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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Why would Franklin purchase property in Saraland

Franklin dumped Ziaja for her forever man Charlie McNichol.  

Franklin and Charlie have long had plans to purchase their forever home.  So! Why Saraland.  Charlie is from the area.  Franklin has no hope of being reelected for Sheriff of Morgan County, Alabama.  That isn't saying that she isn't going to run.  Franklin is far too narcissistic to give up the office of sheriff without a fight.

Franklin is busy trying to get her horse trailer and horses down south.

Our sources tell us that Franklin gave Dee Goodwin the horse trailer she purchased from Title Mart. The question is, did Franklin pay for the Title Mart horse trailer they have put so much Morgan County money in.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Keep on reading......

Anonymous just can't give it up.  He claimed he would never read or comment on the blog again. The truth is he is obsessed with reading and learning about himself, Ana Franklin, and his side kicks on the blog.  They can't get enough of the blog.  Ana and her followers all know that something is about to happen that will shake their world and their life style.  Keep reading, Anonymous, especially since none of you can sleep because of the corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse, and fear of going to jail as previous law enforcement officials and employees.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Anonymous sounds like a broken record

Blogger Comments:  Anonymous just can't stand that we know about the house in Saraland.  The only thing around Morgan County that is far fetched is anonymous and the rest of the fiends that will be going to jail along with Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Today is a monumental day if we can believe anonymous he claims he will never read or comment again on the blog.  Thank goodness now he can focus on getting his personnel affairs in order so that his family will be taken care of when he goes to jail.

This broken record is getting old.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Franklin's fiends": 

The only person who has proof about a house is Glenda, and the only proof she has is the LIE she made up in her little sick mind. The only thing this blog has truly proved is that Glenda is an absolute nut, she needs to be in a mental institution before she snaps and hurts innocent people. 

Look at the visitor counter at the bottom of the blog, no one visits it anymore, and only a few comments, most of which are Glenda commenting on her own article. At one point people read the blog for entertainment, knowing that most of what she said was not true, but what really did her in was the lies and promises she spewed before Ana's contempt hearing telling people she had inside information and Ana would be led away in cuffs. Or that she better run while she could. Of course we all know what happened, since then the LIES have gotten so far fetched they are impossible to believe. 

I will never read or comment here again. Glenda, I hope you find peace one day, but for now you sure seem to be one troubled individual. Good luck, I think you need it. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Franklin's fiends

Franklin's fiends seem to think Glenda is obsessed with Franklin. Give me a break.  We have lived under the corruption of Robert Bentley, Luther Strange, and Ana Franklin for years.  We helped identify the corruption in Morgan County.  Of course Franklin's pea-brained fiends will say what ever they think will trigger us to make a mistake.  Give it up.  Franklin reeks of the stench that she rolled in with Luther Strange and Bentley.  Franklin's arrogance and lust for money and power proved what has been said on the blog.  You call Glenda obsessed.  What do you call Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, Justin Powell, and Billable Barney Lovelace for conspiring a break in into an office under false pretenses to steal documents, video a business, and place Key Logger software on the computers?  We call it desperate and obsessed people, who do not want to lose their gravy train.  Bones Wilson stands to lose upwards of $120,000.00 in overtime.  Franklin stands to lose free access to the MCSO credit cards, vehicles, office resources, employee resources for things other than sheriff's office business.  Franklin also stands to lose the ability to go to the bank and write counter checks for the sum of  $10,000.00 to $150,000.00 dollars at a pop.  This isn't delusional.  This is fact.

The sheriff seems to forget that there were witnesses to the hand-off of the Key Logger software in the Falkville Fire Department.  Your informant and my grandson has told the truth. You folks royally screwed up.  Why?  Desperation, obsession, greed, fear, and delusional dreams that Franklin has the support to win reelection for Sheriff of Morgan County.  It is a pity that these so called law enforcement officers are far worse than any criminal they have put in jail.

Go ahead and say what you will.  You are not changing anybody's mind.  Again delusional hopes that you are not about to lose your ability to make a living. Delusional......

