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Monday, October 23, 2017

Blake Robinson Power Hungry - Making His Mark on World - One Blunder at a Time

According to our sources, this is what happened.

Blake was called to the scene of an accident on Highway 36 in Morgan County last Monday night.  The driver of the vehicle that called for assistance was not injured but called 911 for assistance because the driver of the second vehicle involved in the accident left the scene of the accident.  Robinson found who he believed to be the driver of the second vehicle involved in the accident broken down a mile or so down the road.  Robinson promptly placed handcuffs on the Hispanic driver of the second vehicle he believed to be involved in the accident and placed him under arrest.

There are just a few simple steps that Blake missed being ignorant of the law in incidents of hit and run w/no injuries.  The penalties for leaving the scene of an accident depends on whether or not someone was injured or died at the scene of the accident determines the severity of the penalty of law. If you leave the scene of an accident involving no injury you could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor with fines in excess of $6,000.00 dollars.

What should Blake have done?  Find out why the person left the scene.  Did the person leave out of fear?  The man was Hispanic and may have just left because he was in shock?  Was the person authorized to be in the U.S. legally?  We do not know why the man left the scene.  There has been no account by the sheriff's office why the man was arrested.  Should Blake have written the driver a citation for leaving the scene of the accident and send the completed report to the Morgan County Investigative Divison for further investigation?  The report will eventually be submitted to the State if things happen the way they should.

Even in the event that you leave the scene of an accident that causes injury or loss of life in an auto accident he/she could be charged with a Class C felony and if convicted you could spend up to 10 years in prison and a hefty fine.

Now if your name is Timothy Alan Hall and you are sentenced to 15 years in prison for MANSLAUGHTER and you rub noses with Sheriff Ana Franklin and her eldest daughter and her husband Ana will request an in-house hold from the DOC and allow you to walk the streets of Morgan County and the City of Decatur for up to 18 hours per day.

Blake finds the vehicle of a Hispanic man and arrests him without question.  Committing what is called a false arrest.  According to our sources.

By the way, did you know Blake Robinson was involved in the break-in of the whistleblower office, he event had to take pictures while the even was occurring to prove to Ana that their illegal acts were underway?  The break-in of the whistleblower office occurred one week before the legal search warrant was signed.  He also promised to take on the FBI on the sheriff's office front steps.  Blake is arrogant.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Who is this man, this man, and this man

 Why is this man walking the streets of Falkville, Decatur and the surrounding area on work release?

Wesley Aldridge was arrested on two counts of 1st-degree theft of property on September 16, 2017, in Winston County.  He stole a Mennonite family's truck in Morgan County sometime in September apparently after bonding of the Winston County jail.  Why would sheriff Franklin allow this man out on Work Release with his long history of arrests and convictions?   

Inmate Detail
Race / Sex: WHITE / MALE
Arrest Date: 9/18/2017
Release Date: 
Next Court Date: 
ChargeStatusDocket #Bond Amount
Total Bond Amount:$5,000.00

See a list of his arrest and convictions below.  He has multiple felonies.  This man was previously in prison. 

Because Mr. Aldridge is currently in the Morgan County Jail he should be listed in the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) database.  However, he isn't nor is he listed as being on work release.

Kerry Humphries

This man is in prison his name is Kerry Humphries.  He was previously incarcerated in Morgan County as seen below.  This is what we would expect to see with Mr. Aldridge's arrests as well since he is currently incarcerated in the Morgan County Jail. 

Getting back to Mr. Humphries it is interesting to note that once he received his prison sentence Sheriff Ana Franklin placed an in-household on the man who threatened to kill her and Rick Sherman.  Why would she do that?  He did threaten to kill her and a deputy.  Humphries remained in the Morgan County jail until a few good people complained and he was sent back to Limestone Correctional Facility.  Humphries is a VERY BAD DUDE. 

This is the same action Franklin took on an inmate by the name of Timothy Alan Hall.  Hall is the first cousin of the Sheriff's oldest daughter.  He was sentenced to 15 years in prison for manslaughter.  Even more interesting is that you can no longer see Timothy Alan Hall's pictures online.

Picture compliments of the blog.

Compliments of Alabama Department of Corrections

Compliments of Alabama Department of Corrections

So, why are these men special while others with far less criminal activity held in jail with no work release?


Six things to tell yourself daily, Ana.  

6.  I am not going to jail.  

Type 'yes' if you agree or send us a nasty Anonymous comment which we will ignore.

Ana's Saraland Retirement

Sheriff Ana Franklin shouldn't consider running for Sheriff of Morgan County again the voters know Ana they know.   As it stands right now Ana won't have to count pennies. 

While we are waiting

While we are waiting for Sheriff Ana Franklin's arrest along with her sidekick Bones we thought they might enjoy this video.  Sorry Bones no target practice on the family pets....

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Decatur Industrial Development Board

Loved the Decatur Daily Editorials today.  Our opinion is that it seems most people agree that it doesn't make sense that the attorney for the board is taking money from the companies.  We reviewed the business incorporation information on the Alabama Business Entity Website but the Articles of Incorporation was not posted.  To obtain the information we will take a trip to the Decatur Courthouse to purchase the Articles of Incorporation.

It is also pertinent to mention that the attorney in this case is also the attorney for the Morgan County Sheriff.  Sheriff Franklin has been involved in controversy since taking office in January 2011.  Sheriff Franklin's controversy seems to grow by leaps and bounds as the months go by.  Both Sheriff Ana Franklin and her attorney Barney Lovelace were in attendance when the plan was devised to break into the whistleblowers office to obtain documents, video the office, and obtain copies of emails on the whistleblowers personal computer.  They didn't find anything wrong with that.  They meeting of Ana and her goons went one step further and had Justin Powell and Blake Robinson work to have Keylogger software installed on the whistleblowers computer.

We can't understand how Lovelace is still in business.  The actions taken in the whistleblowers office are illegal.  Franklin's comments to the media are that even if she did do it she is immune from prosecution.

