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Monday, April 23, 2018

In regards to Danny Kelso

Folks, we can't tell you enough that Blake Robinson is as low as they get.  The whistleblowers have always thought highly of Kelso.  It makes us sick that Bones and Blake conducted surveillance of the FBI to obtain information about those who may be going to the FBI office.

It angers me that Blake went to Kelso's house to question him.  Kelso is a decent guy and all this does for us is revealed once again what slimeballs Blake and Bones are.  

When will Blake and Bones realize they followed the wrong path full of empty promises from a deadbeat sheriff.

How sad this mess has become.  People willing to give up their families, careers, livelihood, and possibly their freedom.

Our best wishes to Danny for being a standup guy.

Food Funds Issue Is Not Going Away

Jail kitchen workers say donated, spoiled food keeps costs low for beach house sheriff

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Morgan sheriff still dealing with bankruptcy aftermath By Eric Fleischauer Metro Editor Apr 22, 2018 Updated 7 hrs ago

Blogger Comments can be seen in blue after excerpts from the Decatur Daily Article.

Excerpts from the Decatur Daily states that: 

"William Gray, a Birmingham lawyer who represents Franklin, Robinson and Lt. Robert “Bones” Wilson, said Saturday he did not attend the hearing, but based on media reports it appeared to go far afield from its narrow legal purpose.
“The issues should have been confined to those matters that were set by the judge to be heard before the judge,” Gray said of the testimony. “If I’m there to talk about a warrant on Mr. Bradley, I shouldn’t have to talk about issues on anything else.”
Folks, another great article from the daily.  It appears that Sheriff Franklin, Bones Wilson, and Blake Robinson's attorney William Gray is somewhat critical of the way the hearing is going on the motion to dismiss proceeding against Warden Bradley.  In my opinion, the case stayed right on track.  To fully understand what led up to how and why the warrants came about, it was necessary to explain what motivated the sheriff and her lead investigators.  The testimony revealed a lot about the methods and techniques the sheriff used in obtaining evidence to obtain the warrants.  Attorneys Tuten and Heatherly built the sequence of events up to the issuance of the search warrants in a manner that detailed how the sheriff and her co-conspirators obtained the warrants under false pretenses.  The law enforcement officers from Etowah and iMadison Counties testified truthfully.  They made it clear that they were told about the Keylogger software that was installed on the blogger's computers.   The Madison County Investigator said that he was told by the Morgan County law enforcement officers that they needed to analyze the data from the Keylogger Software to justify obtaining a warrant.   All in all, it was a solid presentation.  I expect to hear more of the same when the proceedings convene on Tuesday morning.  
Attorney Gray went on to say that he represents Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, and Blake Robinson in the Priceville Partners, LLC issues.  Since Bones and Blake were not charged by the Bankruptcy Trustee does that mean that they are worried about possible criminal charges?
It is embarrassing to think that Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, Justin Powell, and Blake Robinson represent the people of Morgan County.  They have almost successfully destroyed the reputation of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  Except for the fact that there are a lot of good employees, deputies, clerks, corrections officers, investigators, and Bili that came together to hold the sheriff's office together with true grit and determination.  

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Morgan County court hearing turns spotlight on sheriff’s office, testimony includes multiple surprises Posted 6:59 pm, April 20, 2018, by Brian Lawson

Folks, WHNT got the story right.  A brave Madison County Sheriffs Captain Mike Salomonsky testified to the sheriffs dirty little secret about the Keylogger Software:

Per WHNT:  But Madison County Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Salomonsky testified that he attended a meeting with Franklin and the investigators before the search warrant was issued, where they asked him to sign the search warrant. He testified they told him they expected to get information from the keylogger software that would support the warrant.

Salomonsky declined to sign the warrant request.