Court must reassess Robert Bentley's 'community service'

By John Archibald | 
Email the author | Follow on Twitter
on July 20, 2017 at 9:16 AM, updated July 20, 2017 at 9:18 AM
Alabama courts need to reassess former Gov. Robert Bentley's punishment.
Community service? As a doctor? Providing dermatological care to the poor?
Holy Hippocrates, I don't know.
This guy looks at a malignancy and sees a morning glory. He finds a rash and smells a rose.
Robert Bentley doesn't need to be providing medical care as a "community service."
He needs to get some for himself.
Bentley was forced to plead guilty to two misdemeanors and leave office in disgrace after more than a year of personal and statewide humiliation spurred by his infidelity, his unconvincing denials, his abuses of power to cover it up and his unwavering arrogance.
And this week, in an interview with WVTM, he reminded all of Alabama why the state is better off without him.
Maybe that's a community service by itself.
Bentley on Tuesday called himself the "best governor Alabama's ever had by far."
Which, if true, is the saddest thing I ever heard about Alabama. But it's not true. He is not even the best governor this year. And it's not that Gov. Kay Ivey has set the world on fire in her first 100 days. But she has set about de-Bentlifying Bama, and that is a Herculean task.
Of course Bentley's bravado - he was saying the same thing on his way to cut his exit deal with prosecutors, by the way - put the Twitterers to Twittering.
Bentley's own words were almost as comical.
"We got so much accomplished," he told the Birmingham TV station. "Had people just left us alone, Alabama would have been better off. They took advantage of some personal things and tried to get rid of me. There's a lot more to this."
Which all boils down to:
I'd have gotten away with it, too. If it wasn't for those meddling kids.
But he was right about one thing. There is a lot more to this.
There's the way he used state law enforcement officers to threaten people he thought knew about recordings and other evidence of the affair. There's the way he did everything he could, using the mantle of his office, to cover up the affair. There's the way he treated his wife of 50 years. There's the way he used state cars and planes to carry out the relationship, and so much more.
There's the way he was so absorbed with his personal romance that he could not see his standing in the state slip.
There is the way he lost his grip on reality.
It is not a "community service" to perform medicine on the poor. It's a liability.
Let him be a greeter at a welcome station.
Hi, I'm the best governor ever!
Let him stand on the corner of S. Union and Washington Avenue in Montgomery - right there between the Capitol and the State House -- as a reminder of what happens when you let the perception of power go to your head.
It's dizzying.
But at this point, frankly, I don't care much about his punishment. He's gone. He's over. He's out.
We ought not force him to give medical care to Alabamians. We ought to help him get some.

An anonymous with a brain

Blogger Comments:  So true?  The sheriff is being stalked, followed, and the whistleblowers are roaming through her house and trying to kill her.  Nobody believes that because it is another one of her lies.  Franklin has cried that pity party all the way to the state.  The only one she had believing in her was Big Luther Strange and the Luv Gov yet they blew her off.  They have their on ethical problems to deal with.  According to Ana she has Big Luther wrapped around her tinny tiny finger. How's that working out for you Ana?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "One of the best Attorney's I had an opportunity to...": 

Have any of you idiots stopped to consider how completely preposterous any claims of Ana being stalked and harassed actually are?! She's the frickin' sheriff! If anyone really is stalking her (or harassing her), then why doesn't she just arrest them? As sheriff, does she not have that kind of authority? She certainly seems to be able to do anything else she likes without having to worry about the consequences. 

The ex-Luv Gov

Blogger Comments:  Speaking of the ex-Gov he says he is the "most recognizable person in Alabama".  That's a joke.  Maybe the most embarrassing person in Alabama.  When it comes to Ana Franklin she will soon become the most recognizable woman in Alabama.  Not to mention the most embarrassing sheriff of modern day times.

Ex-Gov. Robert Bentley says he's the 'most recognizable person in Alabama'

Former Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley on Dermatology Care of Alabama's website. (Contributed photo/Dermatology Care of Alabama)
Former Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley on Dermatology Care of Alabama's website. (Contributed photo/Dermatology Care of Alabama)