Does that mean that every illegal acts the sheriffs in Alabama commit gives them immunity to prosecution?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Sheriffs: Stop "Sanctuary" Cities

Ana Franklin, Larry Berzett 4 5 16

Sheriff Ana Franklin, Larry Berzett 4 2 15

Sheriff Ana Franklin, Larry Berzett 4 4 14

Special Needs Rodeo--Morgan County, Jamie Cooper, Gloria Cooper

Special Needs Rodeo--Morgan County, Jamie Cooper, Gloria Cooper

Special Needs Rodeo Jamie Cooper Gloria Cooper

Monday, October 16, 2017

Reference the Sunday Edition of the Decatur Daily, October 14, 2017

Decatur Industrial Development Board (IDB) may have conflict.

According to the Decatur Daily article referenced in our subject, a law professor at the University of Alabama said the IDB policy allowing industries that seek tax abatement to pay legal fees to the board's attorney is a conflict of interest.  Continuing on with the read we find that Barney Lovelace is right in the middle of the conflict of interest.  What a surprise.  The board which is appointed by the City Council has no funding and no banking account.  The company requesting board action is the only one paying for services to obtain an abatement.  Those fees are paid to Barney Lovelace.  The professor Ms. Hamill, specializes in ethics and tax law.

This process reeks of conflict of interest.  So what if the board members deny the abatement?  Does the client still have to pay the attorney, Barney Lovelace, for his work?  The answer is yes. 

Decatur Councilman Charles Kirby agrees with Ms. Hamill that the IDB process is in need of reform.   The Decatur City Council President Mr. Ard called for a review of the abatement process. 

The IDB was formed in 1963 and abatements were voted on by the Decatur City Council and the County Commission.  This all changed in 2005 when the abatements process was legally transferred to the IDB.  Mr. Ard, the City Council President, told the Decatur Daily that he believes the practice is legal however but he doesn't believe the IDB should represent both sides. We understand the legal transfer of power.  That is not the issue.  The issue in our opinion is that Lovelace is representing the company requesting the abatement because the must pay him for his services win or lose the abatement at the same time the company is submitting their paperwork to the company for approval yet it must go through the IDB attorney Barney Lovelace first.

It sounds like the fox is in the hen house in the abatement process and it appears that the City Council is looking for corrective actions even if it costs the City Council money.  Folks, people know this process is wrong and they are looking to fix it. 

 The bottom line is Barney Lovelace is the attorney for the IDB yet he takes money from the company seeking the abatement. Lovelace prepares legal documents for the company to be presented to the IDB.  Yet he denies representing the company.  If the company is required to pay Lovelace they are his client at the same time he represents the IDB as their attorney.  Those fees could be as much as $4,000.00 to $5,000.00 dollars.  Talk about a conflict of interest.  Lovelace reeks of conflict of interest in this case.  If we understand correctly Lovelace said that in some cases the companies attorneys prepare their client's legal documents.  Yet it appears that Lovelace still requires a fee for the review of the documents even though he is the legal representative for the IDB.  If anybody should be paying Lovelace it is the IDB since he is reviewing the documents for and on behalf of the IDB.  Catch 22.  The IDB has no bank account and no means of paying Lovelace as their attorney so the cost is levied back on the company.

At least one of the foxes in the hen house appears to be Lovelace who by appearance is representing both sides in the abatement process but is getting paid by the company who desires the abatement.  It sounds like the companies attorneys are not good enough to submit their legal documents directly to the IDB without the express approval of Lovelace.  Lovelace then puts on his other hat and revies the documents for the IDB at no cost to the IDB.  Sounds like a money-making machine for Barney Lovelace. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017


We have marked the comments referring to mental illness aka special needs as SPAM.

We will continue to tell the truth which is backed up by fact.  We look forward to any class action lawsuits Billable Barney files for you.  It has long been obvious that Billable Barney is after the whistleblower from his comments in meetings, meeting with the sheriff, Bones Wilson, and Blake Robinson to conspire to steal documents and place Keylogger on the whistleblowers computer.  We look forward to seeing Billable Barney in court. 

Families whose loved ones suffer from special needs and those whose loved ones suffer from mental illness take exception to your disrespectful comments about those you believe to suffer mental illness.  You have shown your true colors over the past few days.  You can't fight fair so you make disparaging remarks that reflect your true feeling towards special needs and mental illness.

Reference the Decatur Daily Sunday Edition on Lawmakers want disclosure rules reformed

One of the issues held against Mickey Hammon was his Statement of Economic Interest.  Hammon failed to disclose his part ownership in a business.  Folks, all we can say is that Sheriff Ana Franklin has done the exact same thing.  Sheriff Ana Franklin failed to report her investment in the Performance Auto Sales aka Title Marts.  Since Franklin stole the $160,0000.00 from the inmate food funds perhaps she was not required to report her investment on the Statement of Economic Interests.  Keeping in mind that Franklin only had the interest of the poor inmates in mind when she stole the money.  Folks, Franklin was required to report her investment.  She didn't.  Franklin now claims that her ex-lover Steven Ziaja gave her money back.  Maybe because he done her wrong.  Yes, I know the correct grammar is he did her wrong or has done her wrong but done sounds about right for this drugstore paperback novel.   We have suffered through 7 years of corrupt service by the Sheriff of Morgan County but as Franklin's term nears the end we can look towards the future.  The question is will Franklin claim the $160,000.00 cash she claims Ziaja returned to her on her 2017 Statement of Economic Interest?  We doubt it.  Franklin claimed she placed the money into the inmate funds.  She did place the money in the "Inmate Food" funds that only she has access to.  The  "real" private account that has no association with the MCSO funds.  Sheriff Franklin intends on keeping that money just as she had every intention of not getting caught stealing the money in the first place.  Even though we have proven what we say with counter checks and the fact that the money was deposited in the Performance Auto Sales account some of you continue to deny she took the money.  Darn, she only told four lies about how she obtained the money and still you trust this crook.  Sad.

