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Monday, January 22, 2018

Darth Ana and her goons

Folks, the sheriff and her band of thieves take a walk down the back stairs of the sheriff's office.  Standing their corrupt ground.

We need us some of that reform

Blogger Comments: 

Excerpt from the TimesDaily clearly shows we need to reform.  The laws that govern how sheriffs feed inmates in their facilities are not working in many cases.  This excerpt from the story shows that members the Alabama Sheriffs Association do not want reform nor does the county commission lobbyists.  It sounds as if the Alabama Sheriffs Association believes that the sheriffs deserve the states leftover money.  It also sounds as if the county commission doesn't want to deal with the problem either way.  Morgan Counties Commissioner Ray Long and State Senator Author Orr have chosen to take Morgan County's issues and lead the way in an attempt to stop our sheriff from partaking of the funds.  "Members of the Alabama Sheriffs Association claim the county commission lobbying organization has resisted that arrangement for years. And the sheriffs don’t want to totally lose access to the money because, by law, it is supplemental income. Complicating matters is the political minefield lawmakers encounter on the rare occasions they attempt reform. Both groups lobby hard to prevent reform."

Does it make sense to you that the Sheriff took $160,000.00 to invest $150,000.00 dollars into her cousin's business?   Lord only knows what happened to the $10,000.00 Franklin withdrew that wasn't invested in the Performance Auto Sales.  

What a lot of folks may not realize is that the inmate food fund records are public domain based on Alabama Law and anyone of us should be able to request and receive a copy of those records.  The fact that the attorney for the Alabama Sheriffs Association told sheriffs not to comply with the request is disgusting.  Should an Alabama elected official refuse to provide you with those documents the only way to gain relief is through a lawsuit.  Hopefully, the judge will order the sheriffs to release the documents.  I think we will all be surprised to find out how much money these sheriffs have taken to pad their pockets.

An archaic system that needs a change

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Time will tell

Time will tell if, other than Steven Ziaja, are arrested for criminal conduct.  We receive additional information quite frequently.  Most of the information will never be posted on the blog.  We eagerly await the powers that be who will make decisions that will impact our futures in Morgan County.

We receive a lot of nasty comments.  Some of the comments claim the whistleblower writes the comments.  Think what you will.  There may come a time that you are shocked as to the number of people who have been involved in nefarious activities in Morgan County. 

Some will go to jail while others sing like a canary trying to get out of what they allowed themselves to get involved in.

No matter what the corrupt ones comment on this blog and no matter how vulgar they are, we know that someday they will apologize to us for telling the truth about them.  Won't they? 

What you gonna do when the come for you bad sheriff bad sheriff - What you gonna do? What you gonna do?

Whistleblower Comments:  All we can say is that its high time we have a group of individuals who are looking at serious crimes in our area.  Some of our biggest offenders are Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and the rest of Sheriff Franklin's goons that have followed the sheriff in a life of crime.  We hope that the group hears our pleas for relief in our neck of the woods.

Federal, state prosecutors join forces to keep dangerous criminals behind bars longer

Thursday, January 18, 2018 article Will Luther Strange get a Senate Pension?

Blogger Comments:  Folks, Luther Strange is washed up.  His involvement with the ex-Luv Gov and Sheriff Ana Franklin destroyed his reputation.  Sheriff Ana Franklin could not help but let anyone who would listen that she has ole Luther wrapped around her finger.  We submitted multiple ethics violations against Sheriff Franklin some to the Ethics Committee and others were hand delivered to Strange's office.  Each time something was sent into the State Strange or one of his employees gave the information to Sheriff Ana Franklin and she briefed the information in staff call.  We do not believe it was anybody other than Strange that provided Franklin with what had been reported to the state.  As a matter of fact, if you could believe Franklin she said Strange told her the whistleblower is just a crazy old delusional woman and that he was just filing the information.  Most likely the information went in file 13 also known as the waste bin.

Will Luther Strange get a Senate pension?

