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Saturday, February 17, 2018

One Rotten Apple Can Spoil The Whole Barrel

Blogger Comments:  It is disgusting what one or a few spoiled apples can do to the rest of the barrel. We have learned this well in Morgan County.  We have those that lie, cheat, abuse their positions, and make life miserable for the good deputies, corrections officers, and the employees as a whole here in the MCSO.  The employees know that if they keep plugging along and hold their sheriff's office together they will be the winners in the end.  We will continue telling the truth until those who have chosen to destroy the sheriff's office, citizens, and the community as a whole can say goodbye to Sheriff Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell.  There are a few others that the newly elected sheriff will most likely dismiss once taking office.  Once the newly elected sheriff takes office it is our hope that they will request a forensic audit for all of the sheriff's office accounts.  In addition, the newly elected sheriff will have the authority to release these records to the public as well as the posse account.  That should be interesting.  The sheriff may use fuzzy math on the sheriff's office funds for now but the real records will be held in a bank that cannot be altered.

What kind of sick animal would do this to a woman?  What kind of sick animal would use inmate food funds so that they can invest in a used car dealership? Once found in contempt of court with a slap on the hand Ana tells those that will listen "I won".  No Ana you didn't win.  What is wrong with these people?  Money, abuse of power, greed and not to mention people like this has been corrupt for a LONG time. 

Woman wins $3 million against former deputy named in 'S-Town' podcast

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Another one bites the dust

Blogger Comments:  The three months Mickey Hammond will be spending in prison may not seem like a long time to me and you but I bet that he will remember his punishment for the rest of his life.  He will also remember the fines that he will be paying for his actions.  Last but clearly not least Mickey will have to suffer the embarrassment of what he did along with his family for the rest of his life, and theirs too.

BTW.  Read the last paragraph and let your imagination run wild.

Former Alabama House majority leader sentenced to 3 months in prison

What's going on?

What's going on in the sheriff's office?  Ana is at the 2018 Winter Conference and from what we understand she has worked very hard crying her way through the conference ensuring that everybody knows that a crazy woman is stalking her.  Professing that she has done nothing wrong and that she can't control what a few rogue deputies have done.  Is that so, Ana?  Is that why you have Blake back here in Morgan County digging away? 

You goons will stop at nothing to try and prove the whistleblower is crazy.  Good luck on that one. 

One can only hope that Blake has pulled together everything that mama Ana needed to try and prove her point.  We really don't know what to make of Ana and her goons.  We have shown time and time again that we are telling the truth about their dirty dealings and still they continue to BS their way around the county as if they have done nothing wrong.  The lies they've told will and have caught up with them. 

All we can do is say 'keep on lying.' 

To Ana, Bones, Blake, and Justin

Your problem is getting others to believe the lies you continue to tell.  How's that working for ya?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

See Article below Blogger Comments

Blogger Comments:  We ask the same question ask about the corruption.  Who would have believed we had jackles prowling arund our county.  Who would have believed those jackles would be the elected sheriff of our county, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell?  Why? That is the million dollar question?  The answer is greed, power, and prestiage.  It is sickening to think about how these dirty law enforcment officers disgraced their badge, their county, and their families.  Sheriff Franklin announced she will not seek a third term as sheriff of our county.  Why?  She is busted becasuse of her greed, abuse of power, and has fallen from grace and prestiage to a disgrace to our county.  What makes no sense at all is Bones, Robinson, and Powell following her around like sick puppies who has tried to protect her at all cost to include their freedom.  Now the three jackles have nothing except empty promises.

The Morgan County Jackles are not sick puppies or sleeping puppies the are corrupt to the core and should not be allowed to maintain their positions with the MCSO office once this mess is over.

Why is Alabama so corrupt? The ancients knew

By John Archibald | 
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on February 14, 2018 at 6:30 AM, updated February 14, 2018 at 6:31 AM