Some of you are the first to call the whistleblowers and those who support us disparaging names as well as calling us mentally ill.  Yet, you who put on the special needs rodeo make fun of their condition by your name calling.  People who are special needs and mental illness are no laughing matter.  Are we to trust that you have the special needs and those with mental illness in your hearts at the same time you are stealing the money you profess to raise for them?  Do you laugh at them and make jokes after the events?  We know you steal the money.  Larry Berzett has been seen taking a wad of cash from the special needs when the money was being counted and stuffed it in his pocket.  If you will steal from the special needs you will make fun of those who have a special place in God's heart.  What does that make you?  Are we to believe that you will do as you say you will do in regards to the special needs inmates and those with mental illness?  You are despicable all of you.

You want to call the whistleblower a pill popper.  Go ahead.  We heard those same words long before you were using them in your comments.  One of you goons claimed the whistleblower was on pills before the loss of her son and then got back on them after his death.  Those are cheap shots from a person(s) who are foolish.  You can take your cheap shots while we continue to process the truth.  While you are busy tearing us down we will continue telling the truth.  Or, maybe just maybe we intimidate you.  We accept that. 

Bless your hearts.  You have to believe that we are lying or face the truth that you are going to jail.  It is a lot easier to shoot the messenger than face the truth.  We understand.  Bless your hearts.

As for Greg Steenson who ratted you out, he knows he is going to jail so he wants to get his last digs in before he goes to jail.  All of you thought that you knew so much about each other that nobody would talk.  Guess what?  You are busted.  It doesn't matter with the whistleblowers if it is tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year you are going to jail.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Ana and her barns

Speaking of barns as the Anonymous commenters are doing we can't understand why Ana needs three barns at her Saraland residence.  It must be to house all of the horses and horse trailers she purchased with taxpayer dollars.  We also see that she purchased three bush hogs, has a couple of ATV's for her spread in Saraland.  Ana is a crook. She used money that does not belong to her to pay for 99 acres, upgrades on a house, built a new house/barn/stable, a high dollar privacy electronic entry to the property, and you guys want to call the whistleblower names. 

We have been told by confidential sources what Franklin and friends are known to do in her campers, and horse trailers with living quarters, yet you want to talk about the whistleblower.  We have spoken to multiple ex-inmates that worked at the posse, we have talked to ex-deputies who watched the jello shots, we've talked to ex-deputies who held Ana up during a drug bust and hid her from the media.  We have talked to folks who are aware of the sheriff's open relationships.  We have also spoken to a woman that claims Franklin bought pot and Loratabs from her brother.  According to the source, Franklin claimed it was for a daughter that had endometriosis.  Booger did not realize how deep the holler is until he met Ana Franklin.  Ana is a criminal with a badge who knows no boundaries.

Ana steals from the entire county and you folks think that is ok.  There is a reason why you think it is ok.  You have been partaking as well as Ana through excessive overtime, a free trip here, a free trip there, horse trailers upgraded and given to you at the expense of the county and the sheriff's office.  We can't blame you for your sewer mouth.  When people live the way you do and think it is OK to have open relationships or sleep with a member of the group you hire to run the rodeos, or you sleep with an inmate, or sexually harass a co-worker it is understandable that you would think those are normal relationships and that if you are living your life in that manner surely everyone else lives that way to.   

We have shown proof of what we say on the blog.  You folks have no pictures of the whistleblower in a compromising position.  Keep your sewer talk flowing until it is stopped by the outside authorities that you claim do not exist.  These same outside agencies that Ana swears she has taken care of through Big Luther and others.  Sure you do Ana.  In closing let me just say if Ana has pictures or video of the whistleblowers in her yard, home, on her property, and lord only knows what else you claim Glenda would have been arrested long ago. 

Friday, October 13, 2017


The comments have been very entertaining lately.  We understand why Sheriff Franklin and her goons must keep up the charade.  They have to.  Their days are numbered.  Franklin even has every intention of throwing her hat into the ring for sheriff once again.  We do not believe that Franklin has a snowballs chance in hades of winning another primary not to mention an election, but it does give her hope that she isn't headed to the big house and we are not talking about the house in Saraland.  You folks keep proclaiming that the sheriff doesn't have property in Saraland.  We have shown Ana's goons and the public the truth time and time again to no avail.  You can call us a troll or anything thing else you desire to say, it doesn't matter to us.  The truth will come out.

We find it interesting that Billable Barney who has been so eager to find out who the whistleblower is that he would jump up in down in open meetings, that he along with Sheriff Franklin tried to pull together a class action lawsuit against the whistleblowers and when that didn't work Barney tried to pull a class action lawsuit together against Harold Jeffreys.  What Billable Barney should be asking is who the rat is within the cult.

January 29, 2016, the Decatur Daily reported that Mr. Harold Jeffreys filed a lawsuit against Greg Steenson.

I hate to tell all of you Ana, Greg, Bones, Blake, and others that the lawsuit is not in Federal Court so referencing PACER as a source of the lawsuit is inaccurate.  The case will be heard in Morgan County.  One of the reasons you folks are so gleeful is because the case is set to be heard by Judge Jennifer Howell.  If I am not mistaken that case should be heard sometime in early 2018.   Get your courts straight.

The Jeffreys concern is that Jennifer Howell will preside over the hearing.  It is a well know fact that Jennifer Howell who was fired by the DA's office as a prosecutor turned Judge is a very good friend of Sheriff Ana Franklin and that Sheriff Ana Franklin is still buds with Greg Steenson.  It is also a fact that under Sheriff Ana Franklin, Jeniffer Howell and her husband used inmate labor at their home, but then again so did Sheriff Ana Franklin.  The moral of this story is that we do not trust Judge Howell as far as we can throw her.  We also recall Roger Stevens who murdered his wife.  Mrs. Stevens tried multiple times to get a protection order from Judge Howell; each attempt was met with denial.  If you recall Sheriff Franklin was one of the sheriffs that took over the scene when Mr. Stevens barricaded himself in his big rig truck in Madison County.  The sheriff sipped whiskey with Stevens until he was drunk, promised him she would take him by to see his daddy before taking him to jail, then placed him in the backseat of her SUV without cuffs and no protective barrier between them.  Then out of the goodness of Franklin's heart, she hired his niece as a corrections officer.