Morgan County court hearing turns spotlight on sheriff’s office, testimony includes multiple surprises

Posted 6:59 pm, April 20, 2018, by 
Bradley is charged with one count of tampering with government documents, but prosecutors announced last month they will nolle prosse – decline to go forward – with the case after Bradley’s lawyers cited problems with the search warrants.
But Bradley’s lawyers want a dismissal of the charges with prejudice – meaning it can’t be brought up again. The hearing Friday at the Morgan County Courthouse focused on Bradley’s  attorneys Nick Heatherly and Robert Tuten’s motions to dismiss the charges and suppress the search warrant.
The case is rooted in Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin’s feud with Morgan County Whistleblower blogger Glenda Lockhart. After investigators said they believed a law enforcement source, possibly Bradley, was providing information from the sheriff’s office to the blog, the sheriff’s office enlisted a confidential informant to gather information on Lockhart.
The defense argued the confidential informant had no legal right to gather information from Lockhart’s drywall business in Falkville. They said the judge who issued the search was misled by investigators about the informant’s work.
Testimony Friday contained a number of major surprises:
  • The confidential informant used in the case is the grandson of the Morgan County blogger Glenda Lockhart, who Sheriff Ana Franklin has long feuded with. The young man was paid $500 to enter the business and gather materials that were the basis for the search warrant;
  • Two Morgan County investigators said they drove around the FBI office parking lot Huntsville, looking for cars they recognized in order to find out what Morgan County Sheriff’s Office employees had been talking to the FBI. One of the investigators said they heard 30 to 40 sheriff’s office employees had spoken to the FBI;
  • An Etowah County Sheriff’s investigator testified they came in to assist on the Bradley case, but based on what they’ve learned, they felt Morgan County investigators lied to them, used them and they wouldn’t have taken the case given what they know now
One of the major claims in the case was that keylogger software, designed to log key strokes, was installed on blogger Glenda Lockhart’s computer. Morgan County investigators and Sheriff Ana Franklin denied, under oath Friday, any knowledge of that.
But Madison County Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Salomonsky testified that he attended a meeting with Franklin and the investigators before the search warrant was issued, where they asked him to sign the search warrant. He testified they told him they expected to get information from the keylogger software that would support the warrant.
Salomonsky declined to sign the warrant request.
Sheriff Franklin testified that she asked multiple agencies to investigate the Morgan County Whistleblower blog and its operator. She asked the FBI, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and the Madison County and Limestone County sheriff’s offices to do an investigation. They all turned her down.

Excerpts from yesterday's Decatur Daily Article and my editorial

Blogger Comments:  Folks, this is a must read article written on April 20, 1018.  Excerpts from the article reveal a very confused Morgan County Investigator.  Sitting in the courtroom yesterday I saw three pathic law enforcement officers who believed so much in the Morgan County Sheriff that they were willing to lie and destroy peoples lives and businesses to reach their own greed goals.  

My little rant before excerpts from the Daily is as follows:

I am angry.  Our family has struggled, our business has suffered, and we have lived from payday to payday believe that in the Grace of God that we will be able to pay our employees and keep our doors open.  When Franklin and her band of thieves set out to destroy me it wasn't just me it was our business and our employees and their family that has been at stake. Did sheriff Franklin try to shut our company down?  I believe so.  I also believe that she or one of her thiefdom insiders sent our business records to the Department of Labor.  We went through a long tedious stressful audit.  

I personally contacted Department of Labor (DOL) and inquired about Freedom of Information Act Open Record Request that was sent to them that had not been answered.  The  Birming-ham representative made it clear they could not release any information to us regarding the complaint.  During the conversation, he admitted that he was aware of the issues between me and Sheriff Ana Franklin.  He made a comment that I found odd.  He said something to the effect that everything turned out well and that nobody died.  He wasn't arrogant it, just appeared that it was no big deal.  You know it is a big deal.  I lost my youngest child in the middle of this mess.  I was forced to go through a long drawn out audit because the coward that submitted the complaint via email was trying to destroy my life and my business. I feel confident that we will find out that portions of our company certified payroll was attached to that email.  Thanks to Representative Mo Brooks and his office for submitting our complaint to DOL.  We got a portion of the answer.  I believe we will get much more detailed information down the road.

This type of conduct is not unusual when an agency believes that they are dealing with reputable law enforce.  I hope that is what happened in the case of the audit.  However, it is somewhat concerning that our FOIA request revealed that all attempts made by DOL to contact the person behind the email failed after the email was submitted to their office.

Now that I am through with my own editorial back to Excerpts from the Decatur Daily:

Separate testimony by Lt. Bob "Bones" Wilson indicated that he was with Robinson when they identified Kelso's vehicle in the parking lot. When Bradley's lawyer, Nick Heatherly, quizzed him about his later contacts with Kelso, Robinson asked if he should plead the Fifth.
"To plead the Fifth, you don't get to pick and choose when you do that," Thompson said from the bench.
"I wasn't aware I was going to be asked something in front of an investigator," Robinson said, referring to Hendon. "I want to know my rights."
"The way it works is you're a witness and he's asking questions and there's nothing inappropriate about the questions," Thompson said. "What's so complicated about that question?"