Senator Luther Strange loses to former judge Roy Moore in the Republican runoff for the Alabama U.S. Senate seat. (Joe Songer |

This story is a part of Ask Alabama, where you ask the questions, you vote to decide which questions we answer, and then we investigate.  
This week we're answering a question submitted by Phil Harrison of Shelby County who asked: 
They say one of four things can happen to Alabama politicians when they get older: they're forced to resign in total disgrace because they decided to have an illicit affair; they forget about sexually assaulting teenagers in the 1980s; or they inexplicably lose an election to a national embarrassment paving the way for a Democrat to win a Senate seat for the first time in 25 years. 
But the fourth possibility is that you get to retire when you get old. At least that's the idea. Although, I'm pretty sure I'll be working straight through the impending apocalypse, and possibly living in an underpass.
But for now, we're all paying for politicians, most of whom are millionaires, to retire.
"I am amazed at the 'perks' given to our congressmen and Senators," said Phil Harrison of Shelby County.  "I worked 30 years in education to get a meager pension that I can barely live on even with social security. I want to see comparisons with ordinary people."
As we all know, being a teacher is one of the most important jobs in the country. But it's also historically a badly paid job. The average salary of a teacher in Alabama is a little less than $50,000. That's about $5,000 less than teachers in the rest of the country, according to Teaching Degree, a website that offers data and other information on education. Albeit, it's cheaper to live in Alabama than New York City, for example. The average pension for an Alabama teacher is a little over $20,000 a year, and only 39 percent of teachers qualify for that. Most wouldn't argue that these are dire rewards for the people entrusted with our children.
On the other hand, Luther Strange will probably be okay. He's 64 now and has, by all accounts, had a very successful career as an attorney and a lobbyist before he spent a little less than a year as a Senator. He also spent six years as Alabama's Attorney General before former governor Robert Bentley appointed him to fill the Senate seat vacated by the diminutive Jeff Sessions.   
Strange then lost to Moore in the GOP runoff, who ultimately lost to Doug Jones.
So it's no surprise that Harrison is a little upset with these political types, and wants to know if Strange will pick up a Senate pension. Senate pensions are generally paid for life. Paid for by the taxpayer. 
So let's get into the numbers. The average senator receives between $41,000 and $74,000 in pension money, according to a December 2017 report from the Congressional Research Service. It depends what retirement plan the senator in question had opted into when they retired. Unfortunately for Strange, the minimum amount of time required to draw a Senate pension is five years. The normal term for a senator is six years, so most will be eligible. The average salary for a senator is $174,000. Generally, the amount gained upon retirement is based on time served in the Senate.
For example, a member of Congress that served three terms (or one-term senator) who reaches retirement age would be eligible for an annual pension of around $17,588 for six years of work. That's generous, but not close to full pay. In fact, members of Congress are only able to make 80 percent of their final salary. According to the report, it would take 67 years of service to make it to that limit.
So there you have it. Sen. Strange is not eligible to collect a Senate pension. He is also not able to collect a pension from his time as Attorney General. It's because under the 1901 Alabama Constitution elected officials are not allowed to get a state pension.

Rally Ana comment

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Really Ana?": 

The special needs rodeo is a great event for the kids and volunteers that make it happen. The issue is that several ppl and companies donate time and money for this event (and they are great ppl for doing this)the problem is that the money raised that is supposed to be donated to special needs associations, events etc.this isn't happening. The 1st three rodeos under Franklin after the rodeos were complete with having profit of over $100,000+(3yrs combined) she donated less than $8000 to special needs associations and took her close net of friends some employees some were not on trips (like 3 trips to Bilouxi and two to Texas)and purchased a Chevy 2500 four door truck for $51,996.00 for her jail administrator and not a normal truck a loaded w/leather sunroof and premium rims. (Not needed to work at MCSO) also he uses a county gas card and lives in Limestone Co. Morgan Co tax payers pay for this btw. 
The volunteers and donations are great ppl but the sheriff is misusing and abusing the funds as to what is purchased using the rodeo/reserve/posse account. Thia is sad to take something good and make it bad because the leader is corrupt. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Did He Or Didn't He?