You see, you can make up anything you want to.  We will keep reporting the facts.  Oh! BTW the whistleblowers do not have the capability of seeing who is commenting on the blog.  We have no desire to know your names.  Enjoy your comments until the time we get to say:  I told you so.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

River City Entertainment - Business Licenses Expired

What is River City Entertainment to do?  Their business licenses expired 11 days ago.  So, do they continue operating business as usual with 40 more gambling machines than their Morgan County licenses authorized or do they shut down?

My guess is that they continue to operate illegally w/o licenses.  Based on the story Bobbie Shuttleworth ran a few days ago it sounds as if the owners of the facility should train their employees on how to respond to the media.  We can't help but wonder if this is the same employee who admitted that Sheriff Ana Franklin gave them permission to operate.  By the way, Anonymous permission to run a casino is a lot different than simple bingo.  If it looks like a casino, it operates like a casino, it probably is a casino.  Who do these type operations hurt?  The entire community, the county reputation, and the poor.  We have heard numerous stories about the amount of money people are losing within our county on such activities.   Say what you will about the Porch Casinos.  They followed the rules with their business and their operation. 

One thing is clear based on River City Entertainment's articles of incorporation.  They did not identify their plans for a casino in Morgan County.  They didn't even claim that the entertainment was bingo, gaming machines, or some other form of entertainment.  One thing that was made clear through our communications with an owner and an employee is that the sheriff approved the operation.  When you walk in River City Entertainment it is also obviously clear that it is set up like a casino.

What is also clear is that a lot of the patrons are from Madison County based on the tags in the casino parking lot.  It really doesn't make sense that the casino operation was set up in Morgan County unless they had some kind of assurance from Sheriff Ana Franklin that they would be left alone to operate.

The building is leased.   River City Entertainment did not purchase the building.  Knowing some of the family who owns the building from Arab, I seriously doubt that they realized going in that the plans for the casino were in the making.

Franklin turns a blind eye to the preacher man who sells or gives marijuana to his flock and others and turns a blind eye to casinos set up in our own back door, what else has she turned a blind eye to? By the way, her drug task force is always out arresting those who are caught with marijuana and paraphernalia.  So, why are some folks in the county allowed to open a casino or sell marijuana, or God only knows what else while others are arrested?  Is the sheriff earning additional pocket change to help keep up with the maintenance of her property in Saraland? 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Complements of Youtube - Natural Cures Top 10

Impeach Ana

With all of the credible information that has been published and proven against Sheriff Ana Franklin isn't it about time to initiate the impeachment process against Ana and hold her accountable?


More on Barney's Class Action Lawsuit against Harold Jeffreys

The Morgan County DA's office arrested and charged Greg Steenson months ago on multiple criminal charges for his part in the Title Mart activities.  Attorney Barney Lovelace, attorney for Sheriff Ana Franklin, a public official, appears to be soliciting investors, family, friends, and employees of the sheriff's office to join a class action lawsuit against Harold Jeffreys.  Barney claims Mr. Jeffreys shared information with the whistleblower about those who invested, worked, friends, and family of the sheriff that invested in the Title Marts.  The Title Mart was involved in criminal activity which caused the Performance Auto Sales Aka Title Mart to file for bankruptcy protection.   

How ridiculous and how like Barney.  Barney takes a business that Greg Steenson ran on a daily basis and conducted criminal activity behind the "real owner's" back and tries to encourage people to file suit against the honest owners of the business.  The people who knew nothing about what was going on behind their backs.  

In the scheme of things, Barney's actions are not really that bizarre.  As we discussed in previous blogs about an incident involving a lady who had Title Mart assist her in selling her deceased husbands vehicles.  Greg Steenson cheated the lady out of more than $38,000.00 dollars.  Barney being the gracious, honest, and reliable attorney that he is was successful in assisting the lady in getting her money back by contacting the good sheriff for assistance.  Did we mention that the lady was ready to press charges against Greg Steenson for theft of her money?  The good sheriff delivered thousands of dollars in cash to Barney along with two checks which Barney gave to the lady compliments of sheriff Ana Franklin.  The money subsequently saved Steenson from being arrested at least for a while.  Now, the question is why would Sheriff Ana Franklin and Barney Lovelace work so hard to keep Greg Steenson from being arrested?  At that time Franklin had a vested interest in the Title Mart and Greg Steenson.  

Did we mention that Barney sat in on the meeting in the sheriff’s office late one night where Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell conspired to break into the whistleblower's office and collect information so that the sheriff could obtain a warrant to search the whistleblower's office?  Did we mention that Franklin also had Keylogger software installed on the whistleblower's computer during the theft of documents that incriminated the sheriff and some of those who invested in the Title Marts?  Better known as Bones Wilson and Blake Robinson.  Did we mention that the sheriff bragged that even if she had the Keylogger software installed on the whistleblower's computers that she has immunity from prosecution?  Enough about the whistleblowers and how Sheriff Franklin and Barney tried to stop the whistleblowers for reporting the corruption within the MCSO and the sheriff's connection to the Title Mart and Greg Steenson.  

Ana and Barney have a desperate need to drum up a class action lawsuit against Harold Jeffreys.  Ana is pissed because the names and relationships of those investors, users, and losers are friends, family, or employees of the sheriff.  If Franklin cared about those people she shouldn't have involved them in her Title Mart schemes in the first place. 