Three months after leaving office, former Alabama governor Robert Bentley said his notoriety continues.
Speaking to a reporter with WBRC Fox 6, Bentley said he has been welcomed back with open arms in Tuscaloosa, where he has started a dermatology practice. He said he is recognized wherever he goes, with people wanting their pictures made with the former governor.
"I'm the most recognized person in the state of Alabama," Bentley said.
Bentley left office in April as part of plea deal related to campaign finance and ethics violations related to a romantic relationship with former campaign adviser Rebekah Caldwell Mason.
The former physician and state legislator opened his practice - Dermatology Care of Alabama - in April.
Last Saturday, Bentley offered free skin cancer screenings at his clinic. Bentley is required to do 100 hours of community service as part of his plea deal but said the screenings were part of his church, The Church of the Highlands, Day of Service.
"I could probably use (the screenings for community service) but that's not why we're doing it, " Bentley told the television station.
The terms of Bentley's plea deal prevent him from seeking public office in the future. He was first elected in 2010, then reelected in 2014. Controversy around the Republican governor erupted after Dianne Bentley, his wife of 50 years, filed for divorce in August 2015.Bentley later admitted making inappropriate comments to Mason but has denied a physical affair.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Southern Center Law Group Back Again

We understand that the Southern Center Law Group has been back in town a few times in the past few weeks.  A source tells us that they are looking into issues within the jail concerning mental illness.  Does that mean that Sheriff Ana Franklin aka Dr. Franklin is no longer giving the inmates her medication of choice vice what the inmates' physician prescribes?  Franklin has been doing this for years telling family members their loved ones cannot take certain prescriptions while in her jail.

How does the sheriff dictate to the medical staff contracted to provide medical services to a jail what prescriptions are acceptable in the jail and what medications are not acceptable?

We realize that the sheriff has an almost Bachelor of Science degree (BS)  from.......  Well! We don't exactly know which college because she couldn't really remember that while under deposition, nor could she remember any specific classes she had taken.  Hum!  Highly educated sheriff or liar?  We believe the BS stands for something other than Bachelor of Science.

Corrected - No need to worry Anonymous

Blogger Comments:  No need to worry about the drug dealers and thieves, Anonymous.  Ana has all those inmates out on work release.  Tell us, Anonymous, why does Ana have drug dealers and thieves checking out all hours of the day and night for work release?   Why does Johnny Howell, husband of Jennifer Howell, pick up inmates to groom his and Judge Howell's property?  Why does the high sheriff use inmate labor at her home all hours of the day and night?  We are sure there is a logical explanation for that.

In addition, attorneys meet inmates face to face?  Really? Without your comment we would have never known that.  That by the way is our smart ass answer to your comment.

Get a grip.  All persons are human.  We make mistakes that can land us in jail.  With Ana in charge you don't need to make a mistake to land in jail.  All you have to do is tick her off.  At this point in the game the inmates look like angels compared to Ana and her wolfs.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Family communications almost at a stand still": 

I guess it ought to be easier for the drug dealers and thieves to visit with family, then. 
Attorneys meet with inmates face to face, not on video.

Smith on Patrol

We hear that Smith is back on farm duty.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


This comment was sent to us by a family that said they know first hand what it is like to be used by a liar's tongue and that it is sad that people like Ana and Ziaja will cheat their own family for the almighty dollar.

One of the best Attorneys I had an opportunity to work with

Blogger Comment:  Today is a sad day for people who knew and loved Steve Griffith.  He will be missed.  Steve once took a 2 1/2 page acquittal from a Morgan County Judge against the whistleblower and provided copies to the attorneys in Cullman Count.  Steve said that in all the years he practiced law he had never seen a judge take the time that the Morgan County Judge did in the acquittal.  Steve was very impressed with the judge and attorney Burney in the case.

Steve it was an honor to know you. 

Prominent Cullman attorney, 73, slain in possible home invasion; intruder also killed

Anonymous when will the blogger stop?

We love your comments.  As to wondering when the blogger will stop, the answer is simple, not until the fat lady sings.  When Sheriff Franklin and her goons have been arrested, charged with criminal activity, and convicted the blogger will stop.  Until that time we encourage you to sit back and enjoy the ride.

It doesn't matter how much truth is placed on the blog, there will always be nonbelievers.  Those who bought in to Franklin's corruption hook, line, and sinker.  Why can't anonymous say something of substance?  Anonymous has to keep up the nasty comments because the sheriff cries that nobody loves me.  Nobody is supporting me.  I have been good to you.  The deputies betrayed me after all I have done for them.  The clerks can't be trusted.  The commission is worthless and I am going to have to deal with the b*st*rds for another four year.  The sheriff claims that all of the commissioners are conspiring with the whistleblowers.  Now that is paranoia.