Folks, we heard from multiple people that Blake Robinson did not work the last two months of 2017 so we prepared an Alabama Open Record Request to obtain the information needed to determine if Robinson was paid for those last two months.  We don't know whether Robinson worked or not but he sure got paid as if he was at work.  

We also heard from people working in a distribution center that Robinson is working three 12 hour shifts at the distribution center.  We can believe that since while working for the Sheriff's Office Robinson made approximately $38,000.00 working at Performance Auto Sales detailing vehicles.  We know Robinson worked there during his day shift job at the sheriff's office.

Nov 2          Nov 16         *Nov 30         Dec 14           December 28
80 hrs reg   80 hrs reg    See below      80 hrs vac       16 hrs reg
24 OT          20 OT                                                        40 hrs Vac           
                                                                                      16 hrs sick
                                                                                       = Total 72

*Check date 11/30/17
Reg pay
Week 1     40 hrs reg
Week 2     19 hrs reg
(OT hours 37)
According to the pay sheet, he had to have worked the first week at 40
hrs and 37 hours OT.  The second week there were only 19 reg hours.
My question is did he work the additional 21 hours at reg pay or OT?
I believe it was OT.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sheriff(s) following attorney's advice

Folks, we have always thought of Sheriff Mitchell as a decent guy.  Mitchell claims he is only following lawyer's advice on not releasing inmate-food records.  So! Whose attorney is he listening to?  The Alabama Sheriff's Association's attorney.  How shocking....  Mitchell makes it clear he isn't losing any sleep over the lawsuit.  Check out the Decatur Daily  @

The reason the sheriffs in the state have so much power is that they are backed by the Alabama Sheriffs Association (ASA).  The legislature has been beaten down by the lobbyists for way too long.  It is the time that the legislature listens to the people who voted them into office and not the lobbyists.  We the people want changes to the law that allows sheriffs to partake of the inmate food funds.  Sheriff Franklin proved to Morgan County how corrupt sheriffs can steal money for their own selfish desires.

It is time the commissions step up to the plate and take responsibility for feeding the inmates or contract the services to an independent party with full audit rights. 

According to the daily article "Rhea said in a statement".  "That the responsibility is personal to the sheriff.  That means, if there is a shortfall in the funds available for the feeding of prisoners, the sheriff has the personal responsibility to meet that shortfall". 

Ok! We get it.  We know about shortfalls.  However, in the case of Sheriff Ana Franklin, she claimed that she had a $21,000.00 shortfall that came out of her pocket.  Ana liar liar pants on fire.  The sheriff tells the truth.  Any shortfalls have been placed on the back of the county commission.  Franklin claims that she took the $160,000.00 from the inmate fund and invested $150,000.00 in Auto Sales.  The problem with the lies Ana tells us that she took the money on July 5.  The end of the fiscal year wasn't until September 30.  In addition, Franklin told multiple lies about where she got the money before being forced to tell the truth.  This is the kind of person the ASA wants us to trust?  Ana is not alone is her partaking of the inmate food funds.

Rhea goes on to say we the public has no right to the information.  Aren't the inmate food funds state, county, and taxpayer dollars?

According to the Lawrence County Commission, they have no problem taking over the inmate food funds if the legislature makes it a law.

We the public have a right to be informed as to how our tax dollars are being spent and we should continue to demand to know.

Please read the law below and give us your opinion.  Our belief is that the only reason the sheriffs are allowed access to the inmate food funds is that of Lobbyist groups such as the Alabama Sheriff's Association lobbying the legislature, not the law.

Section 14-6-48
Failure of sheriff to maintain account book, etc.
Any sheriff who fails to enter into a book, to be kept by him for that purpose, any account paid him by the state for feeding prisoners, or to keep such book in his office as one of the public records thereof, or to lay the same before the grand jury at each term of the circuit court held in his county or, upon the expiration of his term of office, to turn the same over to his successor as required by law is guilty of a misdemeanor.