Hearing involving Morgan sheriff includes accusations of lies, talk of taking Fifth

A Fine Tuned Hearing - Along With A Few Good Men

Blogger Comments:  Folks, I sat through a hearing yesterday like no other hearing I have ever had the honor to observe.  Before I go forward I would like to say that for those who believe that all law enforcement representatives are bad and out to get you, think again.  I have never experienced a more professional group of law enforcement than what was in Judge Glen Thompson's courtroom. It was obvious that Warden Leon Bradley's attorneys were there to get to the bottom of the truth about what happened to Warden Bradley.  It was refreshing that when the proceeding started that Billable Barney was not present for the hearing.  I observed him in the hallway but was shocked that he did not enter the courtroom.  I later found out the ole Barns was a witness.  That is probably why he was in the corridor flaying his arms around like a chicken with his head cut off.  Ole Barns was being naughty and a little to touchey and finished his day out outside the building in a corner huddling with Ana, Bones and the like flaying his arms like a madman and stomping around.  I wonder if Barney was the schoolhouse bully?  Billable Barney sure had some pushy problems yesterday.  It is good some folks take the high road while the Barns in this world act like jackasses.

Attorney Tutten started off with the big dog first.  Sheriff Ana Franklin.  I felt as if I was in the room with Pinocchio. Franklin lied at every turn.  She didn't know anything about Keylogger Software before Federal Court with the whistleblower.  As usual Sheriff Ana Franklin went into bully mode but I believe she met her match with Attorney Tutten yesterday.  Franklin also was at a loss because Billable Barney wasn't allowed in the courtroom to spring butt up and down screaming like a wild man with flaying his arms.  He had to take his parade outside.  One thing is for sure Barns sure is scared to try and push people around.

I didn't realize until yesterday how many agencies Franklin contacted to obtain a warrant to search our office and the Warden's house.  Franklin was the first of thiefdoms to testify but it only got better from there.

Attorney Tutten didn't let up on the all-powerful Bones Wilson who followed Ana into a pack of lies along with specific dates and events but little recall of some of their more famous acts of corruption.  Bones followed Ana's path when he swore under oath that he knew nothing about the Keylogger Software until our federal court hearing until October 14, 2016.  Guess they didn't read the blog...  We already knew about the Keylogger and their corrupt attempts.  Bones like Ana seemed to be somewhat prepared as if they had somehow written or prepared a script or a timeline for themselves and rehearsed it.  The reason I say that is because there was a whole lot of forgetting going on until it came to specific dates and events and then they were Johnny on the spot.

Justin Powell was witness number three.  Another of Warden Bradley's attorneys Nick Heatherly took over the questioning.  All I can say is poor Justin took the entire blame for the Keylogger Software.  It appeared he was ready to fall on his sword for Sheriff Ana Franklin and Bones Wilson.  Though JP appeared to try and prepare for his part in the hearing he missed the mark.  He brought in his timeline or personal notes that he claimed to have prepared the night before.  But he had trouble with just about everything except for his role in the Keylogger Software.  By the time his testimony was over it must have been clear to the thiefdoms that the gig wasn't working.  

The attorneys for Warden Bradley had fine-tuned their part of the hearing in a manner that it appeared that Judge Thompson, one of the most respected judges in Morgan County, had been lied to as well as the citizens of Morgan County.  I realized during the hearing that the thiefdoms' motives against me and Leon Bradley were to destroy us, our lives, my business and families using any means possible.

Attorney Heatherly next called Blake Robinson to the stand.  Robinson followed the same trail or trap that Sheriff Ana Franklin and Bones Wilson followed but was not nearly as accomplished as a liar as Franklin and Bones appeared to be.  Blake became frustrated at the questioning and complained that he hadn't known this kind of questions were going to be asked and if he could go get his timeline, it would help him with the questions.  Folks, that is not a verbatim quote but it is exactly how I interpreted his answer.  In my opinion, Blake told more of the truth than any of the above witnesses.  On the other hand, it appeared that Attorney Heatherly had to pull the half-truths out one at a painful time.