News Flash Barney and Ana.  Harold Jeffreys has lived an exemplary life with many great accolades through hard work and due diligence.  Harold and his family did not stand to gain 27% interest on their investment from the Title Mart businesses nor did the receive a 45% interest on their return as we believe sheriff Franklin and others did.  Did we mention those investments paid out every 30 days?  Did we mention that Harold Jeffreys and his family lost their money?  Did we mention that Harold Jeffreys and his family did not have a clue about the outside investors that Ana Franklin and Steven Ziaja brought into the business; that those investors were paid out by Greg Steenson and not Mr. Jeffreys.

In most cases when you hear the name Ana Franklin it is synonymous with Barney Lovelace.  Of course, Barney wants to file a class action lawsuit against Jeffreys, he won't say it is on behalf of the sheriff but this is the second attempt at a class action lawsuit.  The first one Ana initiated and encouraged employees and others to join the suit.  The sheriff has a vested interest in getting a class action lawsuit going.  Ana and Barney have been on a mission to stop the whistleblowers since we established the blog.  Ana and Barney need to discredit Mr. Jeffreys and bring him down to protect others within Ana's circle.  They seem to forget that the Title Mart was conducting criminal business outside of the scope that Mr. Jeffreys or his family was aware of.  Once the Jeffreys became aware of the criminal activity that took swift and prompt action to stop the activity.  

We will keep chugging along while Barney and his client Sheriff Ana Franklin pull another trick out of their hats.

We hope that if Mr. Jeffreys has critical information Ana and Barney are so desperate to squash that he would share it with outside law enforcement sources.  If he hasn't already.  Surely Barney's class action lawsuit isn't because of the whistleblower's ability to dig through dumpsters and come up with credible information that Greg Steenson and others left behind.  Surely, Barney and Ana do not really believe that Mr. Jeffreys shared information with the whistleblowers.  If that is the case they probably believe that Mr. Jeffreys provided us with the counter checks that the sheriff wrote on the MCSO inmate food account, or that Mr. Jeffreys provided us with the $10,000.00 counter check that Ana used for upgrades on her house using a sheetrock finisher who was spending his time in jail for back child support.

As for the whistleblowers, we sent all our credible interesting information to outside sources.  Guess we forgot to cc Barney on what we have.

Now Ana and Barney are scratching their heads because they know there is at least one person and maybe more sharing information with the whistleblowers.  Class Action Lawsuits should be brought against the criminals and wrongdoers not the innocent.  

Monday, October 9, 2017

More Class Action Lawsuits Barney?

Well, it is confirmed billable Barney is trying to encourage investors and other family and friends of Sheriff Ana Franklin to join a class action lawsuit against the Jeffreys for sharing information with the whistleblower.  Barney claims that the release of the names of investors, family, and friends of Ana is just wrong.  Why is Barney so eager and giddy about a class action lawsuit against the Jeffreys?  If the Jeffreys had done anything wrong they would have been arrested.  Barney's reasons aren't because he has a vested interest in the Title Marts, or is it?  Barney's vested interest is Sheriff Ana Franklin.  That doesn't explain why Barney cares so much about the other investors, family, and friends of the sheriff that he claims Jeffreys shared information about.  The whistleblowers know all of the investors, friends, family, and employees of the sheriff's office that were involved in the Title Marts in one form or other.  Of course, Barney is all about billable accounts.  Maybe Barney sees the writing on the wall and knows that his cash cows udders have run dry.  Barney also made it clear when he sat in on a meeting with the informant at the sheriff's office that he wanted the whistleblower stopped.  OH! he didn't say anything but the fact that he was there to hatch a conspiracy is telling about billable Barney and billable Barney's desire to save the queen High Sheriff.  He didn't care if it meant breaking into the whistleblower's office before getting a legal warrant.  He doesn't care what it takes; he just wants to stop the whistleblowers.  Does billable Barney really believe that a class action lawsuit against the Jeffreys would accomplish his dreams and desires? 

Billable Barney knows about the whistleblower's dumpster diving and the documents, electronic devices, and other materials that the whistleblowers found.  Does he really believe that Mr. Jeffreys is now the tool to stop the whistleblowers or is Barney looking for some more cash cows to pad his pockets?  Is ole Billable Barney going to take on all the investors, family, and friends of the Sheriff on a contingency bases?  How much do the investors, family, and friends want the county to know about their involvement and their relationship to the high sheriff? 

The bottom line is what is billable Barney after?  Ole Barney had to be the first to calm Ana down when ALEA and the Feds pulled evidence from the waters at Flynt Creek.  What impact will that evidence have on the investors and Ana Franklin.  None of us know.  One thing is for sure Ana, family, friends, and investors were pretty sloppy in the Title Mart business. 

Oh! More more thing.  We hear Barney is chomping at the bit to get the whistleblower on the stand.  Damn, Barney, you just scared me. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Sheriff of Nottingham Indeed

Folks, is the Lacey's Spring gambling facility the only one in Morgan County?  We have heard rumors that the sheriff knows of others operating around the county.  It doesn't sound the least bit odd to us to hear that employees said that the sheriff gave them a licenses to operate.  This is the same sheriff that told a local pastor that he could give or sell marijuana to the elderly.  The question is what is Sheriff Ana Franklin getting out of these deals?  We hear of gambling, marijuana, investments in the Title Marts, taking money from the MCSO for her own personal use, so we wonder what is next?

We also found out that one of the owners of the facility is also a member of another company that is a distributor for bingo equipment.  The address of the distribution center for the bingo equipment is also the same address on Evangel Circle. 

Why would an employee name Sheriff Ana Franklin as giving the facility approval to operate?  To operate a legal gambling facility you would think that the facility would be required to be inspected by the state and approved. 

We read the article of incorporation which states only that the company is River City Entertainment LLC but does not describe the type of entertainment the company will be participating in.

We reached out to both owners yesterday and spoke briefly to one of the owners.  It is clear that the owner we spoke to firmly believes that their business is legitimate and that they have met all of the state requirements. 