The way we read the Alabama Code the records have been deemed public record.  That is not to say the sheriff's cant take the money but it does deem them public record.  So release the damn books to whomever asks. 

Really Ana?

Folks, this is getting old.  Every year this Bo dude gives the sheriff an award for special needs.  We can't help but wonder how much of the special needs funds will truly go to the special needs.  Ana Franklin has refused all requests for access to those funds.  There is a reason she doesn't want anyone accessing rodeo funds as-well-as MCSO funds.  The only people who have prospered from the special needs rodeos and sheriffs redoes each year is Ana and her thieving goons.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The High Sheriff

Folks, it appears that Sheriff Franklin has every intention of running for sheriff again.  We have heard from multiple people that the sheriff is telling people everywhere she goes that she is running for sheriff.  This corrupt sheriff has arrogance, audacity, and the delusional behavior of a psychotic believe that she has everything covered.  We want to warn those who have participated and profited from the most corrupt sheriff in the State of Alabama that you will be left to your own defenses when arrests are made. 

Sheriff Ana Franklin cares only about keeping her own sorry butt out of jail.  When you are arrested Ana Franklin will do nothing to help you.  She will come to the defense of her daughter but you thugs ain't blood kin.  You, therefore, are screwed by the pooch.  Whoops! Where is Bones?   We forgot you can't mention dogs, puppies, or pooches around Bones.

Sheriff Ana Franklin began on a career as sheriff as incompetent and she will end her career as incompetent as she was on her first day on the job.  Being incompetent on the job does not mean that Sheriff Ana Franklin wasn't smart enough to pad her pockets with MCSO money and resources, or that Sheriff Ana Franklin wasn't smart enough to write counter checks on the MCSO accounts since 2013.  Thieves are like that.   They know how to illegally obtain what they want because they are too damn lazy to work for it.


We found a video you might be interested in! Check it out:

We refuse to show the bloody pics of Aubie but please review the entire story in the aforementioned article on Channel 19 News.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Sure looks like Franklin is headed to Oklahoma

Folks, we still have not confirmed that Sheriff Franklin is headed to Oklahoma but we do believe it is a very good guess.  Ana can't stand it if she isn't front and center at events.  Ana still doesn't realize that instead of being a rodeo queen wannabee she has become the rodeo clown.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Alabama Sheriffs Stand their Ground or Do They?

First and foremost we want to make a correction.  We understand Ana is at the Sheriff's Office today for a meeting.  We will keep you posted in the event that Ana heads out to Oklahoma.  

What do you get when you give a sheriff absolute power and the Alabama Sheriff's Associations stronghold over the legislature?  What do you do when all of the Alabama sheriffs who partake in inmate food funds refuse to comply with Alabama Open Records Requests?  All powerful sheriffs who believe they are all powerful and above the law?  Just to be fair to their is 11 sheriff's that do not partake of inmate food funds.  To be even fairer we know that the Sheriff of Limestone County did partake of inmate food funds for many years prior to discontinuing the practice.  

Did you know that sheriffs in the State of Alabama have so little supervision that they can literally steal inmate food money for years and forever without getting caught?  You also have sheriff Ana Franklin who told multiple lies about how she got the $160,000.00 to invest in Performance Auto Sales.  Franklin cashed the checks in July 2015.  The auto sales paid out all the other investors to include Bones Wilson and Blake Robinson yet Franklin claims she didn't get her money back.  One of her  lame excuses for taking the money was a shortfall of  $21,000.00 in the inmate food funds.  By the way Performance Auto Sales did not file bankruptcy until early 2017.

Folks, Ana Franklin invested because she is a thief and a common criminal.  Pure and simple.

Advocacy groups sue 49 Alabama sheriffs for withholding public records of leftover inmate food money.

How many of the rest of the sheriffs should be in the same shoes Ana is in?

Listen to Ana's lies.

Ride 'em cowgirl until the party is all over

Have you ever wondered how much of the cowboy and cowgirl toys, horse trailers, cloths, and items sold at the events was purchased with Morgan County Sheriff's Office money?