Now the rest of the story as the hearing proceeded on Friday.  The witnesses that were called before Judge Thompson said it best.

The Etowah County Sheriffs Office Investigator Stephen McGlathery  oath that they lied to him.  "They lied to us, they used us," McGlathery testified today about the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.

Glathery continued his testimony with another staggering revelation which is as follows.  Franklin, Robinson and Lt. Robert "Bones" Wilson today denied under oath today having knowledge of the keyloggger software until after the search warrants were obtained. But, according to McGlathery's testimony, the Morgan County crew admitted during a meeting that one of their staff members had given the keylogger software to a confidential informant, who installed it on Lockhart's computer.

McGlathery also testified that had he known what he knows now he would not have been a part of the investigation.  

Wow! What an honest and true testimony of a good law enforcement officer that the criminals tried to ensnare in their ugly attempt to corrupt the court systems, other law enforcement officers and the hard-working men and women who work their butts off with little pay but hard honest work and dedication.

I experienced an opportunity yesterday that I will never forget.  A circle of Federal, State, County, and City law enforcement officers fighting for the truth and honesty that they believe in.  I have much more to say about the other witnesses that I will share later in the day.

In closing, I am so proud to live in a country and a state that is fighting for the good of the people.  Thank You, Judge Thompson, for allowing us to hear the truth.  Your name is the only thing you come in the world with and the only thing you leave with.  You are a fine and decent man and Judge.

'They lied to us:' Investigator says sheriff's office was untruthful in probe of warden, blogger

An investigator testified today that Morgan County Sheriff's Office officials "lied" and provided "piecemeal" evidence to have the fired jail warden arrested during an investigation into a local blogger.
The testimony came during a hearing in the criminal case of Leon Bradley, the longtime Morgan County warden who was fired after Sheriff Ana Franklin said he leaked information to blogger Glenda Lockhart.
Lockhart authors the Morgan County Whistleblower, a blog that has, for years, been critical of the sheriff and her office. (On the blog, Lockhart was the first to prove Franklin had used the jail's food fund to invest $150,000 in a crooked car lot.)
The sheriff contacted several law enforcement agencies about getting search warrants and pursuing a case against the warden. Among those agencies was the Etowah County Sheriff's Office, which sent Investigator Stephen McGlathery to take over the case for Morgan County. McGlathery got a warrant for the warden's arrest in September 2017 on a misdemeanor charge of tampering with government documents. Lockhart hasn't been charged with a crime.
McGlathery, an Etowah County sheriff's investigator, testified today that he used information gathered by the Morgan County investigators to get probable cause for Bradley's arrest.
"They lied to us, they used us," McGlathery testified today about the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.
McGlathery was one of several witnesses to testify in Morgan County Circuit Judge Glenn Thompson's courtroom. The sheriff and two investigators also testified, as did other current and former employees of her office.
Ana Franklin

A central question of the hearing was whether Franklin and her office illegally obtained evidence to get Thompson to issue search warrants for Bradley's home and Lockhart's office in October 2016. The hearing was set after Bradley's lawyers filed motions for dismissal of the charge.Lawyers Robert Tuten and Nick Heatherly have said they believe Franklin and her deputies concealed their use of a paid confidential informant and a surveillance software to gather information about Lockhart and the warden. The lawyers have alleged Franklin and the deputies didn't tell the judge about that when they requested the search warrants.