We can't help but wonder if the owners of River City Entertainment LLC are aware of Sheriff Franklin's history in Morgan County.  Do they know about her involvement with the Title Marts.  Speaking of which we noticed a comment on the blog that  Anonymous claims to know what was pulled out of Flint Creek by ALEA and other Federal Agencies.  The claim was serial plates and tags.  Someone cleared up what was meant by serial plates by telling us that it was VIN number plates.  It stands to reason if that is true and you have the VIN number plates off of missing vehicles and you find the true owner you could track the owners of vehicles that may have been stolen.  Didn't some of the Title Mart cars come up missing from the Title Mart lots?

Friday, October 6, 2017

Gambling Halls and Sheriff Ana Franklin

Blogger Comments:  We have just begun  our research on the gambling hall in Morgan County.  Today has been interesting and it appears that our good sheriff Ana Franklin may have her hands in another cookie jar.  We tracked down the two owners of River City Entertainment.  One of the owners lives in Madison County while the other lives in Ozark, Alabama.  We talked to the son and another individual at the home of the Madison County owner who verified that we were at the owners' home.  We were also told by one of the gentlemen at the home that the owner mentioned that somebody may come by their home asking questions today.  We also drove by what appears to be the headquarters for the gambling hall located on Evangel Circle in Huntsville.  The River City Entertainment located at  1804 Highway 231, in Lacey's Springs was open for business today.   There is still an enormous amount of information to uncover however, it appears obvious that Sheriff Ana Franklin is known and at least some employees say that Sheriff Ana Franklin approved the facility for operation.  The business licenses was purchased in the Morgan County Courthouse.

Both owners of the gambling hall aka River City Entertainment have social media Facebook sites that we saved for future use.  The social media site for the Madison County owner has since been secured.  The social media site for the owner whose address is in Ozark is still currently open.  It is interesting to note that neither lady has anything in regards to River City Entertainment on their FB accounts.  

The articles of incorporation reflects that one owner works for Huntsville Utilities.  However calls to Huntsville Utilities reflect that the owner does not currently work there.  The Social Media site for the owner who resides in Ozark says that she owns and operates a auto sales shop in Ozark.  When speaking with the owner she admits that she is part owner in the business and has a legal licenses to operate.  

State AG sues Lacey's Spring business, alleges gambling

The state Attorney General's Office today filed suit against a Lacey's Spring business which it said has "hundreds of slot machines and gambling devices in open, continuous and notorious use."
The defendant in the lawsuit, which was filed in Morgan County Circuit Court, is River City Entertainment, at 1804 U.S. 231. The Attorney General's Office also filed separate lawsuits against other businesses today in Greene, Houston, Lowndes and Macon counties.
According to an affidavit attached to the complaint, people using River City's slot machines deposit money with a cashier, who provides them with a PIN number. That number is typed on a login screen on the slot machine's computer display.
Players hit a button, according to the affidavit, and five wheels spin. Various combinations result in a win.
"These machines appeared to be a cheaper version of something that you would see in Las Vegas, NV or Biloxi, MS," wrote Jeff Chandler, a special agent with the Attorney General's Office. "The games played the same as slot machines that you would find in states that have legal gambling."
Chandler's affidavit said he and another agent went to the business. He said he asked for help playing the games and was told by someone working there "that this business was totally legal, was not a casino, had been cleared by the sheriff and that he had a business license on the wall to prove it."
The attorney general filed a motion asking the court to issue an injunction prohibiting River City from operating the machines.
The lawsuits are the latest development in the state's long-running legal battle over the slot machine look-alikes.
Alabama law forbids casino games, such as slot machines, but allows charities in some counties to offer bingo games to raise money. Casino operators have long argued the machines play rapid-fire electronic bingo, and the whirling displays and chimes are only for entertainment.
“Through multiple rulings in recent years, the Alabama Supreme Court has made it abundantly clear that electronic bingo and the use of slot machines are illegal in all Alabama counties," Attorney General Steve Marshall said in a statement. "Therefore, we have taken action to hold accountable those who defy the laws of our state."
A phone call to River City Entertainment this evening was not answered.
Blogger Comments:  The past two days of hearing with Barney Lovelace played out like a game.  The psychiatric physician for the jail was replaced on July 29, 2017.  Convenient isn't it?  He could only speak about mental health conditions for the past two months.  Hum!  He talked a good talk but it appeared that his walk was a little shaky.  He talked about all the calls made back and forth between the jail nurses including the psychiatric nurse.  The number of times and the hours spent in the Morgan County Jail. If I understood his testimony he did not keep logs of those calls or any medication he prescribed.  The doctor also stated that when the jail has urgent needs, Nurse Nick would call him immediately but he did not keep records of those calls.  According to the expert witness Dr. Coffman if it isn't in the record it didn't happen.

According to Dr. Shankar Yalamanchile he works at least 6 different facilities: Shelby County, Princeton Baptist Medical Center, Medical Director of Mental Health at another location, River Region Phychiatric facility, Montgomery County and City Jail, and Morgan County Jail.  All I can say is wow!  No wonder he did not annotate logs of his communications with the Morgan County jail nurses.  Hopefully, the nurses did.  Dr. Yalamanchile also seemed to have a difficult time locating the Intake sheet.  According to one witness who was in the Morgan County Jail, he denied ever seeing the intake sheet and denied providing some of the information on the sheet.  In addition, when Dr. Yalmanchile's took over as the Psychiatric Physician for the Morgan County Jail, his contract was never changed to reflect the new assignment at the jail.  The contract was not modified to lay out the number of hours worked at the jail, the contract assignment had not been provided to the MC jail's attorney, nor does the contract reflect the number of hours Dr. Yalamanchile will work at the MC jail.

Dr. Yalamanchile also stated that he spends approximately 2 or 3 hours per week at the Montgomery County jail and the City jail.  Doctor Yalamanchile stated that he does not decide which patients he sees when he comes to Morgan County.  The nursing staff makes those decisions.  Is this before or after the initial 6-minute medical assessment?  

Dr. Yalamanchile also testified that he has not seen all of the patients on the list yet.

So what will the judge find?  Who knows?  