We have heard this pity party time and time again and we are sick of it.  The sheriff has partaken in far more money than you currently realize, she destroyed the foundation of the sheriff's office.  You goons who continue to get paid excessive overtime would be foolish to stop worshiping the high sheriff at this point.  It would be of no value.  The question is what you gonna do when the come for you?

Who cares what you have to say you are going to jail.  You keep yipping about the bloggers yet you have no substance.  You talk of arrests yet to date you have not been able to produce one crumb of evidence against the whistleblowers.

Get a grip.  People like you are petty and childish and have no substance to offer as anonymous to our readers.

As to how we knew about Franklin's purchases at Lowe's that is simple.  Everyone in the county knows who our Sheriff of Nottingham is.  We were informed by an alert customer of Franklin's purchases and the use of the credit card.  No value added for us to follow anybody since so many people in the county are willing to rat the sheriff out.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Family communications almost at a stand still

We have had several family members of inmates at the MCSO jail complaining about the communication services for the jail.  According to family members most of the systems are down and they are unable to communicate with their loved ones.  One family member said that with all the new communications installed visiting loved ones should be seamless.  Instead the jail has only one monitor working.

Some of the corrections officers are complaining that they are very shorthanded at the jail and should have shifts of 21 personnel per shift and they are short 16 corrections officers per night.  If this is the case it is a dangerous situation for both the jailers and the inmates.

Franklin should be focusing on her job in Morgan County rather than building fences and gates around her property and traveling to Mobile County to see the house she is building but will probably never get a chance to live in.  Franklin is going to jail.  It isn't a matter of if; it is a matter of when.

Same with the rest of the goons.  Steven Ziaja is lounging around Falkville waiting for the next shoe to drop.  Speaking of dropping it appears that Ziaja has lost about 40 lbs.  Maybe he should share his secret with his ex.

More of the same......

Franklin and her goons have lived with a huge amount of power since she took office in 2011.  Now! they think that they can demand to know an address and we must jump and prove what we blog. Guess what?  The blog doesn't work on Franklin and goon time; it works on blogger time.  

Just as we have proven the theft of the inmate food funds, Jonathan Stebbins hiring, the Title Mart debacle, and much more on this blog since October 2015, this too will be revealed in due time.  We have never been intimidated by Franklin and her goons and we will not start now.

On another note.  Why hasn't Franklin been able to prove that Glenda and her goons are stalking her, roaming in and out of her home all hours of the day and night, following her, and terrorizing her? Why haven't these folks been arrested?  That is a rhetorical question so no need to answer it, we will. Franklin is not only a thief who has committed fraud, waste, and abuse, she is also a pathological liar. 

We encourage anonymous to continue asking those questions that way when we do reveal all our knowledge you will look like a complete idiot again.

So! Why is Franklin purchasing lumber at the Lowe's in Hartselle using the MCSO credit card?  We hear she is build a wall.  Well! Maybe not so much a wall but gates and fencing to keep out the bad guys.  Our sources tell us that Bones is spending a LOT of time out at Franklin's home these past few months but nobody will make us believe that Bones is building a fence.  Bone is too lazy to hit a lick at a snake.  Is Franklin using inmate labor again?

Franklin has plans to move Blake Robinson to patrol so that he will have the experience he needs to be promoted to Lieutenant.  The only problem is she is having problems getting anybody to apply over Robinson's job.  We thought that Bones and Blake were running the sheriff's office.  It is hard to believe that Franklin can possibly release one of her right hand guys to patrol.  

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Moles From Within

Reading the comments this morning I realized somebody out there really loves the blog and the bloggers.  Especially Rick Sherman and Glenda Lockhart.  It seems that we keep saying the same ole thing day after day after day.  That is true because the same ole corruption that has grown into a malignant cancer the size of Morgan County is still running the county sheriff's office along with some of her corrupt leaders.  

It is useless to try to respond to many of the anonymous comments.  There will come a time that you do not get to mistreat your deputies, corrections officers, clerks, and road deputies.  Your actions have not gone unnoticed by the citizens of Alabama nor outside agencies.  It is interesting that you taunt agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and laughed your butts off at the Federal Judges that you think you duped in some of these Federal Court cases, how you feel that you won in the contempt case that the high sheriff plead guilty to, how you have bragged about how you have cheated employees who dared file complaints against you to the Department of Labor, how you have bragged that you have done nothing wrong.  We hear you.  Just as you make fun of us for believing in the system, for believing that not all law enforcement is corrupt, for believing that someday soon we will see you incarcerated for the things you have done to people.