Why, why, why?
Alabama asks it every day.  Why do our politicians always rise to power on the promise of reform, only to fall on their own greed and hubris?
Governors, House speakers, lawmakers. Robert Bentley thought he was divine, and Mike Hubbard thought the world owed him. Oliver Robinson sold his constituents for pieces of silver. And now legislators scramble to change ethics laws rather than their own behavior.
Why? Why do our elected always become infected?
It is, as it turns out, an age-old question.
I mean really, like 3,500 years old, at least. In India, wise ones warned of it in the ancient fables of the Panchatantra, passed down orally for a millennium before finally being written in Sanskrit a couple centuries before Christ.
Simple wisdom. Like the story of the blue jackal.
One night a jackal found himself starving in his woods. The antelopes were too fast, and freeloading foxes stripped the berries from bushes near his den.
So, muttering about the inherent unfairness of the world, he slipped into a village looking for food.
There he found a garbage pile filled with wonders. There were scraps of goat meat and rice and the sweet plums the humans called jamun.
It was all his, a bounty well earned, he thought. He began to root and snort and eat with such gusto that it drew the attention of village dogs.
Dogs, you may not realize, don't care for jackals. They think of them as greedy, self-serving liars, which they are. So the growling and howling began, and the whole pack of dogs descended on the trash heap and surprised the jackal.
He took off just as they crested the rubbish heap. Down the streets he ran, the pack nipping at his heals. Left he went, and right. Until, growing tired, he found himself running straight toward a wall. There was nothing he could do but take a flying leap. So he did. And ...
The jackal landed in the old washer's backyard, right in a vat of indigo dye. When he emerged, he was blue as a royal sapphire.
The dogs took one look at him and - failing to recognize him in his new hue - turned tail and ran. They weren't the only ones.
As the jackal slipped back into the forest all the animals bowed. "The gods put me here," the cunning blue jackal declared. "Serve me and I'll bring prosperity, full bellies and jobs, jobs, jobs."
"I'll make the foxes pull their weight," he went on. "I'll build a barrier and keep the weasels out of our wood."
The squirrels showed reverence and even the foxes paid respect - and berries. He banished the other jackals, so they wouldn't recognize him, and began to rule as king. He grew fat, and comfortable, and demanded that even the tiger bring him tribute.
He forgot who he was.
Until one night a family of traveling jackals happened into the wood and began to howl at the full moon. The blue jackal couldn't help himself. Instinct took over and he began to howl in harmony.
The spell was broken. The creatures of the forest saw him for what he was: Nothing but a skeezy jackal. They chased him down and - things were tough back then - ripped him to shreds.
The moral of this story? If you pretend to be something you're not, it's gonna catch up to you. No matter what color you drape yourself in.
Ancient wisdom. It's as old as time, and as Alabama as ill-gotten gains.

Reference Decatur Daily Article - Jail food amendment to be on November ballot By Eric Fleischauer Metro Editor

Senator Author Orr spearheaded a senate bill that if favorably voted on by the citizens of Morgan County the citizens can stop corrupt sheriff's such as Sheriff Ana Franklin from partaking in the inmate food funds.  Those funds are set up to feed the inmates and should not be used to fatten the sheriffs pockets. 

Check out the Decatur daily for more information

Reference The Decatur Daily Article - Long takes exception to sheriff's claim of $4 million in cuts

Blogger Coments:  Folks, we know Billable Barney uses fuzzy math and so does Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Look! It's simple.  Sheriff Ana Franklin spent the past seven years jet setting across the nation playing posse and cowgirl queen.  Sheriff Ana Franklin has been taking money from the sheriff's office accounts since 2013.  She proved how greedy she is by taking $160 thousand out at one time.  One time, people.  Can you imagine?  Franklin was to darn lazy to apply for the much needed grants for the sheriff's office.  So! Who's to blame?  According to our sources Sheriff Franklin blamed the commission and the whistleblower for her downfall in last weeks staff call.  If that is the case we will wear her claim as a badge of honor as should the county commission.  

Sheriff Ana Franklin has spent the last seven years of her career using the same words.  It isn't my fault.  Those words don't work anymore Ana.  It is true that the jail population has increased but it is our opinion that had Ana been given more money for inmate food funds or either other account it would have ended up in her pocket or set aside for her retirement.  

Franklin  went on to say that she isn't blaming the commission for the cuts; she just wanted her department to receive credit for improvements made during her tenure.  Ana Ana Ana all you want is credit for your department?  Why didn't you just stay on the job and try to help those who busted their butts to keep the sheriffs office together while you were out building houses in Saraland and roaming around the country with your posse and rodeo events?  These MCSO employees deserve credit for holding the sheriff's office together but that praise has nothing to do with your tenure.

The most notiable comment in the daily article was the "Our budget has decreased by $4 million, but in seven years we haven't and any constitutional violations or violations of the consent decree, we havent lost a lawsuit, we haven't had a major situation we couldn't handle, and we've increased patrols and arrests". 

The sheriff apparently forgot about being held in Contempt of Court.  Franklin fighting multiple lawsuits has cost God knows how much money.  All the while Billable Barney bragged about getting rich off of this sheriff.    