Expert calls mental health care at Morgan County Jail inadequate

  • By Evan Belanger Staff Writer
  • Updated 

An expert witness testified in federal court Wednesday that psychiatric care provided at the Morgan County Jail was “inadequate,” as attorneys argued whether court orders governing the treatment of inmates at the jail should be preserved.
Dr. Kelly Coffman, a psychiatrist and professor at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, took the stand for the Southern Center for Human Rights.
Based on a review of jail records and interviews with current and former inmates, she said jail policies did not ensure adequate care for inmates and, in some cases, could endanger them.
“The worst that can happen is that they kill themselves or someone else,” she said.
Coffman said inmates had to wait too long to see a psychiatrist after booking, in some cases several months, and that the psychiatrist was not spending enough time with each inmate even when they were seen.
She said Dr. Shankar Yalamanchile, who provides psychiatric care under contract with the jail’s contracted health provider, Quality Correction Health Care, spent just 6.3 minutes with each patient he saw at the jail in August.
“No one can conduct a psychiatric evaluation in 6.3 minutes. I’m not sure how that is possible,” Coffman said.
In some cases, Coffman said jail policies that prohibit the prescribing of any medications for inmates who had positive drug screens for a period of 30 days or the prescribing of certain commonly abused prescriptions could cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms or worsen psychiatric problems. That decision should be made by a psychiatrist on a case-by-case basis, she said.
Coffman also said inmates who are identified as having psychiatric problems during intake are not automatically flagged for psychiatric treatment.
Instead, they must request an appointment, she said, and pay a $3 copay so they can see a psychiatric nurse. The nurse, who cannot prescribe medication, puts them on a waiting list to see the psychiatrist, she said.
“They were told to be patient and that the waiting list was long,” she said.
Attorneys for the Southern Center also called to the stand a former inmate, Kenneth Crowder, who testified it took two months for him to receive medication for a mental health disorder and that he eventually threatened to hit a jailer with a broomstick so he could see the psychiatrist.
“I said I have bipolar schizophrenia and I just want my medicine,” he said.
On cross examination, Coffman said she did not speak with Quality Correction Health Care medical staff when preparing her assessment and that she was not aware of anything in the medical records she reviewed that could have resulted in a claim for medical malpractice.
Barney Lovelace, attorney for the county and Sheriff's Office, said they offered for Coffman to speak with medical staff.
Yalamanchile, who has been under contract to provide psychiatric care at the jail since July 28, testified there was no co-pay to see the psychiatric nurse or the psychiatrist and that if there was a significant wait list before he started, he thought it had been resolved.
He also testified that care provided at the Morgan County Jail is better and faster than what the inmates would likely get in the community.
“I just can’t see a similar patient in an outside setting is going to get anywhere close to this kind of care,” he said.
He said he visits the jail at least once a week, but he was not certain who made the list of patients he sees each time. He saw 46 patients in 10.25 hours at the jail in September and 39 patients over 5.42 hours in August, according to the Southern Center.
Yalamanchile also said it was not the national standard to have certain commonly abused drugs in a jail setting and that effective alternatives were available.
Coffman testified she was paid $300 per hour to review procedures at the Morgan County Jail and spent about 20 hours reviewing records and 11 hours interviewing inmates.
The court orders stem from a 2001 lawsuit over treatment of inmates.
Attorneys for the Southern Center have agreed to drop all but two of those court orders, including some regarding the feeding of inmates and use-of-force policies at the jail. District Judge Abdul Kallon has approved that agreement.
The two provisions require that the jail ensure inmates who take prescribed medications be allowed to see a physician so that treatment can continue within 48 hours of intake, if prescribed by the physician.
They also require that inmates who appear to be suffering from serious mental illnesses or suicidal tendencies during intake are promptly seen by a health specialist.
The county and Sheriff's Office are asking for the court to eliminate those final two provisions. Hearings are expected to continue today.

Sheriff Ana Franklin just can't stay out of the news

Blogger Comments in Blue:  According to the Decatur Daily article released 15 hours ago the State Attorney General filed a lawsuit against the owner of an alleged gambling facility.  According to Jeff Chandler a special agent with the State Attorney General's Office "Chandler's affidavit said he and another agent went to the business. He said he asked for help playing the games and was told by someone working there "that this business was totally legal, was not a casino, had been cleared by the sheriff and that he had a business license on the wall to prove it."

This set up sounds shady.  We can't help but wonder if the sheriff is getting a kickback.  Maybe the authorities can add racketeering to there list of criminal charges against the sheriff.  Sounds like more dishonest and fraudulent business dealings.

No known connection but wasn't Sheriff Ana Franklin's gym named River City Fitness?  Maybe she recommended the name to the owner of the gaming facility.  

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sheriff Ana Franklin explains why she loaned $150,000 to car lot

Love the comments - Anonymous speaks

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Speaking of the Posse": 

59 dead, over 500 injured, police officers running towards the shooter, with little regard for their own safety, and you're posting about a sheriff riding a horse? On top of that, you run down the Sheriff's Posse, a 100% volunteer organization that isn't actually a part of the Sheriff's Office? 
You're sick, plain and simple.
Disgusting troll. 

Blogger Comments:  We have never made any statements that ALL COPS are bad.  On the contrary, we have hailed the hard-working law enforcement officers around the country.  To include Morgan County.  The situation in Vegas is very sad and our hearts go out to them.  They are truly heroes.  Those people who lost their lives didn't deserve it.  Both the authorities and citizens teamed together to help the wounded.  The family members stayed with their loved ones who died beside them.  A husband lost his life protecting his wife.  All we can do is grieve for the folks in Vegas that lost their lives and those who are injured.  We can honor all those law enforcement officers and citizens who kicked in to help.  We can donate funds for the victims which we are sure will be needed in the weeks and months to come.    Here locally we can do more to stop the corruption in our small part of the world.