You can call us crazy, liar, delusional, and anything else that happens to pop in your minds.  We know the truth and we will hold onto that truth until we sit in a federal or state court room to hear the word GUILTY on all charges.  No plea deals, no lost evidence, no missing drugs, or drug money, no excuses that I didn't know that I was committing a crime.  I am just a sweet little southern gal or honest guy.  Those days are long gone.  Gone are the days that you could arrest people for no reason and lie your butts off to get a conviction.  Gone are the days that you use informants to cause a disruption for an excuse to raid peoples' homes without cause, or use inmates all hours of the night at will.  Gone are the days that allowed you to terrorize, lie, cheat, steal, and commit fraud, waste, and abuse to line your slimy pockets.

Franklin is worried.  She is very worried.  We can't help but laugh when we hear stories about Franklin being so desperate to get rid of the whistleblowers that she salivates like a rabid dog.  Bones, Blake, Ana, and Barney your little plans and schemes didn't work.  We are still here.  How much does your informant jobs pay these days?  If you had anything to arrest Rick and Glenda for you would have already done so.  You can't arrest them for you have nothing.  How much MCSO money have you wasted to date on private investigators, informants, thugs, and stupid efforts to find something they have done so that you can have them arrested.  Franklin has been to see lawyers out of town looking for one who will file a class action lawsuit against the whistleblowers.  She has spoken with multiple employees and tried to recruit them to support her in the class action lawsuit.  We can imagine the ones who will follow along with her plan.  It will be her closest confidants, the ones who stand the best chance of going to jail because of the corruption.

Franklin has worked long and hard to obtain information about the people who have spoken to the whistleblowers and provided information to us.  To Franklin and her goons. you can only imagine and yet you are in so much denial you just can't believe a few people working together for a common goal helped disclose your corruption.

As for the whistleblowers having inside moles within, all we can say is, isn't that the truth.  We have people who do not focus on the true goals of the blog which is to get rid of the cancerous corruption within the MCSO.  Just as in the case of Franklin and her moles. You know who they are, you know their agendas, you know that at the first chance they will stab you in the back for their own selfish motives.  On the other hand, they are harmless.  The only persons they are hurting are themselves.  They are not out committing crimes, taking sheriff’s office assets, mistreating inmates, or hiring private investigators, or some other dumb ass plan to hurt people all for the love of power.  If our moles call us names, bad mouth us, and give the impression that they are not a part of us, who cares?They are not criminals, they are just self-centered people with their own agenda.  The county is far smarter now than they were seven years ago.  

We can't tell you how many people have told us that Sheriff Bartlett did nothing in comparison to Franklin and her goons.  Did you know that when Bartlett withdrew inmate food funds at the end of the fiscal year that he gave the MCSO employees bonuses?  How much money has Franklin distributed to the workforce?  

No more Strange

Blogger Comments:  The field of candidates seeking office for the U.S. Senate job is crowded to say the least.  People should listen to the message from each and every candidate before making a decision that effect the State of Alabama.  The last thing we need is another Luther Strange.

