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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Award Nominee


AL.COM reporter Connor Sheets (we've quoted him a lot) did a great job digging into this story and uncovered even more alleged crimes.  Up here we like to think that the Daily's Eric Fleishauer did a terrific job with the whole sordid Sheriff's shenanigans and not just the inmate food fund hijacking.  Perhaps a Pulitzer?  

Happy Tuesday, Reckon crew. We’ll start this week off with a huge congrats to our investigative reporter, Connor Sheets, who has been named a finalist for the Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting for his stories on Alabama’s “Beach House Sheriff.” It’s a tremendous honor for a series that made a big difference in Alabama last year.

Oh and, uh, turns out he is also a finalist for the Selden Ring Award too. He's kind of a big deal.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Remarks: Donald Trump Meets with Sheriffs at The White House - February ...

Folks, something is missing from this picture.  We recall that in the previous meeting President Trump had with sheriffs across the nation one of our local sheriffs tried to hand off a note to the president.  When that didn't happen what does a desperate sheriff do?  Handoff a note to the next best thing.  The Vice President.

Wanted Employees who are honest, reliable, and credible

Looks like Sheriff Puckett is busy cleaning house and making room for a few good men and women.  Be a part of the solution.

Back Pay To Limestone LCSO Employees

Folks, See the link to an article the Daily published describing how violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act caused Limestone County to pay $50,000 in back pay to LCSO employees.   Seems like the same thing occurred here in Morgan County by our previous sheriff's office only it was a lot more than $50,000 according to our sources/

A major glitch indeed
Morgan County to use reserve to pay $1 million owed to Decatur and Hartselle school systems

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Looking Back

It didn't take long for our previous sheriff to get herself in a pickle that haunted her from February 3, 2011, thru 2018.  We have noticed a decidedly different attitude in observing Sheriff Ron Puckett and how he deals with his employee personnel issues.  His issues are not made up, contrived, or pre-planned to hire his buddies.

We deserve change.  We deserve an opportunity to rebuild our community, and to work forward to bring new citizens and business into our community.  For years it appeared that we were the METH capital of Alabama.  It was all lies.  Sure we have drug problems in our community but the METH stories were just that.  The stats that were reported locally were more than the state reported nationally as a whole.

We recently read that some of those let go or those that resigned are having a difficult time obtaining positions.  Welcome to the world that you built for multiple MCSO employees.  It appeared that many of the employees had been blackballed.  It seemed as if those terminated employees or those that resigned when applying for positions once they admitted they had worked for the MCSO there was no hope of employment.  It sounds like history is just repeating its self.   Nothing nefarious going on.  Yet.  Those that be blame everything on Leon Bradley and Daniel Lockhart.  It appears those that be slammed Sheriff Puckett and DA Scott Anderson and then turned the tables on those that they were already upset with.

We read the lawsuits against Bradley and Lockhart.  It sounds like Gray has thrown in everything but the kitchen sink

We believe the real bur in Gray's side against Daniel and Leon is the fact that Judge Thompson heard the case against Leon Bradley and called the case the way he saw it.  Look! If you don't like the ruling why not appeal it in a timely manner?

Why hire a private investigator to travel to Georgia to ask Daniel to change his sworn statement?  Why not verify the individual you hire is authorized to operate in another state before you send them out of state.  Clearly, it doesn't matter who was hired the person knew they were not authorized to work outside the state of Alabama.  We are sure that was just seen as a simple oversight.  While at the same time Bradley and Lockhart are slapped with a lawsuit because of what?  Anger, bitterness, or blame.  Blaming the victims for shortfalls of incompetent law enforcement.

Thursday, February 7, 2019


We have seen a lot of strange things in and around Morgan County in the past eight years but the most recent lawsuit against Daniel Lockhart and Leon Bradley may be the most bizarre.  It's like 'Thru the Looking Glass' where reality is reversed and truth is turned on its head.  In Bizarro World, Mr. Gray representing the former sheriff and her gang of rogue deputies would have you believe that Daniel, Leon, and 40 Fictitious Defendants conspired to commit fraud on Judge Thompson's court by doing all those dastardly things that were actually done by the plaintiffs themselves.  Incredible.  The world has turned upside down.  Bizarre indeed!