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Wake up Alabama

Blogger Comments:  The rumors circling around the MCSO is that the story below is alive and well in the Morgan County Sheriffs Office among a few low life employees.  Sheriff Franklin knows about the incidents but she has done nothing to deter the incidents from occurring. 

No Alabama law specifically bars cops from having sex with people in their custody: Report

Who knew?

Who knew how corrupt Sheriff Franklin had become during her two terms in office as Sheriff of our county?  Who knew?  Corley for sure.  Bili, Livingston, Berzett, and McDaniels.  They knew.  What did they do as individuals and/or as a group of professional law enforcement command staff employees?  Not much.  They allowed the sheriff's corruption to go on for years.

Our surprise came when the sheriff's informant was looking for a vehicle and Blake Robinson recommended that he check out Steven Ziaja's car lot (Title Mart) in Hartselle.  That was when we found out that Blake was working at the Hartselle Title Mart detailing cars during his normal duty day.  Between both he and Steven Ziaja working at the Titles Marts instead of their day jobs we easily started putting the story together.  We paid attention to their movements and found that the key element between the two scoundrels was Greg Steenson.  Later we found that Sheriff Franklin's daughter Alyssa was also working at the Title Mart in Hartselle.  We also found out that the sheriff was purchasing vehicles from the Title Mart along with riding around the lot with Ziaja on a four-wheeler.  I wasn't long before the sheriff and Ziaja had brought in new investors for Steenson such as Bones, Blake, and approximately 20 other family members and friends.

The next thing you know we stumble upon Greg Steenson schemes to swindle the Jeffreys and their family out of millions of dollars.  Ziaja was selling vehicles to Greg Steenson that did not exist, Ana was buying trucks, tractors, and more.  By this time the cat was out of the bag and we knew we had something big.  Ana began running her mouth and every time she spoke to the Daily about her investment another, lie spewed out of her mouth.

Sheriff Franklin invested inmate food funds in the Title Mart and lied about where she got the money.  Thank you Decatur Daily for staying on the story.  Sheriff Franklin finally had to admit that she took the money.  Ironically, Franklin continues to deny any wrongdoing.  Now Ziaja has been arrested on 12 felony counts for his part in the Title Mart, Greg Steenson has been arrested on 11 felony counts for his part in the corruption surrounding Title Mart.  Who's next?    We published the counter checks that Franklin cashed at the bank.  Billable Barney threatened to charge us with crimes because we posted the checks so we posted them again.  We did nothing wrong.  What will Sheriff Franklin and her band of goons do next?

We have come a long way over the past couple of years and are very excited that the sheriff chose not to throw her hat in the ring this election year.  Unfortunately what that leaves us with is a lame duck sheriff for the next eleven months.  Make that a no-show sheriff.  How will the sheriff's office continue to maintain what little stability they have during the next few months?  We know that these times are very difficult for the employees of the sheriff's office.   The employees deal with the turmoil on a daily bases knowing that this situation cannot go on forever.  The sheriff's office has lost a lot of good men and women over the past seven years but those who have been able to hold on have kept the operation going.  Good for them.

Monday, February 12, 2018


We have a few questions for Ana and her goons.

Why did Bones Wilson transfer to Danny McDaniel's vacant position?  We believe Bones is finally coming to work to prove that he is a dedicated employee who shows up for work on time.

Where is Blake Robinson?  We realize he has another job on the side but the MCSO employees say he is missing in action?  Most likely Blake is too tired to perform his day job after spending all weekend at the factory.  How is he going to take on the FBI on the front steps of the sheriff's office if he is never there?

Where is Ana?  Is she going to fulfill her commitment as sheriff, or continue getting paid to travel back and forth to Saraland?

When will Ana make her selection for the LT position that is vacant?  Will it be blake?

Who's running the sheriffs office these days?  Berzett?  Doubt it.  It's the hard-working deputies, corrections officers, and clerks that are holding the sheriff's officer together while we patiently wait for arrests.


Will Ana ever take responsibility for the actions she has taken to destroy the sheriff's office and multiples citizens and ex-employees that found themselves within her tentacles?   Huh! No.

What is Justin Powell up to these days?  Same as in the past?

Folks sit back and relax there is more to come.  Relax Spot.  You're safe.  Bones has been transferred to a new office position.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Reference Decatur Daily Sunday Edition - RIVERFRONT, Sunday, February 11, 2018

Folks, Warden Bradley's attorneys have requested that the courts dismiss charges against him.  In our opinion, they did this for good cause.