Mo Brooks should read the 'Federal Register,' not the Bible, says Randy Brinson

Mo Brooks (left), Randy Brinson (right)
Mo Brooks (left), Randy Brinson (right)
Dr. Randy Brinson said last week that U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks should read "96,000  pages of the Federal Register," and not the King James Version of the Bible as a filibuster tactic over funding for a U.S.-Mexican border wall.
Brooks, R-Huntsville, said on Wednesday that Brinson is desperate and trying to "attack anyone he can to get free media coverage."
Brinson has been among the most outspoken critics of Brooks' interest in reading the Bible "from cover to cover" until the Senate agrees to fund a border wall coveted by President Donald Trump.
Brooks' pledge to read the Bible surfaced in a campaign ad released last week.
"The reason I cited the Bible is because it's a long book that most people are aware that it is a long book which gives you an idea on how long I'm willing to filibuster to make sure we fund the border security wall," Brooks said.
Brinson, the former head of the Christian Coalition of Alabama and one of 10 Republicans competing with Brooks in the GOP's primary for the U.S. Senate, said that Brooks should read the Federal Register that contains government agency rules, proposed rules and public notices.
The primary is scheduled to take place Aug. 15.
"It's grown faster during Mo's tenure in the House than at any other time in our nation's history, and he hasn't done anything to make it shorter," said Brinson about the Register.
Brooks defended his stance by saying that "I do not know of a more famous, lengthy document than the Bible."
"You will be up at the microphone for a long time," said Brooks. "As a side, it's definitely good for people in Washington to hear the moral values espoused in the Bible."
Brinson agreed that there are people in the Senate who "need to hear" biblical scripture. But he said the Bible shouldn't be used to "demagogue and grandstand for political gain."
"That's something a Pharisee would do," said Brinson. "It's much more important to do what the Bible teaches, and accept Jesus Christ as one's personal savior."
Brooks said he believes Brinson is criticizing him because "Randy is in a difficult spot. He's polling around 2 percent. I understand where he's coming from."
Brinson said: "Mo's been shown good poll numbers by somebody, but people still remember how he was a 'Never Trumper' and that's going to catch up to him. Suddenly, he's going to shut down the government over 'Trump's Wall'? Hypocrisy, thy name is Mo Brooks."
Brinson's reference to Brooks' past viewpoints on the president come after U.S. Sen. Luther Strange released ads this past week attacking Brooks for saying that choosing between Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton "was a difficult choice" and for other criticism of the president during last year's presidential primary.
Brooks had endorsed Texas Senator Ted Cruz for President, but has since said  that he was the only candidate to financially contribute to Trump's campaign.

Friday, July 14, 2017


Blogger Comments:  Thank you all for the kind words.  Please sit back and enjoy the ride. We are sure the next few months will bring more of Glenda's boring blah blah blah crazy behavior. While you are waiting for Glenda's straight jacket you could try and enhance your sharp wicked minds and do something educational.  Do your own darn research.

You folks are mad because you keep trying to hide your dirty business and we keep catching you. Let's be realistic for a moment.  Bones, Robinson, and Ziaja are all supposed to be highly qualified investigators.  Franklin, Bones, Robinson, and Powell planned a break in at a business and stole documents, made videos, and placed keylogger software on computers a week before they were issued a legal warrant.  They got caught. Does that sound smart to you?  They gave their "informant" the Keylogger software to install at the Falkville Fire department in front of witnesses.  Does that sound smart to you?  Ziaja showed up at a family’s house and initiated a search of the home looking for weapons along with cousin Heath, a civilian, opening doors, searching closets, and going through bathrooms etc.  Heath claimed someone had stolen his guns from his home.   When Ziaja was challenged he started flashing his badge and telling the owners that you know me, you know who I am.  I am the sheriff's boyfriend.  Big brave Ziaja hiding behind Ana's apron.  

You people have done some pretty dumb stuff to be highly skilled law enforcement.  You couldn't organize a two car funeral without screwing it up.  The citizens of this county should be so proud of you.

Berzett speeds around the county as if he has someplace to go.  When law enforcement tries to make a traffic stop Berzett flexes his muscles.  Ana went so far as to try to get a trooper fired.  Impressive isn't it.  In another incident Berzett taunted the police who tried to stop him in Somerville.  This incident got nasty.  He has been stopped more than once by Decatur PD.  Berzett speeds around the county in a vehicle that has the appearance of an officer who is APOST certified.  Berzett is not APOST certified nor is Ron Livingston. 


2:38 PM (17 hours ago)
to me
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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Is this the quiet before the storm?":This mythical house can only be found in Glenda's head.

Posted by Anonymous to MorganCountyWhistleBlower at July 13, 2017 at 2:38 PM


5:56 PM (14 hours ago)
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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Is this the quiet before the storm?":Glenda sings the same ole song, day after day, after day.

Posted by Anonymous to MorganCountyWhistleBlower at July 13, 2017 at 5:56 PM


6:02 PM (14 hours ago)
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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Is this the quiet before the storm?":So now Ana was in a biker gang? That's even creative for Glenda's little pea brain.

Posted by Anonymous to MorganCountyWhistleBlower at July 13, 2017 at 6:02 PM


8:21 PM (12 hours ago)
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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Is this the quiet before the storm?":Wonder how many peoples lives she has destroyed who have no medical insurance while she is living like a queen. Good question...she does not give a shit. Enough corruption and padding pockets. Your game will be over soon.

Posted by Anonymous to MorganCountyWhistleBlower at July 13, 2017 at 8:21 PM