "Reform"