Leon Bradley is one of the most honest and honorable men I know.  Warden Bradley did not deserve the humiliation that the sheriff and her band of thieves put him and his family through.  As for Judge Glenn Thompson, he is a fine man as well.  One of the most honorable men who sit on the bench in Morgan County. It is our opinion that the judge was duped and lied to by Robinson. The corrupt group knew they must use an honorable judge to pull the warrant off so they intentionally chose Judge Thompson.  Most of our judges in Morgan County serve with honor.  Ana knew better than to use her buddy Jeniffer Howell to trick the courts.

It must be hard for the citizens to understand how in-depth these issues are.  The sheriff and her few selected troublemakers have been involved in corruption and dirty dealing for a very long time.  It isn't just one or two issues that got this sheriff and her band of thieves in trouble.  It is an array of misconduct, thieving, lying, cheating, misuse of position, poor leadership, and abuse of power to name a few of their troubles.

A lot of the issues will most likely play out in court when the corrupt law enforcement officers are arrested, charged, and convicted of the crimes they have committed.  They are common criminals with caveats.  They are elected officials, law enforcement officers, a dirty attorney, friends and employees who are complicit in the actions of these folks.

My question is why?  Why were these actions carried out in the manner that they were?  It is apparent that the sheriff and her band of thieves do not want to hear the truth much less face the truth. 

Our county has been tarnished by a few bad apple law enforcement employees and a dirty sheriff.  The sheriff's office as a whole is made up of good men and women who are forced to work in a hostile work environment.  The deputies, clerks, and corrections officers have held the sheriff's office together while we wait on future events. 

People of color who were forced out of the sheriff's office are fighting back and have found that they can win their complaints against the sheriff through the EEOC. There have been so many good people that the sheriff has gotten rid of both black and white that should be put back to work. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Look's like Ana's lips are moving again

Blogger Comments:  I listened to Ana's video and all I can say is cry me a hand full.  Sheriff Franklin has done nothing for this county except to rob the sheriff's office blind.  If Franklin's lips are moving she is lying.  Franklin the Top Cop for Morgan County claims that her house was broken into.  Give us a break Ana.  If your house was broken into people would be in jail.  You blame everyone for your shortfalls except for yourself.  You are right about one thing though, your family did not sign up for what you have put them through.  You invested in the Title Marts aka Performance Auto Sales.  You brought your family, friends, and employees into the corrupt dealership with Greg Steenson.  You lied multiple times about where you got the money to invest.  The media just told the truth about your many lies.  You and your cronies have dogged the media and the whistleblowers because you got caught.

 You stole the inmate food funds knowing you had no right to them.  You claim the commission has done nothing to help your office.  Sheriff, you bought high dollar vehicles for you and your goons leaving the deputies to drive the worst of the worst vehicles.  You needed those vehicles to impress the rodeo crowd.  You could have bought multiple vehicles for the deputies at the cost of those vehicles. You did not request pay raises for your employees.  You did not submit documentation for grants.  You did not ensure adequate training for your employees.  As for dash cams you spent approximately $18,000.00 on dash cams made in China that weren't worth the box they came in. What you did do is spend hundreds of dollars jet-setting around the county using funds that could have been used for the betterment of the sheriff's office.  I haven't even mentioned the horse trailers, specialty clothing, gear, saddles, horse blankets, T-shirts, and other junk paid for to promote your real job.  The rodeo/posse scene.

The whistleblower may be crazy, delusional, and all the other things you have called her.  Maybe it was a lunatic the county needed after all.

The whistleblower has no pity for you.  You brought this on yourself, your family, friends, and used your employees such as Bones, Blake, Justin Powell, and others to do your dirty bidding.  When you go to prison for the things that you have done I hope you have a long time to think about those people you hurt to include but not limited to the citizens of this county, the employees of the sheriff's office, the inmates, the families of the inmates, the offices of the county, and the cities that you also represented.  You, Sheriff Franklin, did this to yourself.

Sheriff Ana Franklin the first female sheriff was in a position of power that could have been used to move women within our county further.  Franklin was the most powerful law enforcement officer in the county who took no initiative to motivate women and minorities within the workforce.

I could go on and on but the citizens of our county know the truth. 

Ana, you chose the route you took.  Don't blame the commission or the whistleblower for your downfall.  The buck stops with you.

Alabama's only woman sheriff isn't seeking re-election