Now let me tell you about some local heroes.  The good men and women that work at the Morgan County Sheriff's Office with no pay raise for years would have done the exact same thing should we have a mass murder in our community.  Those men and women the sheriff have fired because they saw through Sheriff Franklin's agenda would also be out on the front line.  The citizens of our county would be out there doing what they could.  Last but not least first responders across the state would be here helping. We would have enormous support while the sheriff of this county hogs the media instead of aiding and assisting the hard working folks of this county.    The good men and women know exactly what the sheriff, you and the other goons have done to destroy the sheriff's office.  The good men and women of this county to include law enforcement, citizens, first responders, and others have shared the terrible stories involving the Sheriff of Morgan County.   

You want to talk about the posse.  You bet we will run down the Sheriff's Posse.  Sheriff Ana Franklin runs the posse along with Larry Berzett, Pam Berzett, and the Goodwins not for the good of the special needs of this county.  Not one damn dime of the money made during posse events went to support the sheriff's office unless you call paying for your fancy clothes, boots, and hats that the Sheriff's Office paid for so you goons can play your horse and pony shows.  How much of the money that you made went to special needs?  How much of the money that you made went to enhance the operations of the sheriff's office?  Not one damn dime.  It is great and wonderful to put on shows for the special needs victims in this county but they don't care about your fancy gear, equipment, clothing, bridles, saddles, and horse blankets.  They love the animals.  The special needs victims love to pet the horses.  They don't care your fancy gear and setup.  It doesn't increase their quality of life.  What does enhance their quality of life is donations, special needs equipment, doctors visits many can't afford, and the hardworking men and women that work for special needs on a daily basis to include the Department of Health and Human Services.  Your 100 percent volunteer program is made up of a lot of reserves who are not qualified to perform the mission of deputy but you dress them like deputies, you give them fully equipped vehicles, you have four chaplains that drive fully equipped vehicles at the county's expense.  The reserve deputies aka posse member who know what you are doing is as big of a disgrace as you are.  You are right the non-profit organization IS NOT PART OF THE SHERIFFS OFFICE so why don't you tell the citizens of this county why a lot of the posse gear, equipment, clothes, and more are paid for by the sheriff's office?  We may be sick of your corruption but we are not thieves.  You run a nonprofit that you stick your hands in the cookie jar like Larry Berzett and pull out wads of cash to stuff his pockets.  How much cash from the posse has gone into the bank.  I can tell you what is really sick.  Stealing from a nonprofit set up for special needs.  You, your posse, and the horse you rode in on is the problem.  Do you really think that we don't know what you have done for years with the money?  You think you are covered; that the IRS can't possibly audit your accounts.  

Decatur Daily Article and some of our thoughts for the day

Blogger Comments:  You know! The whistleblowers are not the least bit surprised that Sheriff Ana didn't turn down her raise as is reflected in the article below.  If you recall Franklin complained about how broke she is because she lost over $21,000.00 of her income due to a shortfall in the inmate food funds.  Folks, that is another one of Franklin's lies.  No money was taken from her salary to pay for an inmate food fund deficit.  However, Franklin did take $160,000.00 from the inmate food funds and invested $150,000.00 into the Title Marts.   Franklin also removed an additional $10,000.00 from the MCSO inmate food funds that have never been accounted for.  Why haven't those monies been accounted for?  

It appears that a large number of citizens within Morgan County no longer trust the sheriff and her hopes for another term of sheriff is bleak.  That is unless she can put a call into US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Franklin's bragging rights since she met Charlie Mcnichol a couple of years ago still stand firm today.  Franklin claims she still has everything covered even without Big Luther.  Franklin leaned heavily on Big Luther, never dreaming that he could possibly be beaten by Roy Moore in the runoff election.  Franklin brags, she brags a lot.  When Big Luther was the State Attorney General Franklin had a direct line to Luther which ensured that none of our complaints went further than File 13.  Sessions was hired to drain the swamp not to fill it with more corruption.   

She has made the whistleblowers into villains who walk around her house at night, roam through her house, and she claims that we destroyed Bones Wilson's truck that was parked at her house.  Speaking of Franklin's house we understand that she is using some of her thugs to guard her house while she is away.   We knew that she was doing that at one time but we thought that since Franklin is under investigations by outside agencies she would not be doing that.  Folks, that is called arrogance.  Franklin does not believe for one minute that these investigations will land her in jail.  Franklin has her flock of followers believing that she has them taken care of.  

Franklin has used Morgan County taxpayer dollars, county, state, and federal funds as if they were her own personal funds.  Franklin goes back to court tomorrow.  She is already telling people that she won.  We know first hand that Franklin has deprived inmates their physician-prescribed medications.  We know first hand what happens in many cases when you deny the mentally ill their prescribed medications.  

It is obvious that Sheriff Franklin's agenda is not about protecting and serving the citizens of this county.  It is obvious that Franklin does not care about the inmates she has placed in the county jail.  

We noticed yesterday that the Southern Center Poverty Law group was back in town.  Franklin was a no-show but we noticed billable Barney walking in to ensure that things would be running the way Franklin directed them to be.  Franklin, isn't it true that you claim bragging rights again that you have already won.  You may win your case this week but harming other people will never make you a winner.  

Franklin has lied her way all the way to the top.  Claiming the whistleblowers are just out to get her because we do not want her to win another sheriff's election.  Franklin will never admit that she has done anything wrong.  She will never admit that she and Charlie bought property in Saraland.  She will never admit that a lot of the money that went into the property came from Morgan County.  She will never admit to the number of people she has destroyed in our county.  She will never admit the emotional harm she has caused the people she fired or forced to retire.  Once all the investigations are over Franklin will either walk or go to jail.  She is confident that she will never go to jail in the State of Alabama as she has told so many people.  Time will tell until then we will continue to blog.  

Monday, October 2, 2017

Speaking of the Posse

Just to give people a little reminder of where the money goes for the posse we are posting a few pictures.  It sure doesn't go back into the sheriff's office and to the special needs.  This is only a small number of pictures.  It is a shame that our sheriff's department has gone from a sheriff's office to a posse/rodeo arena.