The hearing was tense, at times, including when the sheriff -- the first witness to take the stand -- became combative during questioning by Bradley's lawyers.
Franklin testified about giving Lockhart's grandson Daniel $500 to work as a confidential informant and provide evidence to the sheriff's office. Daniel Lockhart provided emails from his grandmother's computer to the sheriff's office.Daniel Lockhart has said in a sworn statement that he was paid to install keylogger software on his grandmother's computer. The software was provided by the sheriff's office, he said in a November 2016 deposition.
Daniel Lockhart said he was approached in August 2016 by sheriff's deputy Sgt. Blake Robinson. Robinson, who worked with Daniel Lockhart at the Falkville Volunteer Fire Department, offered to pay him for gathering information about any sheriff's office employees who were providing information to the blog, according to a transcript of the deposition. The sheriff's office didn't tell Daniel Lockhart that his grandmother was a target of the probe.
At the time, Daniel Lockhart, a 2016 graduate of Falkville High School in Morgan County, was 20 years old. He was working as a laborer at his grandmother's business and said he made a copy of a key he borrowed from her so he could get into the property after hours.
In the statement, the 20-year-old said he hacked his grandmother's email account and the blog. He also said he took pictures of emails between his grandmother and the ex-warden, as well as correspondence she had with Chris Hendon, an FBI agent. Hendon sat in the courtoom today behind Bradley and the defense attorneys.The keylogger software captured Glenda Lockhart's passwords, which Daniel Lockhart claimed he wrote down and gave to the sheriff's office.
Franklin, Robinson and Lt. Robert "Bones" Wilson today denied under oath today having knowledge of the keyloggger software until after the search warrants were obtained. But, according to McGlathery's testimony, the Morgan County crew admitted during a meeting that one of their staff members had given the keylogger software to a confidential informant, who installed it on Lockhart's computer.
That staff member was Justin Powell. At the time, he was a jailer, though he was transitioning to the position of IT director.
Powell admitted today in testimony that he gave Daniel Lockhart the keylogger software and showed him how to use it. But, Powell testified that the sheriff didn't know about that until weeks later when it was revealed at a federal court hearing.Glenda Lockhart, who watched today's hearing in the courtroom, has filed a civil suit in federal court alleging Franklin and her office illegally gathered information for the search warrant by paying Daniel Lockhart to break-in, hack and steal her data using the keylogger. Glenda Lockhart's computer was at her business, Straightline Drywall and Acoustical, LLC, a federal contractor that installs drywall and acoustical products. The business is located in Falkville, a small town in south Morgan County.Falkville, a small town in south Morgan County.
Heatherly, one of Bradley's attorneys asked Robinson today whether the sheriff's office had ordered Lockhart to commit burglary at his grandmother's businessDaniel Lockhart lied to his grandmother to get into the business after hours, according to the defense. He told her he and his girlfriend needed to use the internet. Heatherly asked Robinson about whether it was legal for Daniel to go into his grandmother's personal office and access her personal email accounts without permission.
"How do you justify that what you had this young man do was not burglary?" Heatherly asked. "You had no evidence or documentation showing he had a lawful right to enter that business, access those records and access that personal email account?"
Robinson told the court that he believed Daniel Lockhart's actions were "lawful."
McGlathery disagreed.
"From the way it sounds, they paid him a substantial amount of money and he did go into the property he didn't authority to and took items that did not belong to him," McGlathery told Heatherly during questioning.
Franklin, Wilson and Robinson also denied coercing or threatening Daniel Lockhart to work as their informant. Heatherly questioned them about whether they threatened to arrest Daniel Lockhart if he didn't provide information they wanted.
McGlathery testified that if he knew in September 2017 what he knows now, he wouldn't have decided to get a warrant for Bradley's arrest.Bradley's case is being prosecuted by the Alabama Attorney General's Office because Morgan County District Attorney Scott Anderson recused his staff.
More than a dozen witnesses were sworn-in today, though only seven were called to testify before the end of the business day. Testimony will continue Tuesday morning.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Statewide legislation would change jail food law

Blogger Comments:  Folks, please take the time to read the Decatur Daily article from the link below.  Our hopes are that 2019 will be the year to see major changes to the inmate food funds bill across the state and not just in Morgan County.  Our blog has worked very hard to bring this issue to light along with the corrupt sheriff of our county.

The Daily reports that "Advocacy groups hope to change that with a statewide bill in the 2019 legislative session." 
 By Mary Sell Montgomery Bureau Apr 19, 2018 Updated 8 hrs ago

Litigation hounds Morgan sheriff - The Decatur Daily

Blogger Comments:  Folks, the Decatur Daily today is a must read.  Franklin has been sued again and it is clear that it is everybody's fault but hers.  According to the Daily,  Franklin is quoted as saying "Getting sued is apparently part of what we have come to expect in this line of work and in the country,"  You really think so Sheriff Franklin?  If there is one thing I am sure of Warden Leon Bradley's arrest should be worn as a badge of honor.  His work helped bring to light a lot of corruption within the sheriff's office.  The same with Rick Sherman.    

Litigation hounds Morgan sheriff
By Eric Fleischauer Metro Editor

Apr 19, 2018 Updated 8 hrs ago


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